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  1. No way around that.
  2. You would think you would have built up some tolerance
  3. Have you seen the **** this guy eats? He'll be fine.
  4. I'm not reading all of that. But I assume an "eff seal " is in order
  5. Where do you keep your keys and wallet?
  6. Slick wears skinny jeans!?
  7. Guylines are on tents for a reason most people are too lazy or stupid to use them.
  8. Someone gives me a sandwich looking like that I'm picking up the plate and smashing It Off the Wall.
  9. If that's your biggest issue today. You're doing ok.
  10. The title of this thread needs to be changed to. I'm surprised she let me back in the house.
  11. You pull that move you need to know you can win that fight. Otherwise you're going to regret it big time.
  12. Can't steal a man's dog. Kicking his kid is fine though,feel free.
  13. I wouldn't be able to walk in the house and look my wife in the eyes after that. What did you do!? I called him mean and tagged my finger.
  14. Starts with an F , ends with a T and rhymes with maggot