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  1. Jack had suggestion for pouring lead weights in 2 pieces of oak drilled to size & depth - wonder if he stamped the F in them then or later after epoxing in the plug ???
  2. Send it to the Tackle Collectors forum ...
  3. Us too, on the North Fork of LI, the little birds chirping at dawn, 'tilt he crows take over ...
  4. Okie-Dokie - wasn't really looking to get rid of it. it's a nice stick - GLWYB ...
  5. Nice plug - but I did not see any cold clams on yr table ...
  6. Killiefish - per yr PM here are pics: It's a 2.25 (the yellow tape is at our 28" mark for keepable Striped Bass in NYS). 4th guide is a best fit from Paulie's Tackle in Montauk, during a blitz. It's taped on w/grocery bagging tape & covered w/ 2 coats of Thread master ONE, been that way for the last 2.5 years of early spring fishing & some fall fluking. PP + S&H in a 2" vac tube seem to be in the $40 range - Make me an offer !!!
  7. Thanks - how's about it's working on 2 piece sticks ???
  8. Will you take $25 ???
  9. I have one that is dual rung, believe it is 2.5 & the 4th guide up is not original - would let it go for $140 PP & shipped CONUS. Pick it up for $110 ...
  10. Found this on a rod building website "We use the Renzetti spine finder tool but you can make one of these from a lathe point on a frame." But the poster has been deactivated, so does anyone know how the Renzetti tool actually works or how I might make a 'frame' for a lathe point ???
  11. Yes old rod blank pieces can be used, get close yr local rod builder - maybe measure up what you need/want & post it on SOL. PM is on it's way, but you can google 90% of these places ...
  12. Mucho goodies available at the on-line tackle shops & BITD we used aircraft grade aluminum tubing & Dow Urethane Bond ...
  13. Meant the wire loop, but the completed ones are also available ...
  14. One can also buy them from the various on-line tackle guys !!!
  15. Ok All - I am about to install EVA grips & any comments or help is appreciated ... Of the various scenarios on SOL & the net, there seem to be these: 1 - Spread epoxy (or equiv) on the blank all the way down to where you want the grip. Slide it down & clean up excess w/denatured alcohol. 2 - Only put epoxy (or equiv) on where you want the grip, pour a bit of denatured alcohol into the grip. Minimal clean-up w/ denatured alcohol. 3.- Heat the grip w/hot water prior to pushing down to where you want it. 4 - Only epoxy the grip area & coat the remainder of the blank w/rubber cement. Easy clean-up. Also: Slightly chamfering the interior of the hole in the push-down end of the grip helps spread epoxy & twisting the grip as you slide it down the blank seem to be beneficial.