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  1. I have never used bait,but if you are fling heavy weights I'd use a conventional no matter whether mono or spinner. The mono is more forgiving on the cast or hook set up. I use conventionals with 50# braid and 3 OZ plugs and it is a dream machine. No tap needed. If casting 1oz plugs I use a spinner 30# braid. All have mono leaders.
  2. Niffty, I'd hate to be in the part of texas you were in if you think NJ is worth the price. WOW. When I travel through NJ going south I can't wait to get through VA where things seem to get civilized, driving anyway. If you want to buy a great house in CT I've got a great one for sale right by the water. Nose bleed taxes. LOL
  3. Work is going to start after Memorial day. I don't know if they allow fishing now ,but you can go out on the pier up to a point at concession stands that are closed.
  4. Have all the people in Yankee land not seen where the population in the country is moving? Clue it's not Ct. How about house values,taxes on top of more taxes. I admit to being an owner of a house in CT,but a FL resident. My house in CT down the tube,house in FL up, up and away. There's good in both areas ,get over it on both sides. peace !!
  5. I hate everything about the idiots who run the govt in CT. I even moved my residence to FL. But roads are the means by which commerce moves goods and services around the country,eliminate the quality of roads and bad things happen to the economy. I'm trying to sell a house in CT and I can tell you it ain't easy to what it is worth
  6. I have RX Costas and have no trouble with the lenses for over 10 yrs. Use them virtually everyday. RXs may have a different type of lense material.??
  7. Life is too short to put up with that stuff. I'd find different spot,especially since nothing was going on anyway. I've had it happen in a boat,I just blasted out of the spot and hopefully screwed the fishing for a while.
  8. Tarpon can drive you crazy, I had a dozen all around the boat yesterday and threw everything at them with no results. Sometimes they are just not eating. That is a good looking fish finder, I must look into it. Wouldn't have helped yesterday .
  9. Been fishing for 50 yrs,yes 50 yrs and have never seen a DEP officer. I do my fishing by boat however.
  10. It will get better after the snow birds are up north. You need to be in the back country and canals till the red tide leaves.
  11. If you're on the beach all you need is a Medium weight rod and 3000-4000 real there is nothing to get messed up with in the sand. The other areas are heavy weight to control the fish. I had 2 break offs this Am around Naples docks,It just happens..,even with heavier gear.
  12. early AM on a calm day a real foam popper will draw strikes. I have used some that are 6 inches long. They are a challenge to cast,which puts people off trying more than a short while. You'll also attract blues unfortunately. If blues are around I use a wire bite tippet. It is fun to see the blow ups.
  13. I inherited a fenwick 4 wt 6'6'' glass rod from the 50's. In small streams it is perfect for 10-15in trout. It's also fun to use. Nice change from 10wt graphite for stripers. I'm sure the rod cost 100 bucks in the day.
  14. 20 yurs ago I bgt the first gen of Van staal pliers,I think they were $150 and thought I must be crazy, but I still use them today and they are flawless. Lots of scraps . Due to use,but they keep on ticking. That model was aluminum and much beefier.
  15. I have found metal lip plugs work best in the pre dawn time frame and little or no wind so the movement of the plug makes a nice wake, I've never done well with these in rough water and day light. Others may have something more to add.