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  1. Lol. Have the Exist offerings for the US been finalized? Assuming we are getting the same size and gear ratio lineup as the previous exist?
  2. I personally don't do the type of fishing where I see a TA clip to offer any advantage, so would be best to defer to others with more experience. I don't swap out lures frequently and cutting back frays is a huge part of my day, so the added expense and possible failure point doesn't make a clip justified to use when I'm retying anyway. For the most part the uni is my go to for terminal connections because it is easiest for me to tie and I can't remember any issues at all using it to hook, swivels, and rings.
  3. Lol. It was Hellray and a bunch of my friends that are smarter than me when it comes to knots to convince me. I gave in to the misconception longer than them and it took me a while to convert. What I used was practical and never had much issue, although will never here the end of the tarpon that got away from Ray on my uni that broke at the knot after a 45 min fight. First started tying because I wanted a slim profile for when I tie crazy disproportionate sized line like 10lb braid to 100lb mono. Once I learned how easy it was along with the practical benefits even if you don't need them, it is hard to tie anything else.
  4. This pretty much sums it up. It's not just the 15yr olds though and social media and tubers are changing the sport and the ethics of it at the same time. Is a sore subject because I've watched many locals get forced out of their favorite spots by the new uninformed generation using Internet shortcuts and blinded by the desire for internet fame. Even though I'm only 35, old school ethics rein supreme. Sad to see the downfall of those long term traditions over run and ruined by the internet age in a few short years, and moreso to see guys who fish not understand that aspect. Apologize for the way this thread turned towards me after my comments as well. Will take better notice in the future as to not instigate a sol riot. You know me well enough by now to know that I post here to try and help others with my experience and always try to help. Not an expert on anything, and never claimed to be, but I do love to fish and try to make a living at it although I suck at that lol. If someone values my opinion and my advice helps them then that is my goal when I post. Will have to work on the crap taking part after seeing how this thread turned, but have never been able to do that well when I feel I am heavily informed on a subject. Sorry Again and Tight lines with a fg knot
  5. Do you know Josh personally? Do you know how he turned his back and avoided his so called friends that tought him how to fish at a show because he was too good for them? Did he throw you under the bus to your friends because they wouldn't give him a goliath bait because they would rather give it the hard working commercial guy busting his ass to make a living? Did he try to film you catching a 54" redfish that was most likely the state record and get upset because you wouldn't pose for pictures after a 30 minute battle with a fish that immediately needed to be put back to ensure it lived? Do you know any guys who he has used his internet fame to allure and use intel, then leave them with a spotburnt dust trail after he got the video he wanted? Just like everyone else here commenting and attacking me for saying what I did, you know nothing on the subject and think you do just like these 15yr olds. Judging someone who goes out of the way to teach and help the younger generation learn the sport as well as help them better understand the ramifications of social media on land based fishing. I don't fish for glory or likes, and I'm not here to start crap or derail any threads, but if you think you can put me down or label me then you might want to know wtf you are talking about first.
  6. I have gone to pretty much the fg for all line to leader connections for a while now as well. Occasionally use the uni to uni just for speed to strength ratio when I want the bigger profile for certain reasons like slider rigs without a swivel. I can't justify using anything else that I used to tie in my life like the Alberto/Albright variations, unis, biminis, surgeons, blood knots, etc. because I find it to be the strongest and slimmest knot that is practical. Not that hard at all to tie for me in what I guesstimate 30 seconds, despite the internet misconception of being a 5 min knot. I'm stupid though and just wrap the braid around my hands to tighten and braid cut myself atleast once a week, so don't do that. Never had one unravel on me even if I have only closed with two hitches and repetative casting. I don't really beat knots through my guides for 1000s of cast though either so it could be an issue for some, will use a leader length less than my drop if I'm casting artificials non stop just because regardless of knot size it hinders distance and that noise peeves me lol.
  7. Don't think that Icast is ever the release point of any new reels from the Japanese Bigs from what I have seen, so any rumors of new Stella SWs and Gosas would of been finalized by now after the Osaka show unless I missed it. Gosa SW high wobble potential prevented me from buying another one so would like to see a redesign sooner then later. Interested in checking out the new Exist redesign because I love my previous model, so that is the highlight of the show for me personally. Cpalms when you know enough of the younger generation and see what it has done to the sport, yes there are deeper issues and I feel I can speak from experience. Know and have met several successful youtubers, and only know a minut few that I would consider good fishermen personally. These kids feed of it and the nature of the sport has been taking a turn for the worst. The progession of fishing for likes instead of the love of the sport and the need for fishing fame has become almost comical to me. With that comes poor fishing ethics, fish out of the water for extended periods, spotburning for internet fame, a bunch of guys looking for sponsership at Icast, and an entire new generation fishing for glory. Is pretty sad to see the fishing industry having to follow suit for me. As much as I love to look at women, I still think a woman that can fish is much sexier than women using their body to get fishing fame rather than their skills too.
  8. It's because of the pelicans and only on the pier as was said. They police that way better than people purposely feeding them which is the real problem of residency and dependancy, all the fishing suffers. Not a big shark guy but targeted them at the pier at night growing up multiple times and they took that away long ago. That beachline is fairly productive though if you in the area. Can still park at 32nd in port royal, and 3rd Ave where there is some minor broken down piling structure at 32nd and much better a 3rd. Whole trough is good to walk the beach and sight fish snook with water clarity
  9. My guess is that the pier will slowly but surely lose access for fishermen. Was told they applied for a liquor liscence and if so, will probably become a sunset/tourist attraction with no fishing if they turn the end into a cabana bar. Atleast the drunks will only get hooked by single hooks if so. Pisses me off that I grew up fishing there and couldn't even use my gotcha lures last few trips or sabiki for bait with a tarpon rod out or they might take my rods. What happens when the authorities don't know anything about fishing
  10. I fish for a living because I love it btw and know a little more than you do on the subject so the only one randomly posting is you. Knew people before they got internet famous, before they turned their back on the locals that helped them get where there are at, and before they threw people under the bus and spotburned for internet success. Get a little internet fame and now the ego comes with it, despite the same lack of angling skills. Experienced guys can easily spot things others can't and know a phony when you meet one, so when you follow the industry and know how some people sell themselves out and kiss ass for sponsorship using followers it gets a bit tiring. Would rather be broke with great people in my life doing what I love and working hard to get by, than be internet famous by using everyone and everything I can to succeed.
  11. If the bang girls are still giving out energy drinks, then I will run around and take booty pics all day for you GED. Well atleast until I get kicked out. Ashames me that some of the bigger companies have given out youtube and social media based sponserships. Where I'm from guy from BlacktipH is a googan, fished around him for years and he is about clueless, but a god to these kids online. Whole movement has changed the way the younger generation gets intel instead of earning/learning it. Want to smack these 15 years olds that think they know it all because of it. Had one not too long ago try to tell me how I should be doing something because he saw somebodies video. Little did he know I was the guy who tought his mentor how to catch fish that way. Gets worse every year unfortunately and the bandwagon line gets longer looking for sponsors. Darcizzle hangs that ass out there to distract from her face lol. Not that attractive in person at all but she gets those views evidently.
  12. I was trying to give you the best advice, which is to pick a builder you have confidence in and that knows the type of fishing. By posting basic questions like this it shows that you don't know what you want or need for the application, which is the whole point of building a custom. If the builder is competent, everything you asked and more will be discussed and I haven't met one yet that likes clients that come in with a bunch of internet based ideas/opinions on how it should be built. If you want feedback from seasoned surf fishermen to discuss with your builder then you will have to elaborate on the type of fishing you will be doing so they can better direct you to grip length, grip material, guides suitable and durable for the application, etc. In general guide size and amount is dependant upon line and reel type, necessity to pass knots and weeds if need be, as well as support the curvature of the blank. Real Seat position and grip length depends on your casting style and how you fight a fish with it/hold it. Most of that is up to you because it depends on personal preference and your type of fishing
  13. If my builder didn't know all that, then I would be getting it built by him just saying
  14. Not sure what you need help with because the species were labeled but Toadfish, Pigfish, Sand Trout, Southern Stingray, Mangrove/Grey, Atlantic Stingray, Wrasse (possibly a Slippery Dick variation but not sure), and a blenny (hard to tell but look at Hairy Blenny)
  15. What sealing retrogressed from the first version to the second? Thought this was just a technicality and nothing changed sealing wise