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  1. Virgin 3 Tube Flatlander w/front pouch - $300. More pics if needed ...
  2. Hey - just super curious, do they supply a 2 pc bag w/the cost of the blank ??? For those of us building the best of the best, I can't get custom rod bags made for close to 10-25% of the cost of guides & other components, but at almost 3 bills CTS ought to provide a rod bag ...
  3. Thanks otgman - will look up the latest US info for 150 grams & see if we are still in the running ...
  4. Check it out w/KLH Fazelites - KL 20H, KL 12H, KL8M, KL7L + maybe 6 KT7 runners (depending on stripper & reel seat placement) & a 7 or 8 MN Tip-Top. Stripper length for the 150 will be a bit less than for the 200. And if you are willing to use a Fuji LS-7 (really well taped on) seat, you can screw around with butt to reel placement & use other reels. Fuji's Fazelites like yr KL SICs are part of their CC series & not to be filed down, so wrapping them is a bit of a challenge. Also highly recommend that you use Billy V's Epoxy Mix on all the wraps ...
  5. Crown Royal bags, if yr not a drinker, find all sizes on the bay ...
  6. HEY Dude - read the posts - it's $145 shipped, I should actually charge you more, but I can live with the original posting ...
  7. How's about a real pic of the interior & the front pocket - am interested !!!
  8. YES ...
  9. Phil - $38 w/PP & Shipped ...
  10. Dan PM me for 1/2, 3/4, 1, & 1.5 oz - one of each of the 5 colors - assume $65 + shipping ... Thanks
  11. Might also post in the BST - as for shipping GetBit is pretty fast, MH slow, not tried the Rod Room - pay express & it's there in 2 days !!!!!
  12. Is the size D nymo paintable ???
  13. Believe there are several kevlar/epoxy kits out there - do a search ...
  14. 50/50 & little flex on the butt, I don't fish much more than 3 oz, but generally oz ratings are under & over. Also see
  15. Here's Lefty's leader formula -