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  1. Yes, Roger. That’s what the calendar says.
  2. It is the fall
  3. Something to think about....by the 3rd week of September, when the majority of fish have gone through the canal, the thousands of people who’ve been fishing the Ditch are still going to want to scratch the itch and they’ll inevitably look to the south. Unless you want the same animals descending upon your favorite surf haunts, I would highly advise against posting reports that are even remotely vague. Just look at what’s taking place at the Canal and in the MA forum. There’s more people fishing, littering, poaching than ever.... don’t think for a second that RI won’t end up like that if the masses converge because hot bites of albies and bass are being posted here and on social media. I would ask yourself before you post a report, is it really worth it and why do I feel the need to post a report? It’s the Fall, the fish will be moving..... let people find them on their own. JMO. Feel free to fire away...
  4. Maine
  5. Yep, thankfully there’s still one shop that keeps it old school.
  6. I love it when people deflect blame for supporting actions that have negatively impacted their own fishing experience
  7. Yep. Was an annual tradition for the guys who taught me how to fish the Ditch to grab a lobster roll from there to start the season.
  8. Not sure if this has been said, and I’m sure others can and hopefully will refute this, but from what I’ve seen, bodies of water that hold a good population of pike don’t tend to fish well for LMB. If it were me, I’d try another spot. Good luck
  9. It’s that time...
  10. The last time I saw them in the lower bay was probably 4-5 years ago. Scored big shore-caught bone on a live one. I love (tinker) macs....
  11. If you’re going to Bass Pro in Foxboro, I would ask to speak to Mark in the fishing the department. He won’t BS you and he’s a serious surfcaster, too.
  12. So you wouldn’t take a boat if your folks offered to buy you one? Who wouldn’t? Many people are presented with opportunities in life, but how many actually folllow through on them? At least Tyler has proven himself to be a very good fisherman at a fairly young age.
  13. The constant hard SW wind and heat we’ve experienced for the last two weeks combined with unstable weather and moon tides might have something to do with it, too.