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  1. Thank you all for the prayers. My father passed late Monday afternoon, after the desicion was made to remove from life support after several complications. Wanted to thank everyone again, and to let you all know that your support has meant alot to me in this hard time.
  2. Not understanding what this means?
  3. Very sharp, but "bowing to the king" will lessen your chances of breakoff by lessening tension on gill flaring jumps. I here it all the time with snook who also have razor sharp gill plates, but it is probably the cause of 5% of breakoffs. Fray offs and thrown hooks are a much much bigger issue, so hookset and leader lb/quality is essential
  4. As recommended, make sure you try them on before buying if at all possible. So many quality choices and frames now that I wouldn't chance a poor fit. Even within the large, extra large, etc fits as in Costa individual frames fit me much differently.
  5. RCI is Right Coast Independent I believe, and really popular in Florida. Great optical quality on par with the best of the best but no glass options, Smith only has the Techlite in glass which I feel is inferior to Chromapop clarity, but they are very nice spring loaded frames with a nice safety cable option that can be integrated into the glasses. Guide Series fit my face the best and are the most comfortable of any glasses I've tried, and have a pair on backorder coming. I still probably like the Costa 580g lenses the best of all, but their frame quality, and rubber has been very poor over the last few years. New frames rectify the melting rubber issues and Costa has tons of frame styles to get the right fit for you. If you go Costa, do your research and seeks out any frame issues prehand. I also get sandy alot and wipe my glasses on my dirty shirts frequently, so have learned that glass is my only option although heavier. Maui Jims as said, are also a quality option. All very nice, just depends on your preferences
  6. Costa 580G, RCI, or Smith Cromapop. I prefer glass lenses because I am prone to scratching
  7. If you are looking to target tarpon off the beach, it is primarily a baitfish migration chase. Happens in summer and through fall with the mullet run on the East Coast. In late fall/winter your best bet is to target them inside inlets where they congregate on bait flushes. As was said, there are hardly any beaches in the keys, especially key west, so you aren't doing much surfcasting there. Concentrate on the passes and bridges where they congregate, surfcasting for Tarpon has its time and place, but you won't get nearly the numbers and may require 100plus yard casts
  8. I always liked my bailess stuff, but it cannot do everything a bailed reel can do. I do alot of different types of fishing, and bailess definitely has it's drawbacks as do bailed with maintenance. For fishing when your feathering line for ladyfish, dropping back for tarpon, or feeding line for kingfish it is downright dangerous to try to engage on the roller once a fish is running, evem by lifting your rod to create slack
  9. The lightest 7'6" inshore blank I have ever fished with confidence is Point Blank. Believe mine was a hair over 2oz and if you built minimalist with titanium guides, can see you getting much lighter than that. Very nice blanks
  10. That is not a pompano, just so you know. Vertical stripes and extended fins are a Palometa which has no size limit
  11. Check with my sister off Davis Blvd, Serenity Bait. They had them last time I was in town, but not sure if they carry full time. Aquaholik's tips are spot on, so no need to repeat. They are bait stealers regardless, especially in heavy current where I fish them
  12. Really appreciate all the prayers and advice. Trying to stay positive and strong. Yesterday was a tough day, where for the first time I spent two hours getting bait then didn't even feel like fishing. Today went much better and my Dad seemed to respond well to dialysis and was treated to battle amnonia that had developed. Thank you all very much.
  13. Pretty much every rod I own is custom by one of the best builders around. I am very demanding in my grip length, material, guide layouts, and blank selection to fine tune exactly what I want in the rod for a particular reel. That said, if a factory rod meets my demands I will always go factory. Better warranty and cheaper, as well as having certain rod blank options only available in factory, also goes the other way too. Unless you know exactly what you want, and value the difference, then a custom rod means nothing. In general if you are asking this question, then factory is probably the best choice
  14. I try to keep my personal stuff where it belongs, among close friends and family, but today has been really hard on me. My father, who was diagnosed with ALS almost two years ago along with being a diabetic, has been in a downward health spiral the last few months. Suprisingly the ALS symptoms are minimal, but he has been plaqued by heart, kidney, and diabetic issues. On Wednesday he had open heart surgery consisting of a triple bipass and a valve. Surgery was successful, but he went unresponsive that night. He made slight improvements as far as head movement, yawning, and periodically would open eyes but no one was home. Got the call to come to the hospital today to find out that he was in kidney failure and had fluid backing up in his lungs. Following this he was put into a drug induced coma and the family gave consent for dialysis. I lost touch with God a while ago, but asking for those that have not to please include my father in your prayers. The feeling of helplessness has been overwhelming today, so I am reaching out to my SOL family for help. Thank You
  15. I wouldn't say never. Was the best run of large blues I have ever seen this year. My biggest of the run was a little under 19lbs and the fish this year weren't the typical etheopian looking ones with a big head, many had solid girth. Average was 12lbs commercially