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  1. That looks like a 50lb rainbow, I need to catch one of those!
  2. Definitly, it is very important to protect those spots. That is what good fishing buds do.
  3. That bass is a pig! Do you normally fish cats? Or did that flathead get you turned on to them?
  4. Now if only trout got that big. Awesome fish!
  5. Are lures really that serious? Burn a spot though and guys have earned my contempt.
  6. That would be really interesting.
  7. Right.
  8. You guys act like you are surprised.
  9. Age doesn't hit everyone the same.
  10. I didn't see those bigger keitechs, thanks for the heads up!
  11. Btw, did you see those new swim baits from chaos tackle and musky innovations? I might be picking myself up a hand full of those lures.
  12. Shallower divers are essential when fishing from shore. I lost my last Live Target sucker crank the other day and just can't justify $40 on something that won't last through a whole season. They used to be only $30. I will look at those twitch darters.
  13. Thanks! Decided to be a bit more creative.
  14. Which musky cranks do you guys recommend? There are quite a few out there, just curious which ones some of you guys are using. I like the Live Target sucker crank baits, but at $40.00+ a pop I don't see myself buying any more of them. The Big Fork cranks look good though.