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  1. Where were you in August of 69’ you sick ****????
  2. Damn.
  3. A lot of meats on a stick, fried plantains, black beans.
  4. Head over to Oasis in Medford. It kicks ass.
  5. Giving Few a turtle is like giving one of those Asian monkeys a deer.
  6. Speaking of ponchos, Nacho Libre is the best movie ever made.
  7. What, like Wheat Thins? Sounds like you’re calling Tim and the site cheap.
  8. Take a golden shower.
  9. Adams could fit his in a 1/4 headphone jack, fully erect.
  10. Not to toot your own horn, ey?
  11. I don’t mind, I can look up your skirt during the process. Hope your husband doesn’t mind.
  12. It’s amazing you can tie your shoes much less do all that vacuuming and dish washing.
  13. Damn, you whine with the best of em’ San Fran Adams.
  14. Shut your pie hole you whiney, coconut diving nancy boi.
  15. Don’t pretend like you limit yourself just to goats.