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  1. I will come over today or tomorrow and track you down... You on 72?
  2. there has been no shortage of mullet to be found back in the creeks.... and frozen always works in a pinch
  3. yes...released get in touch when you are down in a couple weeks....we got fish to catch more than 53" and less than 54"
  4. thats the stuff.....dont need a big chunk...really nice if it didnt get frozen ......bloody is best 90% of my spring fish were caught on bloody belly
  5. big one from late may in hatteras
  6. thanks brother....
  7. well you probably will not be able to go south of oregon inlet on 12 until next week sometime....they might open back up this weekend but really depends on the flooding the next 3 days. everything north on 12 will be good to go....which is actually fishing pretty good right now if you are into catching big drum on a pier
  8. my farm is twenty minutes from wilkes..... 6.5 hours to hatteras 5.5 hours to swanquarter ferry to ocracoke and your timing is pretty good for the spring drum run in hatteras merlefest is a blast..the best part is the parking lot and camping area mini concerts. not the same scene since doc died, and it has gotten huge. try to go ahead and get a room reserved now, alot of people stay in boone to avoid the jacked prices during the event
  9. watch that storm...not looking good
  10. you can drive where you want to on ocracoke now except for the permanent closures
  11. yourself a striper. i fully support your lunch. just try to promote the idea of not killing the largest and oldest of the species.....there are always going to be more 30 inch fish than 50 inch fish for natural reasons. the gene pool that makes the largest and smartest needs to be looked out for. call me a fish hugger....i could care less....i like the idea of big fish down the line for my grandkids to catch.
  12. actually......there would be no regard for the "40inch fish cast after cast for hours".....those annoying 1000 people that you speak of are killing 99% of the stripers that are being caught. and as your avatar suggests, you are on the same team. the big ones are the breeders with the good want them to live and die a natural death. eat yourself a 28 inch fish every once in awhile. if your state regulated the slaughter of the breeders of that species then i guarantee you that there would only be a few fishermen on those rocks instead of the dozens in the line you see in that pic. the big red drum that are being caught and released in nc are consistently at larger sizes since the slot size popped up. 20 yrs ago a 45 inch fish was a big we catch 50's all the time. try not killing EVERY striper for 15 yrs or so and watch the sizes and the numbers jump for your kids. and lets talk drum rigs....
  13. Ever weigh a hatteras 6 or 8? They are always over. And full agreement .... if 8 aint holding i am in the camper