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  1. Trump post North Korea "summit": [North Korea] “is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.” “Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office,” Friday, Trump tells Congress: [North Korea] “provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions...continue to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States. Can anyone else follow Trump's logic? Should I be afraid or not? So much wining and MAGA!!! If MAGA means totally contradictory positions and opinions, then, yeah, MAGA.
  2. “Congratulations to Corey Stewart for his great victory for Senator from Virginia," Stewart won the GOP nomination in the primary and will most likely be defeated by Senator Kaine. Stewart was the RNC VA State Chairman for the Trump campaign and was fired because he was a bit too far out there (one of the good people on "that" side).
  3. To the first three questions, I say the "groups" you describe are non existent. The rule of law is intact. Our boarders are defended and our sovereignty is not threatened, especially by "children". These "groups of people" are a red herring.
  4. Our assumed "disagreement" has very little to do with any philosophy. We have different views and I am really glad for that. I am glad that we each live in a country where we can disagree. However, when the rhetoric rises to "enemy", all is lost. Wining!
  5. "Liberal" and sometime "Democrat", ergo "enemy of the State" Did I miss something?
  6. You are confused, I think. If memory serves, I was challenged that I had once been held to an oath to support and defend the constitution (even with my life) and that I no longer do? That was the accusation from Little, But what was left out was the fact that I am no longer under a binding "oath". All that means is I am no longer bound to that oath, but it does not alter my resolute "support" of the Constitution. Since I have been labeled an "enemy of the state" based on my political philosophy, I guess I will search out some prepper buckets of food, hole up in a cabin in WV, hone my serious skills, and prepare for the hordes that will hunt me down.....
  7. Me: Liberal. Voting record leans Democrat. You suggest that I would be an enemy of the state? After 30 years of service, 17 deployments that were over 6 months (many shorter ones), missing half of my children's lives while deployed, serving honorably and with distinction(especially during 5 combat deployments), and really putting it all on the line, you would label me "an enemy of the State"? I ask again, how would you "treat" me?
  8. No. What is the recommended "treatment" you envision?
  9. Whew! Had no interwebs since Sunday! Glad to see the storm is still predicted to hit any day now! I was on edge and in the dark wondering if it had arrived. Stressful week
  10. Not liking someone does not rise to "high crimes and misdemeanors". Therefore, "They" can't impeach and it isn't a "fact"
  11. Fished this morning from 06 - 1100. Was throwing a Chatter bait with a 4 inch swim bait trailer and hooked into what I thought was an 8 lb bass. Serious drag screamer, turned out to be a 5 lb 8 Catfish. Went on to catch a bluegill, a 1-2 Bass and two chain pickerel at 18 and 20 inches. The bluegill hit a rapala husky that was almost bigger than the bluegill.
  12. Eric, nice Pickerel and that looks like some good hunting grounds!
  13. "....lucifarians and possibly pedos?" Oh my, that is classic! Is a "lucifarian" a fallen Rastafarian?
  14. Very strange. Maybe the 2018 graduating class was out and partying, but I could not find any of the "adults"! Four of these tiny lil ones to avoid the skunk....