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  1. Looks like he may have been wanting to put more topcoat on it or something. Notice the screw eyes and hook hanger screws not ran all the way in. Makes it more unique
  2. You fellas might as well keep what you can up north because once they swim south into the Chesapeake Bay if they get caught somebody puts them in the cooler.No telling how many huge spawners they kill every year
  3. This makes 1/4 and 5/16 diameter sticks correct?
  4. Let me see what I have. I will get back to you
  5. Virginia. The 9 footer is rated 1-5oz and the 11 footer is rated 3-8oz
  6. I'll pass
  7. No thanks. No use for it
  8. Closing this and starting another to edit it to lower the price on last time
  9. TFO 9 foot and 11 foot spinners. Both are used put still on very good condition. There are pictures of them in the thread I just locked. Couldn't edit that one again so I started this one. Going to offer these here for $175 shipped for the pair if I can be paid by noon est today. Paypal. Closing at noon today
  10. You used my picture to sell your rod?
  11. Both rods still for sale. $225 shipped for the pair. Not looking to sell separately
  12. $125 shipped for the 9 footer. I will pm you PayPal info
  13. Squall 15. Fished three or four trips to Hatteras this year. I'll say 8 cosmetic and 9 working order just because it's used. Still fishes like new. Comes with box, all the goodies that came in the box and I will add the reel case I bought separately. Case looks too big but it's just the angle in picture. $80 shipped PayPal
  14. PayPal please. It's new. 10/10. Box shows wear from storage.
  15. I have one I am willing to sell. It is one of my back up reels. It was loaded with line and cast about a dozen times to adjust it and the put back in the box. Never been fished. I have the box, clamp and paperwork also. I paid $250 shipped for it so that's what it will take to get it.