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  1. Hope they’ll stick around through September!
  2. Keep at it man, fishing’s just been pretty slow overall this year, especially with the 30-40 inch class fish, just gotta he right place right time!
  3. Mousam I think the people in the Cape Cod canal need your words of wisdom, people threatening others, taking illegal fish, poaching, fighting, maybe check out that forum section
  4. Nice, heard the tube n worm has been on fire lately!! With fish up to 44”
  5. Pencil poppers on the edge of the schools can produce well if there’s fish with them, kinda looks like one of the bait is injured and separating from the school
  6. Thanks, I won’t be able to get money in my PP until the weekend, but I can send a check in the am if you want or if you don’t mind waiting until the weekend, whatever works for you. Thanks
  7. Would you take $35 for the botton 3, I have plenty of the green ones, I can send a check so that you don’t have to pay PayPal fees?
  8. Yeah I hear ya, tough the Macs seem to be pretty sparse this year as well, at least from what I’ve seen. I’d love to see some peanuts out there, 3 years ago I found a few schools of them getting toasted by bass, but it was two days and then that was it.
  9. With you guys on lousy year maybe the fall run will be good
  10. Does it say on the belly by the tail? Should say the size 155 or 182, then FT, SU,SK or FSK I think
  11. Yeah it’s sad, there should be Bluefish all over these schools by now
  12. Are they all Floating or Suspending? Don’t need and more fast sinking ones
  13. Is it dinged up? Hard to tell on my phone
  14. never mind, no problem... back to to the fishing talk
  15. Lol I never called anyone anything except calling poachers clowns..... I’ll go delete all my comments that way I don’t offend anyone and everyone can get their participation trophy....... back to fishing