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  1. ****, you ruin every football thread. Most people have their teams and can talk about them maturely without being oversensitive. Over rabid fans for any team, rooting for a bunch of overpaid athletes are a joke. Go Patriots. you feel better?
  2. never said i did, nor would I, i respect brady and really the whole organization. i never rooted for an injury. i do like seeing the gronk get a good pop once in a while, he's not a rookie anymore but still acts like a Jack ass once he starts having a good game. go Philly
  3. You're right, anybody who still roots passionately for half hearted millionaires are idiots. Im guilty, I admit it. The guy I saw today hammering fire ball shots and crying in the first half and then standing on the barstool in his Brady Jersey giving everbody the finger, the second half...i hope Philly takes Bradys head off
  4. New England will win the super bowl no doubt. They are the best team, too bad their fans are balloon knots and thats why everbody i see roots against them. Its not like you're ever the underdog.
  5. FYI, if your walking off reel tangles with 40 lb braid, expect the amount of tangles to multiply if you drop down to 20 lb.
  6. My bartenders all know me well enough. She should have apologized, but not enough to get your panties in a bunch and post about it. it happens.
  7. Fact. My wife is happy. 401k is rolling. NJ teacher for 20 some years. We've both worked since we were 15. She's not marching, we were out drinking martinis and eating sushi. That's what we do. #workforaliving
  8. It's pretty sure Pelosi and Schumer are losing sleep tonight in their tents in a national park.
  9. Let's do nothing and let them and them all in?? Its idiotic to do nothing. It makes a statement, and thats what really matters. Unless you want the whole country to be California. If you don't want better your a moron..that state is trying to separate itself mostly because of illegal immigrants. They are a burden to taxpayers and that's all that should matter.
  10. Let's start from scratch. Pay ICE overtime and get rid of everybody who is not here legally. The economy is roaring right now. Let's see what happens. No more holding tax payers hostage... Any better idea's ?
  11. Any three of the four for for lot?
  12. They are now officially dictating how we do national business. We've reached an time low as a country, IMO. I get that there are Trump haters. just as many do, as those that dont. ..whatever. The government will likely shut down because of people who don't legally even have the right to vote. .. pathetic. Who is proud?
  13. So was the deal a one off, or are the blanks that cheap and it costs 335 to wrap a 200 blank?
  14. And CNN is running the story tonight, must be true Don Lemon says so without sources.