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  1. I can't even be bothered to spend $20 on an ss or $10 for a bomber or SP. But then again, i don't catch a whole lot of fish.
  2. You could do all those things, but as a practical man, if you aren't turning a profit i would claim expenses equal to the revenue on the 1099 on sch c
  3. You only have to prove (have receipts) upon examination by the taxing authority [audit] at which point if you can't produce them they will dissallow the deduction and you'll owe the tax and interest on the tax due.
  4. Tax accountant here. If all of your sales result in a net loss there is np taxable income. But if you get a 1099 you must report that as revenue and deduct expenses accordingly. Also, your federal and MA forms should include this information. If you dont report the 1099 income as revenue you will likely get a tax notice.
  5. I found some on ebay from a guy in South Hadley or Chicopee, i need to get some as well for this season.
  6. Let me know when you have another batch ready to go.
  7. If you recieved a 1099 for the sale of goods you are engaged in a trade or business. Also, if you recieve a 1099 regardless of the amount it must be reported.
  8. Are all of them white?
  9. Tax notices are going to start flying if the 1099 isnt reported on your tax return. Filing on schedule c any income is subject to fica taxes (15%) plus your marginal tax rate. The MADOR is already harassing clients of mine for potential under reporting of revenue for sales tax based on 1099ks. And if the DOR catches wind that you haven't been paying sales tax and the smell an easy payday there is very little you can do. I dont know enough about classifying activities as a hobby, but that is usually a long shot with the IRS to my understanding.
  10. Can you do $50?
  11. Anything but those sawdust dogs $1/lb. I like them with beans and onions. All the better if homemade
  12. At the other end of the state surfland carries penn parts.
  13. This brings us One step closer to armed revolution, which is the entire point of the second amendment.
  14. Offer still stands
  15. I'll take these