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  1. Don't believe there was ever a 10000 stradic. The Stradic FJ series: ST-1000FJ, 2500FJ, 3000FJ, 4000FJ, 5000FJ, 6000FJ and 8000FJ. The FJ was the last model with the 6000 and 8000 sizes. The retail price was around $209 for the 5000. I paid $169 for mine. The 6000 and 8000 were $219 to my recollection. Avaialable on Ebay for around $190. Since the 6000 and 8000 went out of production there seem to be people asking $379 for them. Here is an old ad "Shimano Stradic 8000 FJ - Shimano Stradic 8000FJ Retail: $239.99 Save 17% off ... Price. $199.99 USD /ea. This item is sold out. Posted By. Bobs_Bait_Shack.
  2. Kirtland's snake
  3. The canal bank is quite steep at that spot. You have to scramble down a pretty steep slope on some large boulders. A perfect spot for two level fishing. The service road crew heaves right over the heads of those fishing below. If they don't cross you, they will hook you on the retrieve up over the bank. I've only seen the road crew actively casting over peoples heads once or twice. It gets so crowded down on the rip rap that they can't retrieve their plugs without hooking people so they move on. They will lurk up on the road looking for fish and an opportunity to cast to breaking fish. Sometimes regardless of how many are fishing below they will cast anyway. Heard one guy claim that people complaining about them casting from the service road didn't own the canal.
  4. The OP started a thread about people trolling him in his troll threads. He found it frustrating and bothersome.
  5. you are
  6. nominated
  7. You sound like an organizer. This effort needs a leader.
  8. You should respond to Raider's help wanted add. You seem like you might have what it takes.
  9. That was my recollection.
  10. Ahh so the OP is the mugger. Got it. By that definition it is pretty tough NOT to be a mugger if you want to fish a morning tide at the canal. I'm sure everybody was mugging everyone else by that definition. When 200 people want to fish say the east end and they are 50 feet apart that would stretch 2 miles. Lots of mugging going on. Yep. Just move down another couple of feet. Not possible under the conditions on many mornings in some areas. It is either fish (or mug as you refer to it) in the situation or leave. Many people drive a long way to fish the canal so they likely will stay. When people are 25 feet apart it can be a little hard to squeeze 3 more people in.
  11. It isn't a news report.
  12. I think if you swapped teams for TB and Big Ben the outcome wouldn't change much. Tomlin is not a great coach. He proves it every year.
  13. I believe they all have a stripe on top and color on the sides. Usually yellow. Don't see any stripes on this fella.