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  1. When they get here the rules change
  2. It's none of any of our business at what age folks in other countries marry
  3. and Jews, & Catholics etc...
  4. I've been in those shoes. I took the gig & got a ton of crap dumped in my lap. Then more when my ex-boss was let go after being pushed to the sidelines a few years before when I took the job. Sometime I miss being "one of the guys". I do not miss dealing with first level tech support guys @ comm companies, though your typical "project manager" can be equally frustrating. I still do the same amount of OT. All in all; I'm glad to have the extra cash.
  5. Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about. No Captree boats have been busted. Perhaps, you're confusing them with the two Montauk boats that got busted this year.
  6. You do whatever you need to keep the business going.
  7. It's obvious that you are indeed an idiot.
  8. ABT
  9. You've fallen for "Don the con [man]". He'll be nothing but a rubber stamp for whatever the GOP puts on his desk.
  10. And that's the way it's been since the dawn of civilization. It will never change
  11. Yes, it does... "The swamp" is a snow job. Trump doesn't give a damn about changing anything.
  12. Trump will sign ANYTHING that the GOP passes. I said that long before he was elected.
  13. Not "total BS". However, Erebus is a significant contributor. An excellent (if a tad scientific) paper
  14. Couldn't disagree more. Trump only cares about Trump. Everything else is a snow job.
  15. That happened MANY years ago. Ike was right!