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  1. Thread Closed
  2. Last shot at this before I move it. Thanks
  3. Bump now $18 Shipped
  4. Takes some people a little longer to figure it out lol
  5. PRICE drop to 20 Shipped
  6. Worked well the last time I fished it, I can double check for you if you’re interested
  7. Sounds good, just wanted to get them out there to someone to fish them. Thanks, sending PM. thread Closed, Thanks SOL and Crew!
  8. Nice Bass!!
  9. Vintage Reverse Atom, $22 Shipped, any payment is ok with me. Thank you
  10. I could do that, but would you want all of them for $25?
  11. Bump
  12. Thread Closed. Thanks SOL and Crew!
  13. Sure that’s fine, thanks
  14. Sure that’s fine, thanks
  15. 6” not sure on weights