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  1. Is this a woman on a bike or a DT with a man bun?
  2. Hi Ted, thanks for making these available, I would take the NJ Sandeel for 105. Send me over your pp or however you want to be paid. pm coming.
  3. HOLY CHIT, I cant imagine...………….eff that...……………..
  4. Hey Nick, I missed that lot of 2 , 716. and one 714 for 105 shipped. I would do that still if you would.





  5. What does the number 2 stand for Bob? one of two?
  6. Actually, you can.. The eye colors and weight on the scales shown, the green eyes are floaters, the black eyes are slow sinking, and sinking. The slow sinkers (yellow one, 2.9 oz,) are a little lighter than the heavy sinkers ( blue one, 3,8 oz).
  7. Ouch on today, unreal...
  8. Great posts man, always a pleasure to read your stuff...
  9. I here ya man, I will never fish down that way, south of me. I cant watch the butchering nor would I fish like that...
  10. Here we go, get em…….
  11. Bob, could you post a picture of the gibbs wood carving? thanks.
  12. yup, and those dams gone, fishing is coming back....
  13. He would look good in New England.....
  14. Nice, haven't been up there in a while...Did see some pictures in local papers of nice stripers ( 30 plus inch)caught up there at base of dam...