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  1. PS: Seems we all are very happy w/the Fazlites, or at least haven't heard any complaints (yet) !!! Tho, not grinding down the foot, is a bit of a pain wrapping the lager guides - but practice, practice & they seem to come out OK, there's such a thread on SOL, but have lost it ...
  2. OK - seems best input is KLs - 16, 12, KTs 10, 8, 8 + 7 KTs x 6. 11 guides, tho maybe push the 16 to a 20 & dump the 10. Rather not use the double foot KWs ... Lordy, Lordy - might as well order everything, since I don't want to wait 7-10 days for different guide or 2 ...
  3. Don't see any #8 KLs in Fazlite, except in a kit. Joe is the Heightchart.pdf at AR up-to-date ???
  4. Just did 2 rods w/Billy V's mix - one coat looks great ...
  5. Am offering $425 pending a look-see this weekend.
  6. About to pick guides for a 10' 9 wt. Fly rod & really like the new Fuji Fazlite guides, tho don’t yet see any specifically for fly rods. So, what do you all think about a train of KLs - 16, 12, 10, 8, 8 , 7 KTs x 6. Tiptop is tbd, as I don’t have the blank yet.
  7. OK - $62 for the Batson. How to you want to get paid - PP preferred by me ... Just curious what color the Batson is ???
  8. I just removed several guides from a AFAW Century rod & now having trouble with getting the male spigot into the female ferrule. The rod has been sitting in my sem-conditioned garage over the winter & I did not check the ferrule fit prior to removing the guides. Probably cleaned the male ferrule w/denatured alcohol in removing guides, but have also since cleaned the male & female w/AL & a Q tip, but still to no avail !!! They don’t mate easily & only an inch or 2 - what to do ???
  9. There's a host of on-line rod building, hook, line, etc., suppliers on the net - SOL's link to Amazon is super limited re us guys, for example only ONE item in searching for "rod thread color preserver". I can buy such for much less elsewhere, but caveat emptor (the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made) !!! MH's delivery times & their BO notifications are pretty bad, I had an order from GBOD that somehow got delivered & then shipped back to them - that took another week. God forbid, you have to return something to Harbor Freight ...
  10. Interested in the Batson, is it 2 pc & whats their actual # for it ??? PS: Helix is how many pcs ???
  11. Put the Avid on SOL's BST ...
  12. Don't think is viable, it'll also scrape the blank finish, if it works at all ...
  13. I use the high setting on a hair dryer, it's slow but safe. Set up a way so that the dryer & the blank can be left for some time, come back every once in awhile & try to peel off the epoxy, you may to play with how long it takes. Upper portions will not take as long as the lower butt sections. By NO means use a torch, not even an AL lamp ...
  14. You might want to look at the BH Suzuki's, tho' 3 oz is a bit high per their specs ...
  15. Looking to build a 9 wt. 2 pc. fly rod for the LI sound, but preferably also ok for the back bays & possibly the south beaches. Kits seem to range from $150 to $200, but would rather find a best blank in that $ range & deal w/the goodies as I see fit. Anyone got such a blank for sale or might point me in the right direction ???