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  1. FIFY
  2. Who is this seven moran anyhow?
  3. And you are a butt barnacle on reds ass
  4. I drove in a blizzard the other day,it was epic
  5. utter nonsense, the all of it
  6. Stuttering prick!
  7. My opinion is that your opinion is not needed here
  8. Knew you were a goat guy ,but now a Ram guy too???
  9. Settle Down Stumpy
  10. Guy frying on acid drives by us as kids in a VW van and yells "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LSD......... SNORT IT !!!!!! and speeds off.
  11. Real men snort LSD ,so there's that!
  12. Not sure when or where you dream of me in the clothes you enjoy wearing,but homie don't playdat,damn suckah muddah truckuh.
  13. Helpful and nice
  14. It looks pretty good says someone in a third world Country maybe.
  15. She was pretty good in bed. She was good in bed. There you have it!