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  1. Will be out first light
  2. That’s how it goes around here, just another fishing spot being ripped from us.
  3. If he passes for some reason I’ll take it
  4. Had a brief flurry of action in front of me yesterday with bass on small bait didn’t have anything to reach them with so I pulled out a heavy needle and picked up 4 little guys. Also saw sand eels while walking through the trough at a few locations. Always have a needle in my bag and it always makes an appearance every time I’m out.
  5. Still fish and bunker in the raritan.
  6. Bayonne fish lol?
  7. Would love to fish that big rock if you split
  8. My bro in law was out fri. The ranger said, rip closed Monday morning

  9. My bro in law was at the hook this morning, a few shorts, But, the ranger told him the rip will be closed Monday morning

    1. SPCFudgie


      Well, there goes that 

  10. Unreal beer. Drank Ma yesterday that was also delicious. Surprised my glass didn’t skunk the beer immediately!!!
  11. Good to hear you made it out alright, i was the guy who gave you the number . Nice to meet you.
  12. I am for sure
  13. Got out for a bit tonight from 4-630 about 15 Rat bass on pencil poppers in Hudson County. They were busting the peanuts up pretty good.
  14. Monmouth County last night 8-1130 had the beach to myself. 4 little guys on a blurple SP crawled over the bar.
  15. Didn’t know you could fish there at night?