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  1. Frank has flipped the odometer three or four times.
  2. Sushi, huh?
  3. We chase them with dogs.
  4. I just wait until the grass is high enough to use my snow blower on it.
  5. Truly, their wealth was all stolen...they should kick the whole royal family to the curb and turn Buckingham palace into a Cumberland Farms or maybe a nice new octagon.
  6. This has been covered Jase will be reentered.
  7. Precisely why you do it, Mrs Adams!
  8. Yeah, I typically pick up the TJ’s product when I do have it. I wonder if the medicinal properties work intestinally?
  9. Just admit it, eat a squirrel and we’ll expedite your membership.
  10. In all fairness, Red thought that was the correct spelling.
  11. Is it me or do I detect a bit of jealousy in Dinghy’s post?
  12. Aloe juice on its own is pretty great.
  13. This is completely on the mark. football is just three hours of watching fat dudes flirt and fondle each other..