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  1. Sure seems like these type of setups bounce the hell outta rods and reels. You guys worry about shortening the life of your equipment ?. I watch these rigs rollin down the beach w sinkers and metals attached and grind my teeth.
  2. This is my story too. Im in N.E Philly area. Its pretty much a bait game. Not being able to use herring has just about stopped me from even trying. Its still nice to be able to have a place to fish so close to home. If I can get fresh bunker I will still go kill a couple hours if I cant make the beach once in a while. Some big fish to be had. Some years back I put in some effort going back at night to throw big swimmers in areas fish were being caught on bait. Never paid off for me, but in all honesty, I probably only tried 6-10 times. Some friggin junkies in the area made me a bit jumpy.
  3. Florida Sportsmen Magazine has lotsa good info.
  4. Way to go guys! Congrats!
  5. Buffalo made a great comeback when Indians were made to adhere to 1 buff over 300lbs. Let the big girls breed.
  6. Did the Indians practice catch and release buffaloes?
  7. Anyone that ends a statement with "Too funny", has a vagina. Enjoy the game.........Miss
  8. You are a prick. You shouldnt be allowed to watch the game. Comeuppance...........FU turncoat.
  9. If the boots are still available for $40.00 cash or MO shipped, I will take them. Thanks
  10. Not so much lost time for me in the infant / toddler years. My wife's good about me takin time to fish. It was the sports coachin years that I wasnt getting on the beach much. I enjoyed it and miss the kids and games and even practices. A lot of the parents, not so much.
  11. Eagles DB's had problems biting on pump fakes and getting beat long. Keep them in front of you. Make the tackle. Hopefully pop a couple loose. No Edelman on the field is huge. Go Birds.
  12. I would have liked to have seen Stafford under a good coaching staff.
  13. Yeah Man! I like this parade talk ! I've made a ladder out of Salt Life stickers to get me up past the height of the crisco. Frankford n Cottman boys! Im buyin !
  14. Surprised Rivers is getting so much luv. Rag armed shot putter IMO. Low football IQ in big moments. 30 yards down field having a tantrum w refs instead of running his offense. Drive crusher throwin picks at the worst times. Quite McNabb like. "Im a leader! Im a leader!" Never a leader. Comparing Rivers to Brady. Wow.
  15. F.U.