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    I catch fewer fish than 17 years ago (aka the pre-kids era) but I enjoy them more.
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    Fishing, tennis, waveskiing and playing guitar.
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    Same as everyone;sit & wait for the Chinese or Indians to replace me.

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  1. Wow, I've never sern a park employee there (probably will now lol)
  2. One of the first lessons is don't turn one victim into 2. Both my wife and I have lost friends in winter rescue situations (both were rescuers). I'm a first responder at work and always wonder how I may react in certain situations. I think I would usually try if the danger was manageable and withon my skills, but a GW is not.
  3. You never know. My Dad bought a box of books at a yard sale for $1.00. In it was a Nancy Drew book he put on ebay. It sold for $12,000. Yes twelve thousand dollars. Some dude in Hollywood with money to burn needed THAT book, I have no idea why. Go fishing with it, you never know who needs it and what they'll pay. Dad had a copy of the auction framed...
  4. Best battle for me was a 20+ lb jack crevalle on a 9 weight in shin deep water. Many call this a trash fish, but this was the only time I wished the leader would just break. I never saw what it was until I landed it, it just pulled and pulled. Heading south tomorrow, would love a rematch...
  5. I was mortified last year when I showed up in SC without a "Redfish taper" line. I'd hoped to try for reds only to find I I couldn't do that, so I spent the $90 to get one. Caught one whitefish, which I consider a coup since I didn't have a "Whitefish taper" line at the time. But sarcasm aside, are all these specialty items a measurable advantage or are they just marketing noise? My wife asked me to buy a certain snack food earlier this week, I got to the store and stood there for like 10 minutes confronted by "New Nacho Flavor" "Mesquite Infused" "Lime and Strawberry Barbecue". I gave up and went home with nothing. I'm just old enough so the "Have It Your Way" burger marketing trend missed me, gotta say I'm not feeling the love. And the redfish line casted like crap btw....
  6. I used RIO Mainstream intermediate for a few years that came in a freshwater box but was fine. I also use stuff like the old Cortland 444s for floating lines, some made before they even bothered adding all these confusing designations. If it casts good it is good.
  7. 90% of my fishing time is my lunch hour, not ideal in terms of light, etc. but it is what it is, so it's time. That said tide has a huge impact on location - I've spent years scoping out where I need to be for any tide/wind combination so I would say that tide is still a very big factor for me. Some of my more productive spots just aren't accessible at certain tides and others while they may be accessible just don't fish well. Including these inputs helps me get the most out of a limited time window, certainly better than just showing up at the beach and dealing with whatever I find...
  8. There have been significant studies confirming that pedophilia is more about power than sexuality, so I’m not sure I totally accept the AH/HA aspect of this. I think the molester has a different motivation in entering the priesthood, or at least did have back in the bad days (maybe still I don’t know). What is known about child molesters is that they structure their entire lives around access and the opportunity to groom their victims. In my time in Catholic school and as an altar boy, which was smack dab in the middle of the whole Boston thing, priests had it made. If you said any disparaging word about any of them nuns would literally beat the **** out of you. Then you’d go home and your parents would beat the **** out of you because they were so “devout” most could not conceive of such things being real. So the word of a 10 year old kid wasn’t going to hold up. Potential child molesters I’m sure identified this opportunity so the seminary was the place to go if you were into that. It was the ultimate NAMBLA job. No doubt there was a lot of blackmail involved, I never thought of that angle. Because my wife did research on stuff like this for the government we’ve always been very careful around single males in positions of “authority or confidence” over our kids. Probably goes back to me punching a priest in the jaw when he wanted to wrestle when I was 12, but that’s a different story….interesting article though, I’m glad it’s being written.
  9. I've found HH, like Charleston (where I'll be next week) to be kind of an enigma - all kinds of good looking water but no way to get to it on foot. Part of that is because gators freak me out. There are a few kayak rental places there, that might be your best bet for some exploring/DIY. People are really tight lipped about spots down those parts from what I've seen. I've more often than not wound up fishing for bass in the ponds at my inlaws' place, keeping a watchful eye on said gators...
  10. I've been walking back to my car with the fly half in the sand and had schoolies come right onto the beach and grab it, they'll come in pretty darned close!
  11. BABYSITTER - The large fish that follows the small fish that you have on your line. So what this leads me to is we call the small fish a "Mikey" as in the old tv commercials where the older kids say "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything". My first babysitter of note was a girl 4 years older than me who was just...yeah well, so I can't use that one lol :-)
  12. Anything other than a Boston Cream is blasphemy.
  13. There's pretty detailed info in the DIY Bonefish book...
  14. For short jaunts I like this lil guy I built using a butter container I got at a kitchen outlet Glued in some foam and it fits in any pocket. Shad flies in there now... Cost less than $2.00
  15. Best time of the year! I'll range from a white deceiver to patterns hi-tied with ice wing fiber in pearl and/or silver. Love how the fish hit and run on peanuts, get your fly in there fast and you're on, spend too much time false casting and they move on down the beach. Yeeha..