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  1. 8/0 or 9/0 3407 should work
  2. I'll grab Lot 2, the wine tails
  3. 21 Florida made Bagley Finger Mullet baits for sale. 11 are regular sinkers, 5 are heavies that sink faster and 6 are topwaters. $110 shipped for the lot. Not looking to split
  4. Sold. Sending pm. Thanks
  5. Size 2
  6. Price drop to 50 bucks shipped for the pair
  7. Lead holds it all together
  8. Mustad 3407 j hook and a brass sinker eyelet is the way to go. Stronger hook that the jig hooks and gives you are larger eyelet for easier use of clips
  9. Nice. I'd like to get my hands on a few of these
  10. Same here, great hooks
  11. Whats the length and weight of this? Used correct?
  12. Thanks. Message sent with payment info
  13. 600- 3/0 VMC saltwater jig hooks $50 shipped
  14. I'm talking saltwater jig hooks. No comparison at all. The EC claw hooks will all be bent hooks if you build jigs with them for guys to throw for Stripers in the surf.