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  1. Looks like the inconsistancies in how the refs subjectively determine how these penalities will be handed out is going to become a real issue. Offensive players continue to lower their heads and run into defenders head first and there has not been a single flag thrown on an offense yet for violating this new rule. Like I said, it is a good time to invest in some big running backs that run straight ahead. These defenders are going to be too afraid of fines, suspensions, and penalties to attempt to make a tackle by the time the season starts. Get an Alstott or Bettis type back and run the ball straight down the defense's face.
  2. It has been a really solid night tonight so far, but things got pretty interesting. I actually ended up with a double header, tricky trying to land both fish at the same time on your own, it was definitely a first for me. The bigger fish is 41in and the smaller fish is 35in. It was more then worth it sitting through the rain, lightning, and wind. I had a couple more over 40in, but the double header just really stuck out too me.
  3. The research I have seen seems to indicate smb don't feed as much in muddy water due to difficulty locating prey, but they still feed and will have no trouble surviving in the end.
  4. Sorry to hear that, fishing has been excellent out west this year; for all species.
  5. Trout fishing in the Rockies is pretty fun, cutthroat trout get big and are aggressive. Don't get too wrapped up in tiny presentations, most of those bigger trout are meat eatters. While out there I just used a couple in-line spinners or minnow lures where allowed. And stay off the beaten path, which isn't all that hard out that way. The adventure is the best part.
  6. Was out in a big thunderstorm the other day and the walleye started blitzing, not to often you see a large school of walleye go of like a school of blue fish. The walleye were flying through the freaking air; their feeding frenzy was so intense. I wasn't fishing for them, wasn't even rigged to catch them, but I couldn't keep the darn things off my hook. Fishing isn't so bad in a thunderstorm.
  7. The injustice is not "fake news" Zac, injustices do exist, they are real, and they do impact people's lives on the regular.
  8. The method detracts from their purpose. Gaining support for a cause is most effective when it does not create further division.
  9. I thought all the protests were over.
  10. From experiance and a lot of time on the water.
  11. Is it head injuries or injuries in general the players, fans, and coaches don't want????? The violent head to head collisions that media makes such a big deal about are responsible for just a fraction of the actual brain trauma a football player suffers in any given game. Acceleration of the brain, and subsequent contact with the inside of the skull is not dependant on the head contacting anything. You can eliminate heads from contacting anything in the game of football, but concussions and brain trauma will still run rampant due to body collisions accelerating the brain within the skull. Flag football is the only option if you want to end brain trauma. I am not against the sport turning into flag football because at least we can get rid of this inconsistent bull and eliminate the possiblity of excessive penalties that take away from the spirit of the game.
  12. Watch the plays again. Regardless, back when that video was made, all the plays were legal.
  13. It seems that you can throw snakeheads in the good list too, they look like they offer nothing but excellent game fish opportunities.
  14. If an invasive makes a good addition to the pool of available gamefish worth fishing for, shouldn't we embrace it (a prime example is brown trout which are native to Europe only and are highly invasive to North America, they have destroyed many native trout fisheries in areas they have been introduced, but they are preferable as a gamefish when compared to the brook trout they have displaced)? The fact is that the typical North American FW game fish suck compared to the fish from other countries. Give me taimen, tiger fish, paraiba, arapaima, wels cats, golden dorado, northern snakehead, and I would say who cares about largemouth bass, small mouth bass, pike, and musky. What wouldn't I give to have Nile Perch (biggest member of the snook family) introduced to the Mississippi water shed! BTW, Thailand has alligator gar, but unlike Americans, the people in Thailand appreciate the fish as a gamefish and pay money to fish lakes where they stock alligator gar. Could you imagine how awesome it would be to have alligator gar reintroduced back into their full native range? Kiss the Asian carp problem goodbye! And, say hello to FW fly fishing for a fish that can reach length up to 12ft. Japan considers lmb to be an invasive species.
  15. The new ones do comes stock with carbon fiber????? Nice! I know the previous generation of 5000FJ's had felt washers and I had to swap them out after they all turned to felt dust. Every so often I hook into some powerful fish on my Stradic 2500FK, it is due for a drag washer swap at this point.