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  1. 2nds if this doesn't work out for any reason.
  2. If these are for tying bucktails I'll take them.
  3. Happy belated father's day Tim!
  4. Tom, I'd like to see some pics.
  5. I find that a couple extra twists in a cinch (clinch?) Knot often help with braidn and then ill put a couple half hitches on top when i do tie direct to my braid.
  6. Saw more dudes in an oceanfront spot than i have ever seen, tons of that small bait and a few schoolies busting on them here and there. Managed 1 micro on a hopkins 10' from my rod. No one else wad catching on topwater, the guy next to me threw the bag (as did I) nothing for him.
  7. I think it was supposed to say "soiled"
  8. Same micros on tiny bait.
  9. I have been thinking about hanging something from the headliner using toggles of some kind (drilling holes in the headliner) but i havent found anything i like.
  10. 2nd the frogg toggs, just got the pilot ii from sierra $120 after 5 minutes searching for a discount code.
  11. And its a moving violation 2pts...
  12. Pp sent.
  13. I'm going to stay at $65, let me know if you change your mind.
  14. I can do $65 based on what I can see.
  15. Keep it cheap and carry a backup. I have a second on my wader strap that i tuck inside, haven't had to use it yet, but i know I will some night.