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  1. That's a nice boat. I was on in many times when it was the Doris Mae
  2. Weeping Willows are turning yellow
  3. It's the Capt Dave
  4. Also, it appears that Stormy Daniels no longer feels she is bound by the NDA and SHE HAS the DRESS! One can only hope it's still contaminated.
  5. This is why I'm much more interested in local politics.
  6. Sea Robin is great fried or smoked. Fried they taste like a cross between porgy & fluke
  7. Miss Montauk, Fin Chaser & Viking Star will be sailing on Saturday out of MTK. The Hampton Lady will likely be sailing out of Shinnecock. Capt DAve is sailing out of Sheepshead Bay probably 99% ling
  8. Same as it ever was...
  9. Valentine's Day snack. Sauteed some Shallot, Garlic, Capers, Sun Dried Tomatoes with some S&P, butter & Lemon flavored olive oil. Added some nice big, dry Sea Scallops. Gave 'em a sprinkle of lemon. Took them out when almost done. Added some chopped Spinach & minced bacon. Hollowed out the round side of a baguette. Added a little butter & minced garlic. Toasted it a little in the oven. Sliced the Scallops & added them to the Spinach mixture. Put it on low & gave it a few flips. Spooned it into the bread & topped it with a little Parmesan. Put it on low broil for a couple. Not bad. Sort of like Oysters Rockefeller. Washed it down with a bottle of my wife's favorite Pinot Grigio.
  10. Pout Kebabs. Nice & firm for the grill
  11. You ever see a lefty in this forum posting "xxx celebrity said..."? I'm sure I could find 20 from the right
  12. The Weeping Willows are starting to turn yellow on Long Island. That's a good sign.
  13. CMB? or Carlin, Bart & Maggie (radio info)? Even the station doesn't know what they are. idiots...