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  1. Gee Golly Grampop ! Can u please repeat giggys 1 thru 10 list again! Cuz that was really fun and i cant wait to ride to the beach again next week so u can preach it all over again ! Whats that Gpop ? Sure, I can read the fishin reports to ya off my phone so we no where to go ! In the good ol' days, how did u ever find fish ? Oh.U stopped at the tackle shop and asked ? That doesnt seem right PopPop.
  2. Will there be 11', 3/4-4 rods for sale at the May 19 demo? How about blanks? Thanks
  3. 5in. redfin
  4. WTH are yous guys talkin about?
  5. Times change. My long hair and earring drove my Dad bananas. His parents thought Elvis was the devil. Its different and while i dont necessarily like the whole phone all the time thing, i guess i dont find it "truly upsetting" either. Stealing a line from another thread "My kids never going to no how to change a typewriter ribbon". So what. Do u get my point tho? Here we are wasting time bitching on a fishing website. Shouldnt we b reading a book? Couldnt we b better off spending our time EXPERIENCING SOMETHING, THAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!
  6. Does anyone else see the irony of someone preaching old school on an internet fishing website?
  7. Read it wrong. My bad.
  8. Thats not true.
  9. Damn,thats frustrating. Remember when the media reported news instead of creating it. Education on the responsible way to shark fish is probably the best option. Good luck Z.
  10. Only thing I can tell u is one of the guys from ODM had a rangefinder. He marked the fenceposts I was throwing at. I am going by what he was reading. If i get a chance I will stop by the park and measure it off. Be interesting to c if numbers match.
  11. Used mono years ago but have been using braid since it came out on the 2600s. Mono on the 700.
  12. I just threw the 11', 3/4-4 at a casting demo. Im a slop caster.No technique. Every cast is different. A mess. I threw a hookless SP 110 yrds. A 2.6oz pencil 140 yrds. It had a saltiga w 40lb braid on it.
  13. Im a big 2600 whisker fan and have been using them since they came out. I also have a 700 on my ul trout setup. One thing. The last two 2600s i have purchased have had line lay problems that i havent figured out. Overloads at the bottom of the spool. Never had an issue over the years til now. Just something to look out for.
  14. Want to thank the guys from ODM and Grumpys for letting me throw at the rod demo on Sat. I'll be grabbing up the 11' in the very near future.
  15. A whole ray on a meathook. Youre not shark fishing. You stick w that story, youre gonna need the lawyers,guns n money.