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  1. Everybody kept 'em 30 years ago
  2. yes it is. I get in the car before 3:30am. I'm home around 2 on a good day. Being home in the afternoon ALMOST makes up for the lousy commute
  3. I drive a hybrid; not a plug-in. I need it for the mileage. Of course I drive more than most (>170/day)
  4. Great win for HOU last night. However, their season is most likely over as Paul tweaked his hammy late in the 4th. Who's going to guard Curry? You don't want Harden doing it for 48 minutes.
  5. I'm willing to bet if these had been white guys protesting Obama there would have been high-fives all around
  6. Divide & Conquer
  7. Here's to hoping that they don't forget...
  8. Why is this an important issue? Sports is entertainment; nothing more...
  9. A NY R would be a D in many other states.
  10. She may have been right; but that's not something you say if you want to win an election. It was bad politics
  11. Most likely. As a society we've regressed in terms of accepting those that are different from us. It's not just old white guys either (even though they are certainly the most flagrant offenders). The "anti-whites" make me equally ill.
  12. Yes, Hillary shot herself in the foot more than once. The "Deplorables" comment may have sealed her fate.
  13. That does lend some credence to what I've been told by a fisheries representative who fishes out of NY as to why NY "voted" for more restrictions.
  14. There is certainly something to be said for that sentiment. However, the constant focus on the 2 things I mentioned before are proving to be a turn off among many I speak to who I would consider NOT to by racist or misogynistic. They aren't going to win the "deplorables" They need to win Florida, N. Carolina, Pennsylvania or even Ohio & Michigan. Florida & N. Carolina especially. There are MANY northern transplants there.