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  1. Oh. Yeah, a guy at my marina has talked to me extensively on this, he swears by it early season in May/early June. He uses a trolling motor, braided line (no wire), not sure on weights. He stems the tide, covering a whole rip longways. The big rips like 11B. This isn't a spot burn Btw, way too obvious a spot to 'burn.' Guy catches some big fish, I can vouch for that.
  2. A fishing buddy of mine trolls the Tony Maja's pretty frequently. Not my preferred style, but it's effective. Especially early season, May - early July when bunker schools are around and it's the primary forage. We usually do it when the bunker schools aren't on the surface getting pushed around. Good way to locate the fish and cover some ground. The largest size spoon, #4 I believe. Wire line, marked for distance, conventional tackle, "special" spoon rods. Expensive setup for a specific application.
  3. LOL Not close at all, and fishing in about 8 ft of water. Really considering I may have hooked some sharks actually.
  4. Anyone else think he was reeling fast? I've always reeled in Danny's slower. Gotta try speeding it up a bit.
  5. It's winter and I know we're all chomping at the bit, so I figured I'd share a story that's haunted me. So I'll start this off by saying that I chunk from time to time. So sue me. I know most guys on here are plug-a-holics and swear by artificials. I spend a lot of time with topwater and swimmers and jigs and all that, but when I really target big fish at night I often will chunk in the warmer months. Whatever, onto the story. The last two Septembers I've had the same experience, in the same spot. This is a spot just outside of a local harbor at the mouth of a river, with a pretty decent water movement. I set up in the spot, and I have had these massive, drag screaming runs and epic fights, Only ending in broken line, repeatedly. We are talking big powerful fish, absolutely peeling out line like no tomorrow. Ok, so I figure there's blues around. Time to put on the leaders and have some fun. On go the leaders, same experience, they bite right through the leaders. Sometimes I am able to turn the fish, sometimes they just run and run and break off. We're talking 80 lb wire leaders, over and over again. I've never really heard of bluefish biting through leaders. It got so desperate last season that I tied 2 leaders to one circle hook and these creatures bit through both of them. I **** you not. I have picture proof. Whatever these fish were, on both occasions they absolutely destroyed my tackle, I rarely have to use wire leaders and these fish went through every one I had on my boat, both times. And I started off with 50 lbi. maxima in the first place, which I can usually manage to keep blues from biting through. Now let me say, I consider myself new to this game, but I have caught some big fish and I have some perspective and I know how to set a drag. I have a handful of 30 pounders to my name, and one 40 last season. Point being not that I'm a big tony tough nuts, but that I know what a big fish in our local waters feels like. So what say you? Mutant bluefish? Possibly a sand tiger or other species? Why September?
  6. Easy decision, cheaper reel with spare spools. Fly reels catch more fisherman than fish. I don't get these guys who spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on reels. Sure they look sexy, and maybe they're lighter. But functionally you're not getting much more than a basic reel. Fly reels are so simple, I don't feel they're susceptible to failure the way spinning reels are when they're exposed to the salt. You don't need much drag power, let's be honest.
  7. Fantastic. Would you be able to share the guide you went out with? I'm headed down this April/May. Thanks
  8. Excellent stuff here, thank you for making my winter less miserable. I am a NYC based guy, where was this filmed?
  9. Had it years ago during long bottomfishing sessinos, and I'm in my 20s. Also gone through phases of upper back pain between shoulder blades. Both seem to go away.
  10. Interlux Micron, thinned pretty heavily with whatever recomended Interlux thinner they tell you to pair with it. I forget what it's called.
  11. 1/2 or 3/4 oz bucktail with trailer, Doc Spook, SP Minnow.
  12. May give that a try to kill some time around the holidays. Sabiki rig? Do the herring have a tide preference?
  13. Wouldn't slow down my fishing one bit. I kept 2 fish this year for buddies' onboard who wanted them. Sometimes I think we need more of a limit on blues. They are a hell of a lot more rare then bass in my neck of the woods the last few years. I do keep porgies, blackfish, fluke, and black sea bass. I'm starting to feel bad about the blackfish because I can tell when I've really cleaned a spot out of the big fish every season. But each season, new big ones seem to show up. Blackfish grow every bit as slowly as striped bass and are actually less of an ethically safe fish to harvest than bass: Stripers:, Striped&t=stri Can't find the link for tog. saw it somewhere. Obviously fisherman who spend a lot of time on the water have a better idea (supposedly) of the health of a fish stock than whoever puts together the seafood watch. I have caught more and more big bass every year the last 6 years, but it's more a reflection of my learnings, refining my technique, etc. So I'm not a good judge. A lot of guys say there are less and less big fish.
  14. This year, there were some days they ate both albie snax and epoxy's, and some days all they would eat was the snax. Therefore, snax get my vote. Stripers love them too for that matter
  15. Sweet. Love reading about fishing in places that are foreign to me.