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  1. I've had a 2001 for 4 years from 100k to 130k and have been pretty happy. Definitely drives like a truck but has been super reliable with little maintenance and if you do have a bunch of cargo it actually seems to handle better. Probably because it shares a frame and suspension with the Tacoma. On really soft sand it works pretty hard but if I air down there are no problems. To be honest, beach driving isn't terribly taxing on any vehicle with 4 wheel drive and decent clearance to keep yourself out of trouble. I mainly like the truck for it's versatility, drop down rear window for accessing gear, driving around with rods out the back at the ready, there is a 12 volt outlet in the back that will run a compressor, and you can fit 4x8 sheets of plywood in the back with the seats down. It also seems to be just a bit smaller than most modern SUVs which I think helps for drive-ability and gas mileage (I average around 20mpg with mostly city driving). I live in the city and parallel park it everywhere. Plus, the 3rd generation 4Runners have classic lines and still look timeless. There is also a ton of after market stuff if you really want to trick it out.
  2. Awesome, keep the recommendations coming. Is the sound side worth poking around in? I plan on getting out early AM before the rest of the house begins to stir so I'll have a little more mobility.
  3. I guess I didn't realize you thought I was a criminal. I'm not, neither are "my people". If they were I would hope sentencing was arrived at based on the weight of their actions. Glad to hear that you support more funding for education. I made an assumption that you didn't and I was wrong.
  4. Who are my people and what crime did we commit?
  5. Maybe if you shared that philosophy on funding public education I'd be able to decipher your gibberish.
  6. More people in corporate jails, yeah! (you know our taxes pay for that right?)
  7. Except his justice department has reinstated mandatory minimums and rolled back other policy that was enacted to reform the justice system. He could make actual change but would rather grandstand handing out get out of jail free passes.
  8. You asked if I had a plate in my head after I stated that respect is earned not granted like for some divine mandate monarch.
  9. he's a President, not a king
  10. respect is earned not granted
  11. good shoot, ****
  12. This is about trump being a baby. He knew the Eagles raised their fists during the anthem when they were initially invited. He only brought up kneeling during the National Anthem after he realized the turn out was going to be so small. Ergo, this is about trump having his feeling hurt because no one wanted to come to his party.
  13. Fine the Eagles for getting dis-invited? Seems like the public wasn't very aware that yesterday was supposed to be the day the Eagles visited anyway until trump tweeted his un-invitation. It sure didn't seem that the WH staff was so put out by the potentially small contingent that was going to show as they were able to schedule an alternative event with little notice. Trump had his feelings hurt and decided to counter punch, like the thin skinned man child he is. If he just met with the remaining Eagles that wanted to attend he would have looked like an actual President.
  14. The Eagles never knelt during the anthem.
  15. Just making sure it's clear that they stood for the anthem since trump's tweet conflated the two and others seem to be confused.