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  1. I see a lot of choices, what fish are you guys targeting with your set-ups? I know with my choice I am confident that I can target nearly any species that swims with a wide variety of bait and/or lure presentations in just about any conditions or circumstances.
  2. What are you fishing for?
  3. Zcoker is all about sticking to the rules. He definitely sets a good example for other land based shark anglers.
  4. Actually, white tail deer damn near went extinct, regulations saved them from the brink. You wouldn't know that now though. Axebeetle is a bit extreme in his views.
  5. The government covers up the existence of bigfoot.
  6. I hope nothing comes of the media out cry following your catch and release of the hammerhead zcoker. Hopefully the mess will just blow over and you won't hear from anyone about it, especially the FWC. Hopefully you don't end up being featured in a Nat Geo magazine article or documentary either. I agree that a lot of these researchers that actually dive with sharks and feed them promote unnatural and unsafe habits for sharks as sharks learn to associate humans with free meals. We are told not to feed bears in the wild, why is it different for sharks? You have always done and excellent job of showing how catch and release of these sharks can be performed safely and effectively for both the shark and the anglers. Keep up the good work and keep posting the pictures and, as always thanks for all the information you willingly and freely share about how to properly target these fish.
  7. Bump.
  8. I got one over the winter. Seems really nice; free spin is just as good as the original SX, but it just has a bit more line capacity and a higher max drag.
  9. Scoob, the Tranx 400 has a smaller gear then the other reels in the 400 size class. Yes, the Tranx is only 11oz, but what did Shimano advertise the line capacity as? I have always contended that line capacity determines a reel's size class (manufacturers do the same). The Tranx line capacity puts it in the mix with the Lexa 400s and Komodo 400s. Even though the capacity is not realistic, the fact that the Tranx line capacity is listed as 275yds of 50lb braid shows that Shimano must have put the reel on to the market to compete with the other two 400s. I agree with you about the Tranx 400 comparing favorably to the 300's, but I don't believe the Tranx 400 is marketed to compete with 300s or it wouldn't be listed with such a high line capacity. If it is actually meant to compete with the 300's, Shimano is beat out by the fact that you can pick up Lexa 300s and Komodo 300s for $100 plus less. I know you stated that the Tranx 300 and 400 are the best large low profile bait casters in the world, but, even in your videos, I have not seen anything that would support that broad claim. It is obvious just how much you love the reel, there is nothing wrong with that, but saying it is better then the other options discounts just how good those other options actually are, especially considering the price difference and the fact that the other options have proven themselves for upwards of 5+ years in some cases. I probably should have used the term Tranx fan boy though. Side note: my buddies and I agree that the Tranx 400 gear has micro teeth, I think Shimano lied to you and everyone else about it among other things related to the Tranx.
  10. If you have two reels with the same IPT, one reel has a large main gear and the other reel has a small main gear... What, if any effect on the reel's torque, ease of cranking, and long term durability will this have in order to achieve the same ipt? My understanding is that in order to achieve a similar ipt of a reel with a larger main gear, with a small main gear, the pinion gear and/or spool would have to be larger then the pinion and/or spool of the reel with the larger main gear, which would mean more effort to achieve the same ipt of the reel with the larger main gear using the reel with the smaller main gear. Thoughts?
  11. Any of the large low pros are going to be far from flimsy. Personally, I am a big fan of the Okuma Komodos and Diawa Lexa HDs. Both reels are designed with stainless steel gears that are literally bullet proof. I routinely use my Komodo 471SS's for casting and retrieving high resistance lures, lures up to 16oz, and weight and bait in excess of 20oz. I think the largest fish I have landed with the 471SS was a 7ft nurse while bottom fishing (not the hardest fighting fish, but remember that this was on a low pro reel). I locked up the drag and the drag functioned smoothly at its maximum during the fight. While I haven't fished the Lexa 400HD nearly as hard, it remains just as much a compact brute of a reel just like the Komodo 471SS. I will recommend you stick to the 400 just based on my experiences.
  12. My wife wants us to go to New York this Spring, maybe we can set something up.
  13. You always remember the biggest fish you loose. Personally, I would rather us go to Florida and fish for snapper a grouper. Fishing for snapper 200ft down is made easier with a reel that picks up 40ipt, these reels work nicely for that purpose. Although, fishing black bass was very simular, and fun.
  14. I guess as long as you controlled variables such as tension, angle, and surface it would be possible. I have seen guys perform abrasion tests online, but they always hold the line with their hands; which I find to be suspect to error.
  15. Aqua, have you found a quantitative method to test abrasion resistance? Just from experience, I feel like the Sufix 832 has the best abrasion resistance.