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  1. I never really speed up, generally always slow down or pause when this happens. If it gets whacked they miss it, I will often just let it float for few seconds, and a lot of times the fish (or his friend) comes up and snatches it again. I like to think this retrieve imitates a baitfish stunned by the bass's attack which is maybe what the bass is trying to do. I also think that bass have a harder time hitting the baits on topwater than we think. But some bass just sneak up and slurp stuff down with ease, sometimes they thrash and miss, I guess it does depend on their mood. Or maybe they want the stunned bait to float back down where they are more comfortable? Maybe this is why the sinking polaris popper works so damn good. I had an outing recently where I was getting these angry, explosive strikes on topwater. But they just would not connect, except 1. Must have had explosions on 4 or 5 consecutive casts. Fish in low to mid 30 inch range minimum. Weird. Either way, I have not found a more fun way to catch bass that is for sure.
  2. Most brands have layouts like this...The stepped up storage is harder to find. Maritime skiff, parker, jones bros, C Hawk all have clear bows. In 7 seasons I have yet to bang mine. It's a 12 inch step, I don't even know how that could possibly happen if you had your eyes open. I would also second what someone said that storage is more important on a boat this size than the supposed risk of banging your shins. It makes a great casting platform, The added height is nice, all pros to me. Can't have noobies up there casting in a good swell but you shouldn't really fish on a small boat with noobies in a good swell in general.
  3. mantis shrimp or shrimp shrimp? Mantis are very common prey. never heard of them eating bubba gump type shrimp.
  4. Interesting. River, out front? Brackish, or pure salt?
  5. Although not so much with kayakers, I experience the same thing on powerboats in long island sound all the time. I think a lot of times people just simply don't get it. They don't get the idea of giving fisherman a wide berth, that they screw up fishing by paddling in your casting range, or by powering right through the area you're fishing in full speed, despite there being no obstructions or other boats for miles around. It sounds like the old hags on kayaks didn't realize they were being a PITA In this situation. I'm a pretty non confrontational person but sometimes you do have to raise your voice and let people know they're doing something that's not appreciated, so they know next time. Or just lift your arms up and give them a WTF Face. And yes a lot of people are idiots hence why they don't get it.
  6. An old timer taught me that stripers attack baitfish from the head, and blues attack from the back half of the fish (tail). Seems to be true but blues do have a knack for missing any hook, as dumb as we think they are. Throw a big popper around those schools too, almost more fun.
  7. SS little neck and the Polaris are also killer. Sounds like we have the same arsenal. Polaris sinking blue over white in smallest size is my go to. My buddy does equally as well with little neck but I’m loyal to my Gibbs for some reason
  8. I love those smack its... A lot of times the smaller one out-fishes the larger one too.
  9. My top 3 all time in no order: Stillwater smack it, Musky Mania Lil Doc, Gibbs Polaris Popper sinking (smallest size). honorable mention: Cotton cordell pencil popper.
  10. Sure it's delayed but there are 20-30 lbers in the western sound too now. Can't speak to much farther east than that personally.
  11. That's a beautiful boat and you should be a proud owner. I am envious. I agree a skiff/flats boat isn't really appropriate where I think you fish. If you want to trade I'll happily trade you my 17.5 ft 13 degree deadrise aquasport with a trolling motor that is more of a flats skiff. I would take that over a parker 18 for the front storage. Why bother with triangle piece, you can't cast standing in between there? Not going to get fuel economy of the maritime, but your back will thank you in rough days.
  12. From Ornithologist friend: "The short answer is that no bird is going to appreciate anyone/anything getting close to their nest. They will tell you as much by getting visibly agitated. The long answer is that you're unlikely to do any lasting harm. They will not likely abandon their nest for a brief disturbance. They've invested a lot of time and energy into the nest, so they will of course defend it. But by the same token, as long as the nest isn't actively harmed, they will continue to invest so long as it remains viable, i.e. the nest is safe. So no, you are not likely to cause abandonment. There are a lot of old wives tales around such things, like the idea that if you touch a baby bird the adults will smell you on it and abandon it. Simply untrue. I'd make the argument that coastal development in the form of mcmansions right on the water is order of magnitude more harmful than a single recreational angler. Their house is likely built on the grave of an incredibly productive wetland, so if they really care about the birds they should dynamite it and start doing habitat restoration." I would call that case: closed.
  13. Thanks all. I am still going to fish there every once in awhile, with emphasis on bad weather days or under darkness when these pompous pricks are not out and about. The fact they think they own the water makes me want to fish there more. I don't think contacting them will be productive, as chessi yakker says. As for the birds, I do think I"m disturbing them a bit, they are making their calls and flying around pretty continuously. But I don't think they will leave their nest. It's a somewhat high traffic area anyway. Also, It just so happens this is one of those spots that are productive for a very short window so I'm not going to be sitting there for hours. It would almost help if I did, so they became accustomed to my presence and realized I'm not there for their eggs. I am also going to speak with a good buddy who is an ornithologist with a master's. I'll let you all know what the 'pro' says.
  14. So a very productive spot I like to fish happens to be close to an osprey nest that the birds built after I began fishing here. In fact, they have a nest basically on top of the structure I am casting to. In the region Where I fish, Osprey have been more and more prevalent every year for about the last 10, so this isn't uncommon. The osprey make quite a racket and sometimes circle me when I am fishing here. The extremely wealthy property owners adjacent to this structure also make quite a racket and sometimes come out screaming at me, get out with their binoculars, threaten to call authorities etc. I would say screw it, not worth the pain to fish here, but it's a very fishy spot as I mentioned. I spoke with the authorities, what I am doing is not illegal as long as I'm not intentionally disturbing them or harming them, which of course I'm not. However, in theory my presence is just disturbing them. They circle me defensively but always come back to the nest. So they're definitely not going to leave their babies just because I'm around. What would you do? Leave the birds and ****head bird lovers alone? Continue to fish here? Proactively speak to the people who live on this property?
  15. Hell of a morning, well done. I can attest that Snook bite WAY harder than stripers. They are stripers on steroids, and a lot smarter too. I caught a few in Sanibel about 9 years ago and I can still remember the way a fish chomped down on my hand when I grabbed one by the lip.