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  1. Bump, hopefully someone can put these to use!
  2. Last shot at this Lot for $40 Shipped
  3. They should get rid of the Nets and that would help. But in reality the bass having a price tag on their heads with the Commercial season just creates more incentive for poachers and people cheating the laws. But money runs everything so it won't change
  4. Macs are always a good bet
  5. Horrible :/ they should stop all the nets were in for a bad wake up call
  6. Price drop to $70 Shipped for the LOT
  7. Thanks
  8. Used wood Lot, some in pretty good shape and others have some dings,chips, rust. $75 Shipped(USA) for the LOT, any payment is ok with me. Thank you!
  9. Cool, what years where they produced?
  10. I like that!!!!
  11. Yeah Suds n Soda in Geeenland or Saco Bay Tackle, also not sure if Webhanet in wells still has them?
  12. Was disappointed to see that the other day :/ but tough to fight $$$$
  13. Price drop to $45 Shipped for the Lot
  14. Can't remember the name of this plug
  15. Trued to post this last night but I guess it never posted. Lot of used Metals, assorted sizes and weights, some rusted and need hooks. $50 Shipped(USA) breaks down to like 2.5 each and $5 to ship. Thank you!