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  1. I know people who have died from bullets. I know people who have died from narcotics. I don't know of a single case of anyone dying from a "dime bag" Just saying
  2. Tue: Skunked. Wed: small chain pick. Thur: Skunked! Today: three chain pickerel at 19, 22 and 23.5, but it took me nearly three hours to find one! Been battling the wind and doubting my sanity. Today was the "least bad" with gusts only about 20 MPH. I fought the wind and chop on a favorite lake for two hours and then dipped into a "protected" creek. Was searching for some pan fish that usually get active after the sun dips below the tree line: They didn't! Before fingers got numb from the cold, managed three chain picks at 19, 22 and 23.5 so at least no skunk.
  3. ?????? That had NOTHING to due with the ruling. Read the decision.
  4. Bombshell

    I hold the individual accountable for his antics: Flynn.
  5. Bombshell

    Oh, and the thread is ABOUT the Flynn case!
  6. Bombshell

    Optimistic that Flynn will be exonerated because it was "the system" that screwed him. It was laughable, ha ha...
  7. Bombshell

    You should file a lawsuit. Go get em!!!
  8. Bombshell

    As well as others. I never liked his shady dealings with the Turkish Government and the way he initially "supported" the coup attempt, then latched onto the Gülen terrorism network conspiracy, but $530K can get some people to change their minds and convictions, I guess. So Erdogon is taking Turkey toward Islamist type state, and Flynn is on the record of saying (among other rants) that "fear of Muslims is RATIONAL". Couple that with the his promotion of the pizzagate crap, and yeah, I say he is NOT an upstanding guy "....posted multiple tweets on Twitter containing conspiratorial material regarding Hillary Clinton alleging that Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, drank the blood and bodily fluids of other humans in Satanic rituals, which Politico says "soon morphed into the '#pizzagate' conspiracy theory involving Comet Ping Pong". On November 2, 2016, Flynn tweeted a link to a story with unfounded accusations and wrote, "U decide - NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc...MUST READ!" The tweet was shared by over 9,000 people, but was deleted from Flynn's account some time between December 12–13, 2016...." The guy is a crackpot.
  9. "When the need arises, who is going to protect you and your family other than the constitutional provisions of the 2nd Amendment?" The Department of Defense? The second Amendment does not guarantee a right of "protection". It only affords one a means of protection for a "State", specifically "...the security of a free state..." "Castle Rock Police Message from the Chief of Police I’m honored to welcome you to the Castle Rock Police Department webpage. The safety and security of our residents, visitors and business owners is our number one priority. I am proud of the dedicated men and women of our department, who work diligently every day to provide a high level of service to our community." I understand the ruling with regard to Due Process and the "polices constitutional duty" WRT due process. But I also think they dropped the ball on this one. I get it, if the woman was armed, she could have shot the estranged husband as he kidnapped the kids.....
  10. Bombshell

    I don't remember seeing any indictments, charges, or prosecutions? But, based on a series of "headlines", yeah, straight to death row! I don't think "we" granted anything to these non-elected people. "we the people" shouldn't be confused with the justice system.
  11. Bombshell

    Yeah, he was such an upstanding guy. Clean as a whistle. The best of the "best people"
  12. Bombshell

    Oh My, I guess Flynn will get his job back.
  13. National Enquiring minds want to know.....
  14. Corsi knows that Q is actually Trump. I am shocked that True Pundit hasn't gotten the scoop! I was commenting on the very upper level person
  15. 50% turnover very similar to 50% divorce rate. A non starter of gossipy information. Bets on Jr. running off with Hope Hicks?