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  1. Give us a report on how they taste. LOL can't wait.
  2. No question, I have seen the same scenario with a small bass hooked being chased by a much bigger one . Small guy got too close to the boat and the bigger bass took off when he saw the boat.
  3. Re pictures, I fish by myself on my boat,don't ever bring the fish over the gunnels for a picture. measure the length in the water,anything over 48 in is a big fish .I'm not into bragging. I really don't care if it is 40# or 42 or whatever,I know what I catch.
  4. I have multiple Tide master rods and think they are great. I too have their MH 7'6 bait casters which I think are over rated as to power. It maybe that most of my rods are heavy rated,so the comparison is dramatic. I have had some big fish on these rods and can't control them around rock piles and have lost a few as a result. On the beach they would be fine.
  5. For 8 months a yr FL is great,fr 4 months it's hot. If you work you will be in AC all yr in FL,so what do you care about heat.? In NE where I spend summer it's great, totally stinks for 6 + months. BTW I spent 50 yrs in NE. My taxes for a equal value house are 25% of CT taxes. Wait till they take away the deductability of state and local taxes. LOL My CT house has gone down in value every yr and I live in a fabulous town .
  6. Great help, I have the same problem and will get the wishbone connector for my trailer.
  7. I thought you meant big fish, LOL You can spend a lot of time throwing medium and small stuff and have a chance for a big fish,but if you target big fish use big plugs. I mean 40-50# fish. Smallest plug I use is 9in 3 oz and they work.
  8. Just had my new 4 stroke Yama 150 winterized at $399.  The 2 stroke was 300.  I use Boats inc in Niantic,CT great service,but not the cheapest.  I've used them for over 15yrs.

    1. dleopoldi914


      Wow for that much j can winterize . I mean 2 stroke is pretty simple no?

    2. John P

      John P

      Yes, 2 strokes are simple and can be done by you,just make sure you do all the steps correctly or you will spend a lot more in the spring to correct the problems.  I always did my 2 stroke 90hp Yama myself and it takes about an hour. Parts are 20 dollars,maybe. Go for it.

  9. What is shipping to 34103 ? Thx
  10. Gods country for sure . I'll be down next week for the winter. Always great to look forward to. Looks like things are getting back to some normalcy ,great.
  11. For a high end reel that is disturbing, warranty should take care of you.
  12. Looks a lot like Naples ,where I fish,same strategy and hopefully with the same results. Big fish are very tough to get to eat. You can't have a shadow on the water or it is over. I'll be down for the winter in a week and look forward to beach fishing as well as the 10K. Thanks for the report.
  13. You'll love the rod, I have the M range and use it for all my back water work for snook,reds ,trout etc. Reel is a 3000 sustain.great set up. I have other Gloomis rods as well,but this is my favorite in this size.
  14. Shrink wrap the boat,expensive,but mouse proof.
  15. Great fish, I do my snook fishing on the west coast,everglades. Good on you to release your catch, they are too valuable to kill. If they don't survive the fight they make a good meal but only if they are injured. We need at least 50# floro because of the mangroves and oyster bars.