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  1. One of the VERY nicest people I've ever met, RIP Scotty. Everyone who's ever met him shares this sentiment.....except maybe the guy he threw INTO the breachway :).
  2. Coolest P1800 ever...
  3. 45's are great for target shooting. I really like 185 grain swc custom loads - soft shooting and accurate.
  4. Very sad note to add to this thread. Scott Candelet passed away on May 31st, suddenly. RIP Scotty.
  5. Shot a bunch of different ones when I was looking, for the $ the Springfield Range Officer would be a great choice imo.
  6. Hey Jimmy, I haven't seen Scotty in a few years easy. Real good guy! See some of the others every now and then, not as much as the old days.
  7. Scott for sure.
  8. Always loved these...
  9. ^^^^^^^ What Dennis said. And has been 4ever. If your signs are weak enough to be stolen - shame on you.
  10. thx too big for what i was planning to use it on.
  11. 7wt or 9wt and reel dia. (sorry for all the questions)
  12. pic of back w/drag knob please.
  13. please do, thx. you can post here or email me. whichever is easier for you.
  14. what model is the ryall? thought my bud may be interested in orvis but he just told me he's all set.
  15. Interested in ryall and orvis if available, I have a few AH plugs.