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  1. You guys do realize this thread was meant to bust your balls, right? His screename alone should’ve tipped you off. And then the migration from Alaska part... that cracked me up
  2. Just got diagnosed with Lyme. Taking Doxycycline for 3 weeks. Fantastic start to the season.
  3. Not sure who you’re working for/with but if you meet a contractor named Scott who’s big time on the island, most of his guys fish. If you ask around someone can probably put you in touch with him. Tell him you know Rob from Lark Hotels
  4. Surprised no one you’re working with fishes. I was lucky enough to work with some super cool locals who fished so they took me out. You should be in your element on those south side beaches. In between the jetties can be good, too, but gotta wade out a ways in the dark to reach the channel. I probably wouldn’t do that alone, though.
  5. Yep, draggers out in full force. Can’t stand those boats. So primitive. Hard SW winds, a blessing and a curse...
  6. Didn’t bother reading this thread. Technology has absolutely had a negative effect on fisheries. One post on social media can send the masses to the biomass and in a matter of minutes a slaughter is taking place. Side scan is TOO efficient at killing fish. Cell phones. Drones to spot pods of fish... the list goes on. And if you use z ombaits and other realistic, robotic lures and fish-calling devices then I would reconsider labeling yourself an angler.
  7. Use a journal. Just the simple act of putting pen to paper will help better your memory of certain situations and what circumstances came into play.
  8. I would love for the Bay to return to form, but as the article stated, this is just one year where all the elements lined up. The article also stated that many feel the Bay is too clean, others blame climate change. I’m a huge believer in climate change so I’m sure it plays a roll, however I side mostly with the fishermen on this one. The only menhaden in the Bay reside in PVD, the dirtiest water in the state. South of PVD is barren in terms of bait and other once prevalent species. This year might be better, but most have seen the decline of the Bay’s ecosystems over the last decade + now. It’s a shell of what it used to be, pun intended.
  9. Best post thus far
  10. False. And a bike is a convenience, not a necessity.
  11. Not related to gear, but just thought I’d add that you absolutey do NOT need a bike to learn the ditch. Sure it makes it a bit easier getting around, but you’ll tend to move more when at times it’s better just to stick it out and wait for the fish to come to you. You can better learn a spot that way, too IMO
  12. On the big moon phases, May and June
  13. This is a joke, right? You actually took time out of your day to call the EPs to see if they had licenses? That's absolutely ridiculous. I would've laughed and hung up the phone
  14. Man, would I have loved to talk fishing the island with him. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. May he rest in peace. I'm in
  15. Just for reference, the "jebroni" who caught the fish has 10 count it TEN 50s under his belt and isn't even 40 years old. They've caught and released many, many big fish There's a reason why they're called the "slayahs" up this way. They get it done