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  1. All I read was titties
  2. Acres of mullet the last few days. They were way out though, but steadily migrating
  3. Sacrifice a lil bit for Aquaholik testing! I gotta try some of that line that casts as far as a breakoff. Swear I've sent some 3 oz diamond jigs off into the sunset on breakoffs with my 9ft. Tried to show off one day and snapped off, looked like it went over 200 yards easy.
  4. Swell is rough, but good number of mullet inside inlet today. Pretty nasty with weeds though regardless of where you fish
  5. Sounds horrible. Really hope things get better fast down there for you and everyone. Fished alot down there out of outdoor resorts in the 2000s, and there is alot of good "old salts" down there. Best wishes
  6. Thank you for the well being concern, got through with no house damage but fishing grounds are affected, so that will take time. I admit I haven't paid much attention to the shield after looking at it at Icast last year and not being crazy about the feel. I don't know if I have the patience for a 46 page thread to follow up on a reel. Either it is one hell of a reel they stand behind for over the counter or they can afford to do so with chinese manufacturing, but in general the industry has gotten away from these type warranties due to abuse. Their rods are of good value so if it is everything as advertised, it only brings more market competition where we fishermen all win.
  7. Best of luck to you. We have another bitch Maria on our radar down here as well. Really hate watching the weather this time of year, but full panic mode happens days earlier in recent years and you're left without supplies unless you join the chaos. Fun fun
  8. Buy the shield. No other company is dumb enough to give over the counter replacements on a $100 reel, they hope to produce quality that sells for the price point and have a justified warranty for manufacturer defect and have steps in place so people don't abuse the system. Bailess reels that are freespinning, like say a Shimano, will never work unless there is a set casting stop implemented. Rotor will turn on the cast and bye bye plugs
  9. That is a mobile home neighborhood, for the most part all the homes under new building codes faired well. Biggest issue is water intrusion in low lying homes. Even the news portrays the mobile homes and makes it look typical, when there are very few left in Naples in general. Still sad to see people losing everything they own regardless, but definitely isn't typical of everyone
  10. They are nice for the guy that likes to change lures alot, but in regards to time perspective it doesn't make much sense to me. Unless you are painfully slow at knots, it is a mute point to me. How much time are we talking here in say clipping and tying a 3 turn uni vs removing the tin and putting another on? 5 second difference?
  11. Perspective is a good way to put it. I used to target more trophy fish than I do now, slowed down doing so because frankly I got bored with it. Coverted to a quantity over quality guy, so my numbers may be outrageously higher than others. Have friends that will literally put in over 8hrs one trip, sometimes days and weeks for that one particular bite. I can't even stand some types of fishing unless I can atleast get a few bites an hour at the least, but mainly look for instant gratification. Maybe it is because I have fulfilled my land based bucket list, maybe commercial fishing ruined it for me, maybe I developed adhd, but as someone who enjoys catching everything I find more enjoyment in having steady action. Never caught a striper but would probably be the guy happier catching schoolies every cast then that one 40 a day, because downsizing your tackle can make up for the fight aspect of it, but nothing makes up lack of action to me.
  12. What's up buddy? Hopefully you are getting over that water intrusion issue I saw on fb from Irma. Hopefully inlets open rather quickly for us. I stay out of the other/Florida forums for the most part and really only hang here on SOL anymore. The wealth of knowledge and number of members here is incomparable, and things move at a much faster pace. You will be surprised how many NE tactics cross over from stripers to snook and other species, and then you have the versatility in rods and reels, lines, and equipment in general to learn from. If you are looking to learn, this is the place to be. Alot of other things and subforums to play with as well, and also some goof off places I have never explored much if you desire that. Great BST forums too. Didn't know if I would fit in here so was a lurker for a little while. I was constantly directed to SOL by web searches enough to finally want to join to ask questions and haven't left since.
  13. Send us the gator blues every year and I will keep sending the redfish I have grown to despise over the years. Was a good challenge to target something new commercially, and had my chitting in high cotten for a good stretch financially. We all survived that bitch, but it ain't pretty in some places. My other home Naples got it rough, and some of the Keys got wiped off the map. Still running on generator power here, but no damage luckily. Going out in a friends boat tomorrow, which will be first time I have fished since the storm. Will be weeks, maybe months, til I can fish the local land based spots again in the same capacity.
  14. Not in my opinion, until they get big, but it is hard to compare a 50lb red to a 20lb blue. Pound for pound, don't think reds have a chance against blues. A big red can have alot of power, make good runs and bulldog you in the current with his head down at times, but in general they don't win in any category. Sometimes you get the random fighter that runs and runs, but moreso then not they give up rather quickly with the typical headshake side to side throughout the first part of fight
  15. You can definitely will a big blue into submission easier than I ever thought possible. Had the first epic run of large bluefish this year down here, and it would take a few minutes to land each fish at first, taking good amounts of drag and jumping alot. Was using the 4k Saltiga and 1087 FSC at first. After a few days I brought out the 5k Saltiga and a phenix 928, and cut that time down drastically with more drag and pulling power. Once I figured out a few ways to target them with heavy single strand, I could practically overpower fish up to 18lbs with heavy drag and muscle them in within 30 seconds, no drag taken and very few jumps if any. Dehooking green gator blues was fun and the 5K probably needs new gearing now after a few thousand pounds of fish, but was surprised how fast I could get them in until the arms failed me.