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  1. Rented one, handled badly on the highways, but maybe ok on the beach!!!
  2. Ok, how's about something close ???
  3. $30 for the b/g cloud, 4th in the group pic ...
  4. Looking to follow up !!!!
  5. Preferably used, but in good shape ...
  6. Sorry - it was Don B + I didn't get 225 yds, was only 225 FEET !!!
  7. Didn't see any LI peeples - but I want to thank Bob O & Jimmy for being so friendly to a neophyte long caster at the Sport Cast on Saturday, the 21st. Jimmy helped put a shock leader on my Ambassadeur 6500 CS CT Mag Elite & I got a big 225 yds w/100 grams w/my AFAW 12' Universal (originally w/guides spec’d by ZAFisher for a VS 200, but still close to a dual rung set-up). Had a bit of a bird’s nest & still a neophyte, walked maybe too slowly away putting line back on & once looking up, saw one of Will Nash’s leads right at my eye level, but luckily far enough away & no break-off then. Wish I could have gotten back for the big day on the 22nd, but family issues prevailed. Now I'm a Sportcast USA member as well & here's the winner ... Please don't link to social media THe pics are fine but the link is to facebook
  8. Am I still good ???
  9. Anyone here for the 2017 event in Kenilworth & want to meet up ???
  10. Jezz - thought you were going to tell us ...
  11. Check out Ralph Votta's interview & tin casting tips on **********. It's a bit old school, 3 -4 huge Mildrum guides on his stick and it looks like some newer out toward the tip. But the nods for block tin, use a toothbrush to straighten hook hair & using J hook to unhook fish are all worth their weight in gold or maybe even bit coin. Look & maybe win a tin ...
  12. Length & weight & maker, please ...
  13. One more please ...
  14. Seems you ALL are talking about finishing, not sealing !!! Why am I see so many commercial plugs where the paint and finish begin to crack, especially around the belly swivel ???
  15. Sal***s has 3/8" yellow/black retro eyes w/3M adhesive.