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  1. Only from Memorial Day thru Labor Day do they enforce and man the launch. If I recall they get there around 9 AM and leave by 5 which is why I launch when no one is there but see them on my return. If you have a trailer without one of their stickers they leave you a note. If no trailer I guess they just have to ask or watch where you load up.
  2. Anyone can park in the lot all day for free but I was stopped when I came back in on the west side of the bridge (I put in long before they came to work) and told any future launches even from the west side would cost $20. What I was trying to do is to park then cart the kayak to property they do not control. They said they control both sides of the bridge and that's my point, do they really? I did question the sign. They said its a new rule being enforced for kayaks and paddleboards. They now classify us all as boats for the fee process. Belmo, its only just the Chatlin Bridge area I am asking about. I am aware of the boundaries north, south and east. Probably wording this better, I question whether the boundary on the west side is the road. Even using your map it appears the park is only on the east side of the road, not the west side. Parking being free for all in the east side lot, I was carting the kayak under the bridge and putting in from the sand on the west side. Is that park property or not? FYI, its $20 per launch not per season. As far as those steps along the road you can't drag a Hobie over those steps and launch. Actually it would be difficult to launch any kayak. If you've ever been over those steps there is a severe deep drop off just a few feet out from the steps. That's not a safe place to launch. You can launch on the south end of the Chatlin bridge on the west side as they admit that is not under their control but its difficult. Thanks
  3. I'm on the wrong coast of Fl but if it were me I'd check with some local tackle shops for ideas on where to fish. I'm sure they could use your business.
  4. Reading the Public Doctrine thread got me to wondering about something I ran into this past year at Corsons Inlet State Park. As I have family in Ocean City, for years I have launched a kayak off the sand at the Corsons launch area beside Bay Ave. No charge. Usually I launched from the sand under or on the west side of the bridge but for the past several years they told me kayaks could use the ramp, no charge. In 2017 a new handwritten sign was posted. $20 to launch kayaks. This apparently includes paddleboards. I was told that even under the bridge there would be a fee but I could cross to the south end of the bridge and put in for no charge. Problem there is the steep bank makes it difficult for a heavy kayak. My question is this. From all I can research, the Park appears to end on the east side of the bridge so I am wondering how they can charge for anyone going under or beyond the bridge to the west to put in. Or is this just a Jersey thing?
  5. I'll take it Thanks and just fyi if someone else wants the trebles they can have them.
  6. Just to update you all. These three couldn't bother to show up in court today. Their attorneys appeared for them and filed "not guilty" pleas for each. Trial date unknown at this writing.
  7. I'll throw an offer of $110 paypal out for the glasses. You don't have to ship if you're going to be down this way. No hurry. Let me know. I know that spot off Ulmerton. I live in Feather Sound and its a close put in for my Hobie PA. The first small bay you come to once you leave the mangrove tunnel is usually filled with schools of rays and pairs of manatees, when the water is warm. Dolphins are often travel thru the bridge at the end of that bay. Bull sharks sometimes explore those waters too. Decent place to fish for snook at high tides. That said, its not a very good place for your boat although maybe at high tide you could get in and out. Here are a couple pics of me and friends in that small bay. I always worry they will come up under me. This mother and her calf followed me around until I had to lose them. They must have thought I was the mother ship.
  8. That's actually a great idea. Get the person selling it to let you try the boat on the water and if the first choice doesn't pan out have a backup boat as there are soo many more to choose from. If you have a week, negotiate online then drive south. If nothing else you can defrost!
  9. Good game! A little more than I want to pay but I know they are worth it. Thanks. Not sure if you know of it (or how large your boat is) but there is a put in at the top of 4th st just before the Howard Frankland Bridge to Tampa. Great place for kayaks and smaller boats. Depends on the tide for larger boats. Its paved down to packed sand. When heading north on 4th towards the HF bridge, there is a cross over. If you googlemaps it, its just before the 4th st bridge that's listed as the 4th st pier. Nor really a pier there, just bridge abutments. Not as nice as the Safety Harbor ramps but it works. Check it out. This is south of PIE and Feather Sound but you can go north towards PIE or just head out into the bay, either side of the Howard Frankland. You probably know about the ramp on the north side of Courtney Campbell Causeway, right?
  10. What are the details on your Cortez? Have you put in at Phillipe Park or Safety Harbor?
  11. Aside from special rules for model aircraft sec 336 and the new fed reg 107, "permitted use" of drone use would often default from lack of regulation, rather than a specific law allowing. Simply a lack of regulation would be a difficult basis for taking an entity with sovereign immunity into a court of law. As far as someone having a problem with their picture taken on a beach, they lose the right of privacy. Nude public beaches are notorious for hidden cameras but nudists in public places cannot sue those who do take their pics.
  12. More than likely they would have sovereign immunity from lawsuits over privately owned drones.
  13. I bought the GoPro 5 not long ago and while I am still learning it seems to be great. On sale now that the 6 is out. What are you guys using to edit?
  14. Just got back into town. If this falls thru somehow I'll offer seconds for the same $100 paypal shipped. Thanks
  15. Wow, Kross. You might want to keep that selfie off the internet. Just saying! Happy Holidays!