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  1. Very nice.
  2. I like the spiral wrapped tsunamis. But then again, I know nothing about rods. That guy sounds like an idiot, surprised you didn't walk out.
  3. That was a great watching them take VA apart in the 2nd half. The poor fans crying in the stands, lol
  4. Lol. Happy birthday.
  5. Three exclamation points and cursing. That is Snaps level anger.
  6. I have to teach you how to use the pool toy.
  7. There's a well-known Pier you should check out, if you haven't already.
  8. Retired people problems
  9. Lol. Poor sad Tommy
  10. It's effing freezing outside. Porgy ain't tasty enough to lose a finger. Tog maybe.
  11. Compared to that, chicken ass looks pretty good.
  12. You South New Yorkers are really out of touch.
  13. 0 for 4.
  14. I like angry Tommy