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  1. All that being said, North Korea is not going to attack anyone, the US is not gojng to attack North Korea. Both sides are posturing in a mimick of the Cold War, both sides have to much to loose from an actual conflict.
  2. A first srike by the US would only happen if the US was sure that China would be ok with it That being said, a preemptive strike would have to knock out every missile launch facility and every artillary battery North Korea has in the first few hours or the consequences from a counter strike by North Korea would be devestating to the allies of the US, namely South Korea and Japan. There would not be any land based assualt by North Korea, they know that they have neither the strength of force or the numbers to launch a ground based assault.
  3. If you order now, you should have it in time.
  4. Got it for 72 yesterday.
  5. That is a very good thing in my eyes.
  6. 10ft is the max I would use on a pier, good choice on the length.
  7. No problem! You should have no issues casting 8n a pound of bait with that set up.
  8. I could care less if the officer was male or female. I also made it clear that the use of the word "them" in that context is stupid, I could care less what the reason is. Also, I do not think Mokes is great. I am not kissing up to his anus like you guys do.
  9. Enablement of negative tendancies is at the heart of the problem. Strong positive reinforcment for becoming a contributing member of society is needed to right the entire ship.
  10. Right, the problems are not secrets even prior to the release of the article. Unfortunatly, the welfare state does not benifit from people that take hold of their situation and work their way up, thus they encourage and enable an attitude of government reliance and feelings of undeserved entitlement. At the same time, you have some ignorant people on the other side who seem to be given to talking and acting like bigots, which, in the end helps reinforce what some progressives want those in question to think. The solution? Maybe rather then enable reliance and single parent families, enable marriages and enable parents that raise their children together as a family, not just for black people, but do it across the board for all people in lower social classes. At the same time, severely penalize fathers who get multiple women pregnant and walk out on them, mandatory public service while incarcerated, where all your money goes to your children, might do it. Woman who show a tendancy towards getting pregnant out of wed lock, especially with multiple men? They receive diminishing benifits until they recieve nothing. It would be a start.
  11. Actually, you have said nothing like what the professor said ever. I pointed out much of what the professor said and you specifically said the you do not agree.
  12. A lot of what he says, I have pointed out quite a bit on this forum. The man is correct
  13. The officers were also going into a situation after being told an individual had a firearm and a large knife of some kind. The officers really had no idea what to expect.
  14. I agree with the parents that the officers should have had tasers issued. They have every right to be angry with the administration on that campus for not supplying non-lethal weapons to the officers. The whole situation could have been easily ended with no lose of life if the officers did have tasers.
  15. The story that should generate the real out rage was the nurse who was arrested by the cop in a Utah hospital because she stood up for an unconcious patient and stuck to hospital policies regarding drawing blood for law enforcement.