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  1. Sweet. There's always a couple restoration candidates on Craigslist.
  2. Time, money, ambition, your skill, how soon you want to use it & possibly grief from the wife for spending all your free time working on it. All are things to consider before taking on a project of significant magnitude; which rebuild most certainly is. I enjoy the work. My wife helped me do one. You mileage may vary :-)
  3. Yep. That's how I see it.
  4. Shark River Reef has been known to hold some cod in the summer
  5. Reagan was a traitor who should have been shot for selling missiles to the Iranians. Trump has not stooped that low yet.
  6. The last day of Trump's presidency will be when America starts to become great again.
  7. Bruce Springsteen song...
  8. They are excellent smoked
  9. No more freon/R2...
  10. Large Killies. Also strips of butterfish belly with a split shot for casting weight. Don't forget to always keep one in the water. It keeps 'em around & makes it easier for the next person to hook up.
  11. Can't be bothered with most of it. It's idiotic. In retrospect I'm surprised I bothered with this. Been at work for hours & haven't had my coffee yet.
  12. well of course. "righties are manly men". "Lefties are puzzies*". Just another dumb thread.
  13. No effing difference at all. Typical horse craps from the usual suspects. Right is might etc...
  14. Gee I thought the whole point of this post was violence. Civil war & all that