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  1. Line is softer, less abrasion resistant and have only found it in 20lb. Pretty much anything I use 20lb flouro for, I use the line because I don't need the abrasion resistance. If I want to go light and strong, 30lb blue is my preference. Vanish isn't too bad of stuff. Cheap, fairly strong and knots easy but would say coil memory, abrasion, and dia are drawbacks compared to other brands. Vanish made me mad this year. First day I used it I was on complete fire. Only guy catching fish. Next two times I couldn't get a hit when everyone and their brother caught fish right next to me. Couldn't take it so switched to 30lb Blue from 40lb Vanish and went on fire again the second day. Since then I have transitioned back into mono alot more for typical flouro applications, and can't notice any difference. That and some recent testing by S Strong proved Ande leader material passed the sandpaper abrasion test with much better results then Seaguar or Yozuri HD. Gotta love the mindgames that Flouro plays with you, and the true necessity of it.
  2. Any misconduct that would lead to breakage will be visable. Only issue I know of would be how it was stored in regards to straightness. I'm not aware of any issues with that particular rod besides custom rods being popular in that series and antiquated guide layout for braid.
  3. Should of seen the 13 booth at Icast. Was completely full. My bass buddy made me go check out a few reels, and I thought everyone felt like a sloppy toy reel. Guy behind me started raving about how awesome the reel I just put down was. Still haven't trusted a bass fishermen since Bill Dance and Roland Martin told me to buy junk reels and crappy line as a kid.
  4. Since when does graphite deteriorate from sitting unused?
  5. I have fished the 1087 Raptors and Predators alot, as well the new and old 9ft legends. While I like the legend, there is no way I can be without a 1087 now. Is far and beyond, my go to. The Raptor is a little crisper on the recovery, but essentially fishes the same as a Predator. I can basically do everything with the fsc from bucktail, popping, sling metals, livebait, etc. throughout the full range wheras the legend isn't nearly as versatile, especially on the lighter live bait presentations. FSC is cheaper, stronger, and more versatile so gets my vote hands down
  6. That is your choice. I just have issue with someone complaining that his car won't run, when he didn't put gas or oil in it.
  7. They like saltwater if you are not lazy like me and take care of them. Didn't have any major issues the first two years with daily washings, but a year of neglect tore my SWB apart. Saltigas didn't last a year. VS has waterproofing and longevity and the Japanese reels do everything else much better.
  8. I hope they fair better then the larger sizes. Alan gave the VR a favorable review, but they haven't been holding up well at all for my buddies. Multiple services in the first year. I for one would not jump on any 50 bandwagon until they prove themselves by people I trust. Good service and Craig being a great guy is not enough to warrant buying one for now. Rather take my chances with Shimano platinum service
  9. Atleast you have a backup if they fail like every other VR actually used in my area.
  10. I have fished the first prototype and the final release through a friend, both very briefly. A tank of a reel and doesn't have that Shimano smoothness, but my buddy has beat on his and had no issues at all and doesn't clean it. Think it is Hawks new #1 finest spinning reel made, so that alone says alot. Wish they were lighter and had smaller options, but the 10k is on my radar for a new beater reel
  11. Stellas have landed more BFT then Van Staal could ever dream about. You biased opinion proves nothing except you like VS. My 20 year VS 150 broke as much or more than anything else I ever owned, but unlike my Stellas that are back in a week for $50 the VS took months for hundreds, so I sold it for less than I payed 8 years later
  12. Smoother no. The original smoothness has remained intact. Have seen objections otherwise, but personally think the torque II is smoother and more freespinning then my torque 1. If you are familiar with the 08 Stella and how what I can only describe as gearyness that develops from hard gear materials and transmits through the handle. The 08 Stellas I have fished developed that feel very quickly, but at the same time remained very free spinning. This is just a very slight feel like that that wasn't there upon first use. Is very minor so could be a product of insufficient grease to get back to original. The makiara and my the IRT both have that feel I'm describing, but more pronounced out of the box. Only been a few months, but all and all the reel is performing as I initially hoped the first time
  13. Sorry buddy, been busy lately so just getting around to this. Torque II has been holding up very good. Had to respool and filled to lip, which brought on some minor windknot issues with 30lb jbraid until I got the line level down an 1/8" or so. That is standard for any Penn I have used though. The roller bearing screw somehow backed itself one day while fishing, but after a tightening no issues at all since. If anything it may of developed the slightest of gear contact from heavy use, but is still tight, imo more freespinning and smoother then my first version, and provides sufficient torque on retrieve. Has been very durable so far and holding up much, much better to the elements then my Saltiga/Stella counterparts.
  14. Thank you all for the prayers. My father passed late Monday afternoon, after the desicion was made to remove from life support after several complications. Wanted to thank everyone again, and to let you all know that your support has meant alot to me in this hard time.
  15. Not understanding what this means?