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  1. Great stuff, I thought I saw that you could drive on Bodie Island too? I'm guessing that time of year is primarily flounder and weakie, err, I mean spotted trout season? Can you purchase fresh fish at the fishing center? Is that a commercial fleet or just charters?
  2. Headed down with a big group of adults and kids and was curious about bringing fishing gear. I have a 4x4 that I use on the beach in NJ I was going to bring, how's the surf fishing that time of year? Anything non-fishing related that I should make sure to check out while I'm in the area? Sights, food, bars?
  3. ok 595/327m = 0.00000182 7/24m = 0.00000029 The US has 6.27 times the rate of mass shooting deaths per capita as Australia.
  4. Mass shooting deaths in the US since 1996 595 Mass shooting deaths in Australia since 1996 (when they banned firearms) 7
  5. The CEO has stated that it was not Starbucks policy to call the police in this type of scenario.
  6. Thanks for restating that, I might have misunderstood. I thought you recognized your joke might be seen as insensitive as you qualified that you and the man you shared it with had a relationship where you would make off color jokes with each other. Something that you might not do with the public at large, or a friend you had a different relationship with. Maybe the HR employee was overzealous, I don't know their policy. Nice use of moran.
  7. So you presumed a black person in "the ghetto" who was asking for your help was racist against white people? I also never said what you did was wrong, you asked if it was racist. I said it was if your intentions were predicated by race.
  8. I don't know your experience with "ghettos", nor do you know mine still baseless
  9. I don't know, if it was because he was black then yes. If some other reason then possibly no.
  10. Yes, multiple people came forward to say such
  11. Your theory is baseless
  12. How is it clear? Chumslick, I have experienced discrimination. All the more reason to acknowledge it when I see it.
  13. I haven't seen any news about it being staged, could you elaborate?
  14. Non sense, no one is asking for free stuff
  15. The event wasn't staged, no one is making you care. Didn't you start this thread?