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  1. Thanks! BTW, I wasn't trying to be a jerk, just telling you that you can go back to doing what you love to do. Also, if the population was made up of guys, like you, who bust their rear end day in and day out, a lot of societies problems would be solved. I hope you are sticking money away in a Roth IRA.
  2. Been working for two decades already. Can't stand liberals like you supporting welfare.
  3. Dependence facilitates government control. Scary.
  4. It is nonsense that any one would try to promote the idea that welfare promotes economic advancement. I think my opinion is fact. You did want a 3 word reply to your original post, right? The scary thing is that people actually buy into that article that you posted. Dependance, irresponsibly, and lack of gumption are becoming plagues to this population of people.
  5. The 55555's wanted a 3 word response to the article. It is nonsense to think that welfare facilities economic advancement. I know you agree with my reply respecting the article. So, do yourself a favor and go back to the Tavern and suck Hop's dick some more.
  6. That is nonsense!
  7. That is the best way to fish, alone.
  8. Phil, I have not heard of the line myself. However, if it takes after other Pure Fishing braids it will likely have excellent strength for its diameter and weight. There is a thread, pinned to the top of this forum, dealing with line tests that you will find very interesting. If you do buy the whiplash, send a sample to aquaholik. He will test it, measure the weight, and measure the diameter.
  9. Chill Brian.
  10. Using a reel within its specs is all that is required Brian. If you want thrust bearings, Okuma Andros reels do come with thrust bearings and are supposed to have excellent free spool. Keep it simple.
  11. Yes, it is called an Avet. Get the SX G2. If you thumb needs help, get the MC version.
  12. Avets are designed with true free spool.
  13. Ditch power pro completely. I like sufix 832 and berkley pro spec.
  14. 15lb sufix 832 and a 14lb mono leader round out the set up.
  15. I was using a 7ft 8in St. Croix Legend Bass crank bait rod paired to a Concept 13 A baitcaster, but I sold the rod and reel. I am going to pick up something else to try this year. I don't fish pike, just big walleye.