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  1. Sorry your life is sad. Take care.
  2. like i played out
  3. you took it to ryan for him to fix it...right? did you ask how much it might be before you left it? lets leave the name calling for that moment that you see him you just give him another dirty look. the idea that you can say anything from a keyboard that you would not say in person is so played out.
  4. map the fish cleaning table / dumpster parking area where you would make the turn onto ramp 44 off of lighthouse road. if you park there , everybody that passes you will be on the way to the point ....super easy to hitch a ride in the back of someones truck...its done often. or message me your #...i come off the beach once or twice a day and be happy to haul you out to the point.
  5. bad plan
  6. i will join in saying drive south. borrow or buy something that can handle throwing 8oz and a chunk of meat and come to the point in buxton for the afternoon/evening drum bite that will totally be on friday and saturday. it will be the highlight of your nc trip.....just saying
  7. Merry Christmas to you too
  8. thats berkley pro-spec chrome... and yes all those pics are from this fall in buxton
  9. I will come over today or tomorrow and track you down... You on 72?
  10. there has been no shortage of mullet to be found back in the creeks.... and frozen always works in a pinch
  11. yes...released get in touch when you are down in a couple weeks....we got fish to catch more than 53" and less than 54"
  12. thats the stuff.....dont need a big chunk...really nice if it didnt get frozen ......bloody is best 90% of my spring fish were caught on bloody belly