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  1. Was curious if any one knows if bobby did any cowboy srs in gasoline colors, thanks.
  2. Thanks firstlite, i thought the raccoon scheme was recent, thats why i asked and thank you...
  3. Nice guys.. Are any of those Cowboy srs a recent run?
  4. Yes, no more registry card. they only did it one year, was told it was to see what type of numbers they would have....
  5. He would look better in NE with belicheat..
  6. looks like a Southern Coyote to me....
  7. I will give ya 35 shipped, let me know, thanks..
  8. Some one has to have one, cmon....
  9. I have seen it foolish as well. Was dipping a culvert one night, was catching other fish chasing the smelt. Dipped a trout and a pickerel chasing smelt
  10. pp sent, thanks again..
  11. I will take them both knobs for 30 shipped, thanks
  12. Thanks man, I refiinished both in Gasoline colors....They came out nice and the flags add the touch, they display well wlth all my other gas plugs.