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  1. Would be awesome if you were right Crozzbow!
  2. Are the ones on the right like Spooks? Haven't seen those before, thanks
  3. Yeah its rediculous
  4. They're here, Would be nice to have better numbers, but they have to make it through the gauntlet of Comm fisherman, poachers, seals, and everything in between to get up here. Time will tell I suppose
  5. Check with marine patrol, they've been great this year to me as always, thought it Closed over the summer....
  6. Yeah I thought it ended in August some time...
  7. Yup
  8. So I have only been able to fish Saturday Mornings lately, taking care of my mom who is in a wheelchair because she can not walk due to brain cancer. So I fished sunrise until about 9 o'clock or so, the tide was down and I moved down the rocks to hit some white water, I heard some whistling behind me(ignored it) until I heard your on private property!!!! So this lady was screaming at me to leave, I kindly explained the law and she refused to listen and just kept saying leave and that she had been there for 50 yrs. I told her I've been here for 30yts and she proceeded to tell me "no you haven't" lol then she said I'm calling the cops, so I said ok thank you I called marine patrol to confirm I was in the right and then called the Police to make sure they didn't waste their time, and they said the same as long as I didn't access the spot by going through her property I'm within my rights just a reminder to all, we gotta stick up for ourselves!!!!
  9. What's up? Missed you in July.

    Curt is telling me Needle's are a hot plug now. From Curt saying this means he is using something I need to see. LOL. 


    Tight Lines Bud. 


  10. Awesome!!!
  11. Umbrellas weren't the issue just the way they conducted themselves..... I'm finding the older I get the more I like my fish in my fish tank(don't have a dog so can't use that reference)
  12. Some of the clowns are local unfortunately:/ there's a few choice ones that troll umbrella rigs, catch a big fish hold it up so the tourists can see and then LITERALLY Slam in down on the boat deck.....??????? I don't get people
  13. Glass eyes atoms are tough to find and $$$$$$$
  14. Think there may be some small ones in the area, a buddy of mine had some Mackerel with bite marks out of it as they were jigging them up, but they'd be snappers not the Gator or else sabikis would disappear lol
  15. Would you split any of the Pt. Jude's?