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  1. I have had hip boots,waders and duck boots from Bean. They have always been fair to me and I never tried to con them. I have some duck boots that I wore through the bottom after 10yrs, never even thought they owed me anything. They will refurbish for a reasonable price . Quality in a co you don't often find. Good on them to put a honest program update in place.
  2. if you are going to catch 28-30 inch stripers your good to go If you get into 35 -50 lb fish it will be short fight. It all depends on where you are in the striper spectrum. Once you hook a big fish you will realize what I mean. Have fun whatever you are fishing for. Don't take a knife to a gun fight. LOL
  3. Every day when we wake up,we may die of something, live with it,you never know,I'm sick of these turkeys and their nonsense.
  4. When the tech boom goes boom Calif will be on the dole to the rest of the country. Can't wait..Smart Co's are making there move out of the state. Texas and FL are seeing a huge boom of good co's and rich people moving in that direction.
  5. It's a speck,catch them all winter in swfl. Nice fish. Some get up to 30" or more,but rare.
  6. Been there and made the same changes. Plumbers love that thick stuff and I mean paper.
  7. I have 2 old style sustains 3000 FE, I have had zero trouble with these reels fishing for snook and reds in swfl. The reels are about 10yrs old. I haven't had a new version,so I can't comment,but don't believe all you read about products. If you're interested in the larger sizes they may be a different animal.
  8. Take a look at the st croix Green Water series. I have a 6'6" medium that is great for schoolies and most fresh water fishing. It isn't for serious stripers or blues. I use a Sustain 3000fe with the rod. It is a little over your price limit,but keep an eye out for one on SOLs buy/sell area.
  9. I found a product made by Shurhold called snap stick, It's a wax for zippers and snaps in a lip stick container. Works great and be carried in your pocket or plug bag. Any wax will do the job,this is just easy to carryaround.
  10. It would be interesting to see 20yrs and 25yrs. I have been fortunate to land a 52 in Bass many yrs ago. Hope it is still out there somewhere.
  11. "big bass" ,you have me looking to throw that plug more , I'm hooked on top water plugs,so I will now give this one a shot next season. Any advice on how you retreave the plug?
  12. I 2xs Costas RX glasses. I have had 2 pairs for 7yrs, great fishing glasses with excellent RX capabilities. They are EXPENSIVE,but if you need them they are worth it. I fish 12months a yr as a result of spending the winters in SWFL,so they are mandatory for me.
  13. If you are going to own your boat for a while get a canvas cover made up, may cost $1000 - 1500 ,but it will be good for 10yrs, Those good covers also breath which is a good thing. I'm sorry I didn't do mine 10 yrs ago. In my area it's 15 a foot to shrink wrap.
  14. There were large fish,BUT only in certain areas, in the past the bigger fish were distributed over a large area and over the whole summer. This yr you were screwed if you couldn't move to where they were. All in all it was a below average yr for all the areas I fished. Way different than 5 yrs ago.
  15. Take comfort that a whole bunch of great guys are pulling for you and your Dad. You're not alone in this.. I'm not a big prayer person ,but I will say one for you and family.