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  1. Good thing you’ve got those hairy beasts to keep you warm.
  2. I was sure this was gonna be about ball hair.
  3. I’m pretty sure the plural of Smurf is Smurve.
  4. Much better
  5. Poor dog
  6. I think a game cam is the right approach. You’ll probably be able to sell the footage on the dark web.
  7. Early holiday gift for some of you. I accept you despite not caring for Keanu.
  8. did you drop any swiss cheese on the ground there by any chance?
  9. What are you? Some kind of genius?
  10. You’re the best...although it hurt my feelings a bit that you removed my custom personalized avatar that I spent 3 months perfecting for you. Do you know how long it took to make that flag look like it was fluttering in the wind? We’re talking high math and advanced algorithms here.....
  11. That’s like River Raider or I saying we’re the ones with the watermelon
  12. Careful or the unprecedented number of fanboi’s on this site will be battling it out on your front lawn to suck-pump your septic tank.
  13. Don’t forget Gibby!