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  1. TA pouch= battery/smoke holder
  2. Wentz. Poor kid. Heartbreaking injury.
  3. Cmon Boys. Pick up a 1st down. Screen pass?
  4. Birds pull this out, I will buy Chris Long a tattoo.
  5. Lets go Flyers!
  6. Says right on them. "dispose of properly".
  7. Gurley is gashin our D.
  8. Wentz in the tent. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  9. Throw batteries at him.
  10. Put your smoke out on his face.
  11. Seem to be able to plug anybody in anywhere and just keep rollin. Nice!
  12. D needs to find a Gurley solution. Seems like Wentz is more accurate on tough throws rather than the gimmes at times.
  13. Hope Douggie P doesnt panic and give up on the running game too early. Wentz having a strong game would go far in building confidence going into playoffs. Looking forward to watching this one.
  14. I can do that. Thanks. PM on the way.
  15. Joey is/was da man!