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  1. Man, would I have loved to talk fishing the island with him. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. May he rest in peace. I'm in
  2. Just for reference, the "jebroni" who caught the fish has 10 count it TEN 50s under his belt and isn't even 40 years old. They've caught and released many, many big fish There's a reason why they're called the "slayahs" up this way. They get it done
  3. Awesome pic
  4. There is an infinite amount of info available here. Use the search function and you can literally read for days about lure selection, presentation, structure, weather patterns, migrations, etc. By reading during the winter, you'll absorb some of the info and be able to apply it when you first hit the water in the Spring. Mentors are invaluable, though and I'm forever grateful for mine. Start reading, fish hard, meet good fisherman. Never ask where fish were caught and if you're lucky to be taken to a spot, don't go back unless invited or someone's given you their blessing. Reciprocate by tipping your mentors off to a hot bite that they probably already know about. If you put in the work and you're patient it's likely that you'll be rewarded for your efforts.
  5. Bounce a shad or jig on the bottom in close while you're watching fish break out in the middle and you might save a few more skunks
  6. I like Guppy's because they flat out work. If you're looking for distance the 3oz will get out there, but it isn't really a distance pencil. I'm not sure what the obsession with distance casting is. Half the time the fish are in close enough, and hooking a fish way out in the middle sucks for everyone anyways. Guppy will do fine online. They've built up a following up and down the coast because they catch. Their durability, the distance they get... it's all good for me because of how they catch. I fish them in the Canal when I'm there, but I've caught most of my bass on them while fishing the surf. IMO the action is a little different than most pencils. If you work them slow and subtle enough, you can get them to almost flip like a pogie or other large bait fish. You can also raise fish with the 3.5oz if you work it like it a spook. In the fall of 2015, two years ago, I had the time to fish during the day and would just look for schools of pogies with bass on them. I must've caught at least 200 fish that Oct on the 3oz white and yellow/white (only colors I fish). If you're reading this and are worried about not being able to get a Guppy when it goes off, then start building a collection now so that you don't have to worry about it once the season starts. Wish nothing but the best for Wayne and the rest of the crew at Guppy as they're a top notch company that makes a proven winner of a plug.
  7. My first set up. Lots of good memories using that combo. The first time I caught striped bass was on MV. I was 12 years old and was fishing the beach with my father. He already had a 704 and a 10ft Ugly Stik and one plug, a blue and white atom popper. Just before dusk a school of fish moved down the beach. My dad and I passed the rod back and forth and caught a bunch of schoolies. The next day my father went out and bought me the same set up. That rod and reel caught me a ton of fish, especially when we started chunking the canal and I got my first "big" bass (high 20s) at age 13. I blame my father and that combo for my sickness....
  8. We call these fine specimens "wounded deer." Someone's gotta rescue 'em....
  9. I don't know how many rods are truly capable of covering that range, but my go-to stick does just that regularly throughout the season. I fish a first generation, 1 pc Lami SSU rated 2-6oz. I throw anything from an sp minnow all the way up to the 9" tsunami shad (6oz). Lami discontinued the first run of SSU's as many of the 2 pc rods had issues, but the 1pc has been bullet proof for me for the last 10 years. I've heard some guys say it's the best rod they've ever fished. It's certainly my favorite to fish the ditch with. FSC for the rocks... I haven't fished the 2nd generation SSU, but my next purchase will be the new GSB...
  10. Philly has by far the most despicable fan base in the country. One of the finer examples...
  11. There is absolutely no scientific data whatsoever to back your statement. Quite the contrary, actually...
  12. Best canal fish: 42-44#s released (pre-madness) Best MA surf fish: High 20's released Best RI surf fish: Maybe 12#s???? released. Absolutely terrible in my spots Only fished half the year as my season ended July 31st when I blew out my ACL.
  13. Just look for 1000 people and you should be fine
  14. Expert? No. Informed? Yes.