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  1. I used to buy the sandyhook park pass each year. even though I was able to enter for free, I was still using their facilities. It’s been abunch of years since ive lived in nj now so I don’t remember what the cost was.
  2. The navy has been selected because they have the port for the cruise ship to dock for the American vacation plan. Includes all food and one week away for holiday. You have to treat the visitors well. Plus the hospital ship has to be able to attend to our new “citizens”. Thanks ameican tax payer. We love you. Winning.
  3. You can spin this all you’d like this is trump camp all the way. His entire idea. Catch and release has become catch and stay forever at trump encampment. Where we feed you, cloth you and you get to play games in the field we’ve made for you. Tell your neighbors, family members and casual friends, all are welcome. Want to do the morning or afternoon tour of our base. Please sign up and the base leaders office. Complimentary hat and jacket to be given out. The best is no work required to pay us back, the US tax payer has got your back. Thanks uncle donald.
  4. MAGA. Making aliens grouphome available
  5. First meal will be trump steaks. And education by trump university.
  6. The new trump camp. This is all trump and the republicans. No democrats were harmed in the making of this.
  7. Free health care. Schooling. What a deal.
  8. That should bring more in. Imagine they don’t have much from the area they came from,to here now. Roof over their head, 3 meals a day, clothing, bedding. Move them to a different part of the country, travel included. Spreads the workers around the country.
  9. Big boy pants. Try some on. It will do wonders for your demeanor. People might actually accept you as an adult. Please Don’t be sorry, we are well aware you were made like this. Heres a lead for your next dumb inclination of a thought. you can start a Thread as to how much trumps backside reminds you of the taste of home.
  10. We use this grill from amazon. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef's Style Stainless Tabletop Grill. $140+ works great, no dead spots and cooks even throughout. We always hated the standing unit. This one is table top.
  11. Good come back. Try again. Maybe something less 2 year old.
  12. How will they treat you? That’s easy worse than a 5 time deferment Pres.. They idolize a man that ran from defending the constitution now to hug a flag and all is well. Trump doesn’t have enough of a man in himself to lick your boots.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I must be mistaken as to the reel model he had.
  14. She was there for a photo op, plain and simple. The kidnapper thanks the hostages. It all got lost over a few words on a jacket. Be it on purpose or not, it still relayed a message not well received.
  15. Bob, take this over to the kayak section and you might get more of an answer to your question. I haven’t so I couldn’t begin to comment.