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  1. Just because its a stocked waterway you don't need a trout stamp unless you are targeting or keep a trout. If you are checked, don't say you are trout fishing and don't have a trout on a stringer or in a cooler. You'll be fine.
  2. Some New England states have reciprocity with others regarding saltwater fishing licenses. Florida has no reciprocity with any other state. You can google all this information. Here's a line from the Rhode Island DEM site: The RI license also applies in the state waters of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New York, as well as in the waters of all other states that honor RI's license.
  3. I'd guess if you plan to fish around the public beach area you'll be there very early and very late. Way too many people enjoy the beach during the day for lines to be whipping around. As said above, your July temps will be high and you'll not want to be there mid day anyway.
  4. Take her down to the freshwater canals on the Miccosukee Indian Reservation in the Everglades. Hundreds of gators will greet you as you paddle or motor thru. The picture on the left was taken there.
  5. Manatees! One came up right beside me last week, splashed me with his tail then went back down. And I mean right there on my port side. If he hadn't scared the crap out of me I could have petted him (or her).
  6. Walmart is full of hi lo rigs but you can also tie your own. Some sort of loop knot on the bottom for your weight, or jig, then one or two dropper loops up the line.
  7. If you google Darsizzle, she has a website. I'd post the link but not sure its allowed. She also has several youtube videos. More power to her if she can combine her looks with fishing. You gotta too go with what you got!
  8. I have no idea what an Asian shore crab is in particular but lots of fish love crabs. Sheepshead is one. I take off the larger pinchers, hook on one side I drop them in..
  9. Presenting Florida's Darsizzle
  10. At low tide, wearing gloves, head for a rocky shore and collect crabs. Take off pinchers, hook on the side & drop in. Sheepshead love those. BTW, the gloves are to prevent cuts from the rocks, not the crabs.
  11. Closing thread as departure time gets near. If anyone does have any interest, PM me and if I see the message and haven't left I'll reopen for you. Thanks
  12. This is a new Hobie Pro Angler Cart for sale if anyone is interested. It has the 17' Pro Angler cradle and had a PA on it once just for sizing but that was it. Its like brand new. New $500 plus, selling for $400 (cash only at pickup) but here's the hitch! The cart is in Florida. On Monday 5/21 I plan to drive to Ocean City, NJ for Memorial Day weekend and I can bring with (if it fits in the rental vehicle). Planned route is up 95 to Delaware Memorial Bridge, cross over to Rt 55 south to Rt 49 east to Ocean City. I can meet most anywhere along the way, as long as I am not much off route and not for a long period of time. Leaving Clearwater, Fl after lunch Monday I hope to overnight in SC then get to OC Tuesday afternoon. If we don't meet along the way you will have to come to Ocean City (south end of island) between Tuesday and Memorial Day OR the day after Memorial Day I plan to head to Western PA thru Phila, the NE extension to 80 west if that works better. One more hitch. This post will end Sunday evening, sold or not. I won't know for certain if this fits into my rental vehicle until Monday. (These are very cheap one way springtime rentals from Florida to north of the Mason Dixon line so the vehicle size not always guaranteed.) If it won't fit, the deal would be off. Questions, just ask. Thanks
  13. My wife and I were there for 8 days, leaving last Monday afternoon (April 30th) to fly back to Florida. Looks like we just missed the quakes and eruptions. We did the entire Big Island spending some time around the Pahoa and the Puna area. Had a helicopter scheduled out of Hilo but it cancelled due to low clouds so we drove to Kilauea a couple times. Good thing the copter ride cancelled as the lava had suddenly stopped flowing into the ocean. We could see it back up and spill over a lava lake at Volcanos National Park. The Park Service told us this had never happened before and they had no idea what the volcano would do next. Looks like Pele has done as Pele desires! That's a really laid back area of the island and I hope the best for those who live there.
  14. I use TomCat glue boards from Wallymart at my cabin. Press a small pile of black sunflower seeds in the middle. Catch a lot of mice. You might want to put a brick or something on one edge in case they throw the board around trying to escape. Those things are very sticky.
  15. With the Mirage drives I've always used Outbacks and now have a couple PA's. I've been thinking of adding an i11s, just for its portability but in researching, even on the Hobie site, I see their shelf life isn't all that long (5-7 years), comparatively speaking, to the roto molded boats. Who here has experiences with the inflatables, and what are your oninions? Thanks in advance.