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  1. Did he say should when he should have said shouldn’t??
  2. NDA Now Donald’s Annoyed
  3. Pictures are so disturbing and sickening to know this is what has been going on here.
  4. Beat, nice catches. The jacks are a blast.
  5. Tom, that’s great news. This has to be national, regional doesn’t mean anything. Once the area looses enough dollars maybe they will do something. The winter season will be the biggest telltale. If this area looses them, the seasonal renters, they won’t come back. There is already talk that Canadian winter visitors are going to Mexico and Cuba.
  6. EneMY of the PEOPLE
  8. Space force emblem would look like. 2 pieces of white bread with baloney center lying on a field of orange.
  9. Ft Myers beach this morning
  10. 6 tons a day, is F’n insane This is disgusting. If you or I killed a dolphin, turtle they’d have us in jail.
  11. Sandflee, that bottom map is the town I live in. The amount of homes for sale is off the chart. This is like this all year long. the top map of a section of Cape Coral is only a time clip of the whole island. That’s what you see for sale in a small amount of square miles. There are 3-4 homes for sale onthe same block and same side of street. Homes are sitting a good amount of time. This is the best, they list a home for let’s say 300k. It sits and they lower it by 10k. Few months later it’s off the market, next month back on for 330k. Never seen this before, they raise it. There is full record of the date and dollar value asked right on Zillow. Im on Zillow at least every other day.
  12. Guys keeep your political BS somewhere else. It’s not necessary here. This is by far not fake news, this is happening right now. Ignorance is not a great way to go through life. The major news is reporting what’s going on it’s a big step to getting this past the state lines only. It’s been very localized up to this point. The state is afraid if this becomes very national news it will hurt our economy during the winter months. Snow birds bring a LOT of money her through purchase of homes to food and drink. My wife and I believe that it needs to hurt our winter economy for the progress to happen. Get the news out to everyone. If you know anyone that wants to visit the SWFL area have them goggle the news.
  13. Eric, it’s pathetic what is going on. Research and studies of this. Somewhere along the way they are afraid to say sugar industry has given us this. The red tide is ther in nature, the feeding of it is the water releases of lake O. I know its not much but the Realtor you were working with in Florida. Call them up and let them know you’ve moved on to another location to purchase. They have to know you just haven’t fallen off the market but have changed direction and the water quality of the area is the reason. There has to as many people involved to voice the condition of the beaches.