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  1. Man, once again a great job. I was shocked by the striper behavior in the seal footage as well. Excellent work!!
  2. Maybe. But you read it and responded, d bag.
  3. He definitely hates Trump, I can understand that if you are a liberal. It almost sounds like the pillow biting fool and his shills think being on any anti trump campaign is ok. US, France and Britain are dropping bombs on Syria and he is questioning it. Support the country.
  4. Always liked RM Smith Danny's, CCW's are nice too.
  5. That's not a fishing pier, that's the foundation for the piper plover hi rise. Opening memorial day weekend!!
  6. Agree that a 200 is the more appropriate size VS for that rod. But the 150 would have no issues with a 30 lb bass.
  7. Thank you Tim S and SOL.
  8. Talk about ass clowns.
  9. Yes. He killed 17. No more of a reason needed than that.
  10. My comment was for the OP, sometimes I let him tag along with me when he puts up a bunch of skunks in a row.
  11. All the new plugs you bought this winter are the wrong ones. Except that glider, I hope I'm down current from you when you snap it off!
  12. Funny thing is Asbury still sets the tone for plug prices. 6 years ago Gary and Fixter would be sold out in minutes. GRS and the the new hot plugs would still have full table at 11. All cyclical I guess, good for the plug builders, better for the flippers and club members. Glad I bought my share back then.
  13. Nobody sleeps that late for Asbury. Good thing all you're buddies show you where to fish.
  14. Have you sued the cops for emotional distress yet? I bet you would have the medical documentation to support that.
  15. Stable owners I'm sure. Unfortunately most people don't really appreciate or respect law enforcement anymore, until they really need them. Any armed robber in Oakland worth his weight just moved this place to the top of his list. Instant Karma.