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  1. Totally hated it in the patriots game, that camera angle is horrible imo.
  2. All true, I was told the same thing by someone who worked for Obama a couple of years ago.
  3. The murder rate would assuredly go up. Lot of dads in jail.
  4. Glad you're not king.
  5. So, since less than .0004% of ar15 owners go badguy batchit crazy many many millions of law abiding citizens shouldn't own one?
  6. Maybe, that address is vacant at this time as i'm selling it. I just got back from sprint corp store and they ran the #'s and said an account was opened in my name in oct. there were 2 pmts made but returned. They suspended account. I'm on hold now trying to return the phones...they are not making this easy, they keep passing the buck. Ready to say eff it and stick them in my attic or turn in to police.
  7. I did that and nothing came up. on hold with them again I gave them #'s they won't tell me anything unless I authorize account info - eff that.
  8. If worse comes to worse I may do this, although I really don't have the time for all of this nonsense they caused me. I've got a shop to finish and plugs to build :).
  9. Funny thing is I've never had a sprint account and they couldn't find any info for an account in my name. Nope my name, my house That's what i'm thinking.
  10. So out of the blue I received an unexpected UPS pkg. It was from sprint containing 2 smasung s8+ and a notepad all with assigned #'s. Only contact # on packing slip is a # to activate. I called sprint ( what a major pia to talk to a live body ) and told them about this and asked what's up with this. gave them all #'s on packing slip account #, delivery #, etc. and they say they know nothing about this. Fast forward to yesterday and I received a voicemail from sprint saying this is a service alert for this account. Don't want to call the given # as it feels like shady. Checked cc cards and credit reports for any info - nothing suspicious. Doing nothing for the moment. Anyone hear of anything like this?
  11. Kinda seems like he has the goods on somebody or somebodies....who t f is he to demand a kings ransom?
  12. Patriots put on a clinic last night. That and coaching - on another level for the most part. Often make opposing staffs look bad.
  13. Good to know, i'll remember that for sure.
  14. rotator cuff and labrum issues.........but word is he's playing sunday
  15. Sold my riptide when I bought my lx.