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  1. For every one terrible incident that "seemingly uses a certain type of weapon" there are tens of millions of responsible owners who pose no problem. you could save many more lives going after tobacco, alcohol, opiates etc. I do not have an answer for these horrific atrocities, but I think it starts mental health and people paying attention to common warning signs and enforcing existing laws.
  2. I really do not think that some whack job killing people should affect my right as a law abiding citizen to own firearms, from a bolt action .22 to an ar15. As said a million times guns don't kill people - people kill people. If one thinks a law will stop anyone so inclined they're sadly mistaken - i believe it against the law to murder another person. As far as firearms on the street they're everywhere and the bad guys and whackjobs will always be able to acquire them. The anti's will only disarm law abiding folk if they get their way. The last two murder spree's were totally preventable if the gov't was doing their job.
  3. ^^^^^^^ That browning engraving is beautiful.
  4. An fyi - this may very well be the end of my darters for sale in any numbers. MAJOR pia to build.
  5. Heard that that are people who've been there for
  6. I understand that the Surfday tee shirts will have a message :).
  7. My favorite show of all :). Can't wait to see you guys again!
  8. Wow....i think it means that BB is here for 1 year at the most or will be sent packing for very high draft picks soon. Wow...he just lost the locker room for sure this time.
  9. This.
  10. Sorry but there i noooooo way 'cept for Gilmore that those guys are better than butler. Gotta call out BB on this one for sure.
  11. Congrats Philly fans ! Your coach outcoached BB and your team outplayed NE. Save the officiating for another day....
  12. Installed the canik trigger kit from Cajun and polished everything. Pulls around 2 #. Gun is for range/target work.
  13. Both are great guns! I've had both. My cz sp01 shadow with all the tricked parts/work and converted to sa only- is the cats azz. Sold my vp9 to my neighbor ( i still get to shoot it ).
  14. 27 - 21 NE
  15. TB will play 2-3 more years barring injury. They will draft someone we didn't expect in the second round and groom.