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  1. Stuu, fromwhat we’ve been seeing and hearing from other’s is the market is well over priced. Talking to some realtors they have buyers but the buyers are all waiting on the sidelines. The numbers are crazy expensive for what you get. There is no shortage of homes for sale by us. It’s certainly not a sellers market here. The seller won’t move on their numbers so the home sits. The buyer won’t buy. They lower it and turn around and raise it, like anyone can’t see the difference. Raising the price doesn’t make it sell faster than the cheaper cost it was last month.
  2. Anyone looking to buy in Florida don’t come down for a week or two and make up your mind to buy. Live here for a bit, rent and take your time buying. Leases are one year long per signing. One year or two doesn’t cost you any time but it can save you big money. Do your homework as you rent. Get taste of the area, traffic is much different during winter than summer. Five miles away is what you want to go to, summer it takes you 10 mins to get there, winter half hour. Grocery store, your favorite one is not on the island and you have to pay a toll each time you cross. CC has tolls. Sanibel, great place to visit just don’t expect to move much during winter. Going a mile could take you an hour. Traffic is horrible. We enjoy Ding Darling, just won’t go anywhere near the place during winter. Get there easy enough in the morning, we’ve had to stop and have dinner for an hour to let traffic relax. You move no where fast. Come experience first and go from there. Pick a list of what you want from a home, close to work, close to beach, Gulf access. Looking to buy a home on the canal and own a boat. Take your boat from that location to the gulf, half hour, full hour time frame. Don’t trust anyones words. They lie to sell.
  3. You can’t get a teacher to grade homework or even hand it out. It’s too much work. Next you’ll have to pay the teachers to go to a class during their summer off. Its quite funny how much so many here will belittle a teacher for how they teach and they’re brainwashing your child. Yet all is good here’s your gun, protect my child, just don’t teach them anything. I trust them to protect my child. Of those people that go through the officers training, how many have had prior knowledge of a firearm. Let’s take a class of 100, 1 maybe didn’t and he/she is at the bottom of the class in shooting range. A lot of theses same individuals were military too, I do believe they must have handled a gun once or twice at least. It’s safe to say most of all cadets have had prior use of a gun. So now how many teachers have had experience with a gun and not the here’s your card bunch. Actual handling, cleaning, discharged a firearm more than doz times in an afternoon. You had an officer on site with training and he couldn’t hit them with an eraser either. It takes a certain mind set and a teachers mind set isn’t on squeezing a trigger. They want to go home alive too. Once that moment of reality sets in none of them will point a gun at anyone. If you draw that gun you better pull that trigger, pointing it does nothing in a shooter situation. The shooter is running off rounds with no remorse, you better have the same mindset, to shoot. This is so much apples and oranges it’s not even funny.
  4. I am originally from NJ and took the hunters course. Ok class walk with us, take the test, shoot the gun once, here’s your card. Courses mean nothing, it’s what the person has inside them. Come on now, a course to teach the teachers to use guns. How many do you actually believe will take this seriously. An officer is typically someone with military training. They have grown up with guns in their homes, handled them from a teen age. They are about as familiar with them as they can be over the years. They become an officer and get additional training. So before I go too far how’s many years are we up to with a firearm in hand? Quite a few I’d gather by now, 15 years would be safe to say given you’d take away first 10 years of life at age of 25. So 15 years I’ll work with, how many years again of training will the teachers get prior to carry in the school. Will it be half that at 7.5 years or maybe I know 3 hours of training and a bonus from our pat me on my back Pres. Hours of training never equal years of experiance with a firearm. Many of us hunt, anyone ever get the shakes while a buck comes close, ever miss that buck. Your using a shotgun, larger projectiles than a handgun. You’ve been using a gun for years and hunting just as long, but you still get the shakes. Point that gun at a person you believe to be the shooter, remember there may be now police around you too. You don’t know, there is no communication between hallpass cop and the officer. Do you know that target is what it is? Does the officer and this is a good one, know you are not the shooter. This is not paper target didn’t move shooting. All I have to add is the teachers better get damn good insurance go cover their backsides. It will be sued.
  5. I had one under me and didn’t know it. I went and dropped the anchor over and the whole water column now erupted. I had touched the manatee withthe line or anchor.
  6. Where did I say that? Oh never mind the right mind is twisting in thought and comes up with their own fake news feeds. Twist and turn it fits their agenda. I don’t want someone not qualified to try and protect kids. It leads to problems. Qualified means years of training not an afternoon, here’s your card to carry. Ok, I’m set now where did I have that gun last. Crap I left it in my top desk drawer. A gun and carrying one is not a passive I got it attitude. It’s your first thought at all times, the safety of it, the placement of it. People are self absorbed in their phones the phone is not misplaced but I’d bet the gun would be forgotten about quick. It’s not an important item in their minds and it has to be the number one item in the mind. You must know at all times where you are and in relationship to it, are you in a place that firearms are not allowed, does the place sell alcohol, post office. It has to be instinctive and front of the mind. You can’t think it has to be instantaneous thought. Quite honestly I have family that carry and I wouldn’t let them carry a water pistol in my eyes. They are not responsible enough to know when it’s a correct time to even make it visible to you. I’ve had them pull out their firearm during a funeral, see what I just bought. Total BS and that carry permit should be removed from them. This is not to be taken lightly and right now I believe it is in respect to the teachers getting their carry permits. Half of them loose their keys to their home or car. Heres one for you. The teacher has a gun and it’s out, the target is a person with a firearm. Is it a cop or not? Seems like a simple question but you have a gun and you’re protecting the children it’s your job. You took that responsibility on the moment that gun is on you and now open to see by others. Do you have the training to recognize a threat or friend? You fire that weapon on a person with a gun, they turn out to be a officer, they are trained to shoot anyone pointing a firearm at them. Guess how that ends. Hint, you are shaking why I just got my carry permit and I’ve had an 1.5 training, oh boy I’m ready. It’s the target you were told to expect, a person in the school with a gun and they are here to kill children. What does your training tell, now remember 1.5 hrs. It’s quite a bit given the attention span of most people, beep beep look a text, squirrel, oh ya a gun man in the school.
  7. Add more. Home inspections, now that’s the biggest joke going here. I’ve seen reports of a loose tile was the only item reported. After working in the homes here, a loose tile is nothing compared to the condition of the elec wiring in theses homes. Inspectors see nothing. Do your own too. Don’t fall in love with any one place, the next is just around the corner. A lot of homes are on septic, even in Ft Myers area and that a large congested area. Just because you have homes stacked next to one another does not mean city sewer. Flooding, here’s something that needs to be asked. After Irma there are areas that never flooded that did. Building is growing so fast that there is no storm runoff taken into account. It’s all done by gravity, from N FL to S Fl is one foot of grade. You will hear a word called sheet flow, this is a large sheet of water moving slowly to drain. We had sheet flow in Bonita Springs, it caused massive flooding. It’s slow and you get feed all the water from north of you. A lot of the neighborhoods don’t have street drainage for rain water. It’s all suppose to just move along and away from you. We don’t have street drainage outside of ditches along the street. The hold water and have no pitch. You can’t pitch something that has no pitch to start with. Does your property flood, does the road flood. How did you fair in the hurricane. How many days without electricity. When you see development of homes and look closely, the homes are built up on a mound, the roads are lower. Built like a bowl developments. The home doesn’t get water, but you are landlocked. Can’t drive in deep water pools of flooded roads. If you buy in a area, non-gated, look for a home built on a mound. The lower ones can flood during massive storms. Pay attention to the pitch of the road, don’t live on the lower side. Now lower side is one a couple inches but it makes a difference. We have learned a lot while only living 2 years here and the best thing we did was rent. Buying means your stuck with your choice and if you don’t like it. Homes are sitting for a while on market. Take a,look on Zillow and you will see a sea of red for sale listings. By me I’m off old 41 close to paradise rd. Take a look by me on Zillow. It’s all for sales. Lots of choices, just everyone believes they can get top dollar. Open up the search and look north in Estero, same thing. I look at Zillow everyday, over time you will see the same homes come off and back on again a month later. Oh ya, with that people start let’s say at $300k they lower a little from time to time and relist to $320k, that tells you they had someone tell them you can get for it or they found something wrong that had to be fixed. Just passing the cost on to you. It’s odd to see this but it happens so much. Pay attention to cost per sq Ft to purchase. You can actually see a small home being sold for more per sq Ft than a home twice it’s cost.
  8. To add what kayak said. When you go to buy a home get a lawyer to close. It’s not needed to have one but for a few hundred dollars it will save you big. So much is hidden like kayak said. Doing business here is a joke at best, no one cares. Bunch of idiots that rather talk to you about a dog than have a business conversation. Coming from the NE question it all. If it doesn’t seem right, run like hell. You don’t get call backs, people don’t answer their phone as they sit right next to it. A light way to put it, they are out to lunch. We always say it’s something in the water. Cape Coral right now I see a hot market again. Lots of building going on of single family’s homes.
  9. Training, that’s funny. Training here in Florida for a cancel carry is $75 and 1.5 hours, shoot the gun once and your off. Here’s you card, thanks for showing up, atta boy. That’s the whole training involved. Everyone will feel safer now at school.
  10. A report just came out saying there was an armed officer on site at the school and did nothing for minutes. This is supposed to be a trained individual with years of firearm experience. How many of these teachers know which end is what in a gun. It takes years to be comfortable with a firearm and it’s use. You better be able to respond and do so instinctively. Just having a gun in your pocket means squat. Any mental exam for the teachers, maybe training like officers go though. Not like the coward above but training to know the target is a real threat and not some kid going for a pack of gum, or something similar.
  11. Best grill I’ve bought is this one at $145 from Amazon. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef's Style Stainless Tabletop Grill cooks evenly, not expensive, no useless side burner or large overall size. I use a poly folding table and works perfect.
  12. One boat ramp I’m aware of is in Matlacha, between CC and Pine Is..Other is a CC yacht club. Housing prices right now in SWFL are high. I’m seeing homes trying to be sold at $240/sq Ft. That’s expensive. Homes tend to be smaller in size on average. If you buy a home on a camel have the seawall inspected by someone. There were walls that failed from Irma. If you can rent first and see how the area suits you. We’ve been renting now for two years and have no intention to buy until this market here explodes. Numbers are very close to 08 when the housing crash happened. Rent wise we are renting a home 2000sf, 3 car garage, pool in lanai, gated community at $1850 a month. This is in Bonita Springs, not the Cape. For crime rates look at Lee County sheriff website and their crime map. Quite a few areas in the Cape are more prone to crime.
  13. Duct seal too you can get air pockets in if you mess with it to much. Don’t fold it over itself. Goop will work fine too, just keep the tube end in the solid material as it’s dispenses. Don’t lift the end out until you are done getting the amount you want dispensed. The moment you’d lift the tube end and pour the material out the end is when you’d end up with bubbles. Duct seal is easily removed later. It takes a little effort to remove the goop. I believe you have to rough up the surface for the goop.
  14. Fly, I haven’t walked the beach at all recently. I tend to stay away from the beach during snowbird season. Once Easter hits first week of April the beach will thin out a lot. The bay water which is going to be the same as the gulf inshore temps have to be close to 80 now. The 80+ days we are having will warm that water up quick. Last Sunday the water was high 70. The mangroves are fill of snapper and some big jacks. Saw my first tarpon roll, so it’s getting close to see more of them.