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  1. Making moon great again.
  2. Not sure what “party” means, but if you say so. I dismiss it because theres no added story to them , just republicans conclusions to fit a narrative of they did it first attitude. When in actuality it is not even in the same world of events. Any back story that fox has posted that has facts to back it up. Or, are we just reaching for straws again. I’m thinking straws and a short one to boot. Keep them coming. Maybe next a picture of obama eating a dog. Or better yet, trump grabbing a P.
  3. No what is false is the story that fox posted and protecting the child molester. Appear false or is actually a real account that they obviously knew each other, of which he said they didn’t. Who is lying during this whole event?
  4. That’s too funny, any of these individuals come forward to say this was inappropriate or are these just photos that the republicans draw wild conclusions about to say, look here not at me. Talk about stretching the idea of something. Got any others. Any inscription of Joes to a girl, maybe saying how pretty she is. Has fox run this yet, should be a real ratings booster. Keep them coming. Fun to see. Any other wild thought that goes through the mind as you see pictures.
  5. The inscription was added to and Fox News made it something it wasn’t. They came out and said they lied about the story. What more do you need. She didn’t change the wording of his, only added specifics to it. His words still exist, they haven’t changed. The location and actual date was added by her, no forging, nothing hidden. His words in black and white with the year that he wrote, she added date of month. There is no false contained wording. Adding specfics is what a young girl would do, it’s her form of a diary entry. Only this was a yearbook. Begs the question why an adult man of which is not in her school, not family and family doesn’t sign a yearbook, would be signing a very young woman’s yearbook to start with. Seeems odd to me and I’m sure to many others too. Did he go to her school, nope can’t be unless he was not too bright and held back decades. Given what we know of him now it’s very possible he was, doesn’t seem to bright.
  6. So now you’ve got nothing but, now the but but line to go to. They did it so it’s ok if we do it. Great analogy, jump off a bridge if they do too. It’s never ok to do anything remotely like child molestation, so stop defending it and embracing it. Party before a child’s welfare, great thing to know the party is known for. Should be proud. A good clap is in order here for you guys. Bravo.
  7. Anonymous accounts, isn’t that fake news to you guys. I’m suppose to believe anonymous if you don’t. That’s too funny. Maybe we should wait for the movie to come out. Child molesters protected by the republicans, seems like a good title doesn’t it. With a sequel of we lied and we liked it till we got caught, but we don’t believe we got caught. Maybe we could get a priest to play the part of Moore. Seems fitting, moore goes to church and priests are from a church. What a group, defending a child molester. Should be running not embracing.
  8. YouTube, the website of all knowledge. Post it this should be good, edit to fit a narrative of their choosing. Try something that has credibility to it. Fox lied and they said so. There is no other ave of thought here. They ran a story to discredit her and they only proceeded in discrediting themselves and the child molester. They can only protect the molester for so long before it bites them, it bite hard and truthfully. We know they like to protect molesters, not the best thing to be remembered for. Party before a child’s wellbeing.
  9. Fact, fox said they lied. FACT. They made something out of nothing, FACT. Even the news stations you’d believe the story first but when they said they lied you don’t believe their own words. Nothing more to say to you if you can’t even believe the words fromthe same you believe a minute ago. You see what you want to, blind isn’t a good way to go through life. Don’t get that hook too deep now. The child molester is a POS.
  10. Dave, post them. Some nonpartisan sites that has proof behind them and not some blogger.
  11. Show your proof of this. Words mean nothing. I’m sure you could show the proof.
  12. Yet, fox changes their story and says they were wrong about the forgery, go figure. In other words they made up the story and you all ate the hook. Great job following the fox fake news network. She added a notation of distinction about the date. Fox altered the story for their personal political gain to protect a child molester. Where’s our fake news trump to condemn fox for fake news. Oh yes, let’s not speak bad about those that kiss his ass.
  13. This country is great everyday. You get up, you live in a free country. Don’t need to look any further than each day we are alive.
  14. Why, did joe Biden chase after little underaged girls. No, of course not. But let’s change that subject to something else and inject events that never happened when we have nothing to add of value. It appears to be ok to go after underaged if we slant the thought by bringing a none event to an event. It’s like your condoning actions based up on made up history of some event not even remotely involved. Keep up the good work, your a perfect republican family value example.