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  1. Bump..................
  2. All are new never carried or fished, Donny SR in Squid, jointed Conrad in Sandeel, and a Eely in Harley Davidson colors. would like to keep as lot, 135.00 shipped immediate pp only please, thanks
  3. Hey Tony, Was curious if you could give me some information on this spinning reel handle, is NOS, Never seen this handle, but all indications its from a Penn. Here is a 706 handle next to it. Curious what reels it was used on, and when made, rarity, Thanks.
  4. I would say yes to the aids.....
  5. I saw that, but they were all listed for 43, including the green...no problem...
  6. Maybe fishfood could help him dress in the morning, use the buddy system, they are neighbors / family........
  7. I saw 35 as well, but no problem, glws..
  8. offer 35 for the bottom blue one, thanks
  9. Sounds like you two are related....
  10. I thought it was Lance bass at first....
  11. LMFAO.....true.. That's why I did not know who the eff it was....
  12. So the name sounds like a guys name, but IT had a purty voice and shirt with bling bling...WTF!
  13. Is the bunker eel punt new?