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  1. I thought you were cutting out the faces...Glad you didn't on this one
  2. Not tacky at all. Fire away, we won't tell.
  3. The missus and I did it for a few years. Roku, Sling TV, Hulu and Netflix. Only annoying part is swiching between applications. We would still be doing it, but the fios service sucked when we moved, and we got a great deal from optimum.
  4. Lol Macaroni
  5. All fun and games until someone loses an ear.
  6. So since I know very little about party boat etiquette and unwritten rules, why does the mate get a tip plus a cut of the pool? How long has this rule been in place?
  7. Eff no
  8. Congrats Squidly, you got Slacker all worked up with the tip stuff. I think he missed his afternoon nap.
  9. I prefer to put in my pocket.
  10. I think you meant
  11. Tacos look delicious. I hope you got Snaps approval before starting this latest project.
  12. I'd trade them all for Hank's sea bass.
  13. Chops from yesterday.
  14. Ruskies and Isis? Meh. Cowgirls? That's a low blow.
  15. Yogurt is healthy