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  1. Partial agreement. He did a poor job. That said, he had PLENTY of help screwing up race relations. However, as with all things political, the buck stops at the desk of the president.
  2. There's racists on all sides. It's as bad now as it's been since the mid-60's. The progress that was made has fallen by the wayside. We've regressed as a society.
  3. Interesting that you "conservatives" only care about the rights of private enterprise when it anti-gay etc... When the shoe's on the other foot you whine like little girls. Note: I'm only talking about the opinions expressed on this site. THAT is where this conversation is happening...
  4. They're allowed. They don't owe you or anyone else the "right" to anything. Don't patronize them. Simple isn't it...
  5. Yep, except it came from Fox so it's OK
  6. So is Tim S. His sandbox. His rules. No difference. FB, Twitter & Instagram are private entities. You have no freedom except what is outlined in the user agreement. Or are you now against private companies doing business with whom they choose?
  7. It's REALLY hard to overturn precedent that's been steadily reinforced since 1868. The 14th amendment has been perverted beyond recognition.
  8. They have no shame. pitiful...
  9. Big ones are very common in computer or phone wiring racks
  10. Not sure he's fixable in NY. Maybe a change of scenery...
  11. No heart. Bird especially. Someone's head needs to roll as an example.
  12. If they had even the tiniest shred of evidence it would front & center 24x7
  13. Agreed. EVERY pitcher gets "torched" occasionally. If you can't handle it you'll have no career anywhere
  14. I can't hear "Think" without seeing that scene in my head
  15. JOC says the shortage is expected to continue. It's nationwide