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  1. Never bothered me till a few years ago after a friend mine told me of the conditions of a few he worked on. He doesn't scare easy and he said it was fuqing terrifying
  2. They don't like you anymore
  3. Fun crusher
  4. No but you have worn out your welcome
  5. Fist piss
  6. Hurdy gurdy
  7. I was going to say the same more or less. When we were looking for a dog we decided we would " rescue" one, rather then buy from a breeder. It's crazy how many dogs are out there for adoption that are pit or pit mixes. None of them were ever an opinion for us. I was not willing to take the risk around my family.
  8. Just how much pollen are you eating? To cause a stomach ache
  9. So we've all been doing this TTT thing wrong this whole time!?
  10. What difference does it make just fling **** till you get smacked on the nose
  11. Mummichog keep a close eye on your daughter. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for addicts to drag their kids in to their habits.
  12. Get a hand held sprayer. Gallon of vinegar A cup of salt Squirt of dish soap Mix together Great weed killer
  13. It took losing my sister to even begin to understand it's way deeper then that. I still can't wrap my head around it.
  14. Wish you guys all the best that have friends and family struggling with addiction. I lost my sister about a year and a half ago. People that haven't watched a loved one completely ruin themselves with drugs don't understand how truly hard it is.