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  1. Omega 3's keep your veins lubed Avocados are loaded with them along with salmon. Substitute Avacado's instead of Coon,Possum,Squirrel,Gator, Swamp rat or whatever the hell you southern fried plump belly's eat.
  2. Yeah they're really terrible that's why they're in the top ten most healthiest foods you can put in your body.
  3. Thank you sir
  4. Why would anyone ever want to do that to the person who's running it?
  5. Can I get in or is it just for East Coast people?,I'll take one of reds squares or anyone else's if they have one to spare if not no biggie.
  6. Maybe some sorta roof insulation/waterproofing? Sounds weird do take pics
  7. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thunk
  8. If you'd have finished the damn trailer instead of mucking around with pink powder poofter feathers,then you could have used that without looking like a complete idiot ya know,but being that you're use to it no harm no foul.
  9. Sounds like you had almost like an acid trip,those are the best.
  10. Well I'm not really one of them I just happen to live here.
  11. Already tried it they chew through,the reason why they don't chew through in the car is they are preoccupied
  12. Knock it off Thumbelina
  13. We eat a lot of salmon cause I catch it all summer, then Alaskan Halibut thorough the winter I brought 50 pounds back on my Alaska trip. The kids eat really healthy,with all that genetically modified crap they sell at the stores,theres no telling what you're eating. Anything with the Pepperidge Farm label on it is all made with genetically modified garbage that no animal would eat.
  14. Strong and in shape? Nice Thank you sir!!!
  15. I've seen some of those different fish skin ones they are pretty wicked sick