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  1. $48 is fine sending PM now
  2. Ok sending pm now thank you. Donny and CCW sold.
  3. Ok will split them up. Tank pikie- $30 CCW- $30 AH Danny- $25 RM- $25 FJR- $27 BM Donny - $25
  4. The banana is an FJR and the plug above is an RM Smith
  5. $115
  6. $130 shipped some new some used. Big Rock glider NOT INCLUDED
  7. Sts, I have 2 large pikies from him a few pencils and some small swimmers. Good plugs that don’t dent the wallet.
  8. I have a few plugs with that same signature. I purchased them at the dvsa show not sure of the guys name but they swim great.
  9. I’ll take the big rock.
  10. Offer $60 for GRS
  11. It’s good, but for me it’s not as good as haze I should’ve went Tuesday
  12. Outside of the McDonald’s being atrocious I have no complaints. every restaurant/store I’ve been and the few fisherman I have run into have been pleasant.
  13. I can’t speak for past issues you have had but I’ve been here since Saturday haven’t seen more than 10 guys a night
  14. Hasn’t been like that all week
  15. Why didn’t you catch? One of the jersey boys shined their light in the water? You guys are a trip ripping jersey guys. Ride your bike walk down 6 rocks and fish. No public access issues no parking permits nobody towing your car. It’s a vacation for us.