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  1. Anybody drop the cash to get their trucks done? Good cleaning,coat of wax. What should I expect to pay? Any recommendations in the N.E. Philly, Bucks Co area? Thanks
  2. Agreed. But,dont u think posting pics like Kils bring a certain amount of guys out that would not have got up off the couch if not for pics and info like this? Not targeting Kil, but pics of fish and locations with backgrounds in general? Pretty sure lots of locals would recognize exactly where Kil was fishing. All due respect to the time put in and skills of catching he obviously has. Again, my argument always comes back to "Why would you"? What good comes from it.? And then I will read the threads of Googans over running the CCC. Again.
  3. I still enjoy the games enough to deal w the chit I guess. Cant imagine what enjoyment anyone gets out of espn/network pregame shows. Those laughing clown ex ballplayers have no shame.
  4. NCAA starting next Sat. Gonna start this whole kneeling mess to a new level when some kids get on board. UGH!
  5. Some drone fishing footage is fantastic. But for no real good reason, they kinda bother me too. Ive only actually seen two while fishing. One pretty close. One on birds doing it off the second bar,outta reach. Would have been interested in seeing that footage. Unwritten law of "if u can reach it with a cast, its too close"? But then I guess you gotta be ok with fightin the drone guy when he tracks u down for bustin up his thousand dollar toy.
  6. You are a real bag of sunshine my man.
  7. I ignore the announcers. I ignore the kneelers. President and media are keeping this on the map. I ignore my Wife and kids if they are bothering me. They go away.
  8. Why do you feel the need to mention a location? What good comes from it?
  9. If it was my dock,and I wanted to fish it, I think I might have turned the lights out on you too. Sounds like this might be your first summer there? Maybe hes been fishing it for years and not going out cuz he saw you were there? You possibly letting fish flop on dock that might bother him?Is it his dock?
  10. Don't you make your living killing fish for cash? If I remember correctly, you have been posting pics for years that other locals might have considered spot burns. Obviously I don't agree w the utubers ethics or fish handling, but isn't a dead fish for cash,still a dead fish for cash?
  11. Most likely a flashing issue. Hopefully a coat of roof muck will solve your problem. A gallon sprayer is alot easier to take up with you instead of dragging a hose. Loctite makes a product that works in a caulk gun.
  12. Very nice. What state r u in ?
  13. Got an unexpected Friday off. My Daughter is home from school and wants to take a ride to IBSP. Shewill fish thru sunup w me but then wants to spend time in mask and fins. Wind has me worried that hanging on the beach might be torture. Anybody there after sunup today? Thanks
  14. T-Hex sail well.