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  1. Refunded you five bucks. Had a bag of over 300 crane swivels I was going to send instead that fit that mold
  2. You got em. Sending info
  3. Darters, Lucky 13's, Heddon Zig Wag, Keeling and what looks to be a small hand carved Vamp. $56.50 shipped PayPal
  4. If he declines my offer you get these for $40
  5. I'll offer you this lot of teasers and the jigheads in the other thread for $75 shipped
  6. Two dozen fluke teasers I bought for a trip that never happened. Asking half what I paid. $50 shipped PayPal
  7. 100 heads for sale. Most are powder costed. All have tinned or black nickel hooks. Sizes range from 3/8oz up to 3oz. $56.50 shipped PayPal
  8. You get them bud
  9. Sure. Sending PayPal info now. Thanks
  10. 12- 4oz and 5- 3oz heads. Mustard 91715 7/0 hooks. Sold the mold and not going to finish these. $25 shipped
  11. Price drop to $45 shipped
  12. Like new. Box, paperwork and charging Cory included. $55 shipped
  13. Last price drop to $95 shipped
  14. No
  15. Dang. I was typing accepting his offer when you replied.