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  1. Every yr seems to be different,so it is anybodies guess. Conditions look good for a early season. Lots of small bait and mid 70's water temps. We need something to start happening in LIS !!
  2. This seems to be the yr the bass passed right on by. Look for Albies in sept.
  3. We have no crowds ,but we also have no fish. CT
  4. I live on the water ,have a stationary dock,so I can see any changes . There hasn't been any for the past 20yrs. Sorry for the end of world people. Climate change is over hundreds or thousands of yrs. Oceans covered mid west a million yrs ago yes the climate changes all the time,but not in 25 yr periods.
  5. I have seen the schoolies in large numbers on small bait,but nothing of size ,same story all summer. Blues are also very scarce. I am going to move my focus further east and to the islands. We'll see. Water temps now a solid 75 in the shallower areas, rivers higher .
  6. I guess it's time to wait for the albies. Disappointing summer I'm afraid.
  7. Hi Mark, I can confirm the crappy fishing now, water temps are mid 70's. Saw some small fish activity this AM early,probably snappers. I think you have to go east and go deep for any real action. This wks temps aren't going to help the situation.
  8. Nice looking boat ,but It wouldn't work for what I do. I have a 20ft Hewes lt tackle and use it to fish for stripers in the rocks in 3 ft of water using a trolling motor.If I were fishing the rips off shore or plum gut or the race I'll bet it is great. It's all about what you do. It is too bad when great boats don't get enough support to survive .
  9. My wife claims I should open a tackle shop stocked with my stuff.. I have way too many of everything. Haven't bgt a new plug in 5 yrs and still have a load of plugs and reels that either haven't been used or barely. I use 3 plugs almost all the time and drag 2 big plug bags and 5 rods on the boat every trip. Crazy,but I'm addicted.
  10. Was out yesterday am early,and to my surprise there were large schools of schoolie bass. Ist time I have seen this in LIS this yr. Good sign for the future, maybe. Still no fish of any decent size for me,and I have spoken to a bunch of guys that go out a lot and have had similar results. They know what they are doing. I may break out my fly gear and have some fun with the little guys. Beats the skunk.
  11. Did you see the episode on Monomy Island Mass ? shark was 15 ft off beach in 3 ft water. Totally jaws. Showed a Great white take down a 200lb seal.
  12. Take a looks at Jones Bros Light tackle 20 or 23. Good compromise for a bay boat. Very good fishing platform and can handle bay chop.
  13. When you get the juice from the container holding the gulp on your hands it stinks. I keep the container and juice to recharge after using gulp for a day. That's if they survive the bite. The spray recharge is a different product,I don't use it even though I bgt it ,because I think the smell the magic.
  14. Glad to hear some action has started because it has been abysmal for quite a while. When the wind settles down I will be out again.
  15. I hate to say this but it's too late to close the barn door the bass are already gone. The last of the breeders are being wiped out by idiots who don't get it and never will. We will be in a moratorium soon and they can feel satisfied they got theirs,so very sad. I went thru the last cycle that took 15 yrs to restore and 15 yrs to destroy again. We never learn the lessons from the past I'm afraid. Our fishing in LIS stinks,and I have to assume the last of the breeders are between Block and the Cape.