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  1. Im not sure if you have to be a facebook member to view the video. The video was recorded by a driver for the Port Washington water taxi. It shows about a 2 ft Thresher approximately 50 or so yards away from the shore...Close enough that you can hear kids in the water. Maybe 4-6 feet water.
  2. Was seen today by the Port Washington water taxi..SHARK VID PORT .html
  3. IMG_2295.jpg
  4. And they each have 3 baskets per person
  5. And they each have 3 baskets per person
  6. And they each have 3 baskets per person
  7. Plovers!!! Just goes to show how feckless politicians are.
  8. Article says 2019 to finally re-open.....Gilgo State Park could reopen to off-road vehicles in 2019, officials say | Newsday.html
  9. If you could somehow catch an infection from working on cars my whole family would be dead
  10. I'd definitely try for a hole in one...
  11. They used to feed lobsters to prisoners
  12. Yep..I stopped goin there . Dont feel like having a fight with the savages while with my son there.
  13. Hope the savages haven't taken over the pier with there crab baskets yet!!
  14. Went to DMV with my 16 year old son to get his permit on a Friday. Had an online appointment..I get there and both scan machines are of course broken so I can't scan my appointment. Went to wait on the line with everyone else. 2 hours go buy when some clerk comes out and says if you have an online appointment you can by pass the line!! NOW she tells us!! Anyway i didn't get out of there until 4 hours later..This was the Massapequa branch.
  15. 1 more week left to get permit..then its over till Labor Day!!