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  1. Offer $45 PayPal firm for the red head
  2. Is the plug above the blurple bottle plug available?
  3. Seen these plugs on instagram they go by the name plug lab. Think he’s a builder from MA.
  4. Calm water with big bait around I always reach for a surfster first.
  5. All yours SIC thanks for the offer.
  6. Anything left?
  7. Had it for 2 nights each night was more and more crowded l the last night I remember seeing a Parker beached on north beach.
  8. Thanks for posting these up but I’m not looking for any pikies at the moment.
  9. Would you do the glider and the black goo goo swimmer?
  10. Any Danny’s or gliders?
  11. Definitely the middle one, you have anything else I can’t do 1-1.
  12. Looking for 2 swimmers let me know what you guys have thanks in advance. Open to other offers as well.
  13. Fished from 5-9 in the howling west wind got 3 shorts 2 on a pencil and 1 on a Redfin. Fish were there but it was tough to make a decent presentation with the wind.
  14. Will be doing the same after work
  15. Look like striper Maineiac to me