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  1. Sad to hear.. only really knew him as an active member here
  2. Looking to help- mainly to offer encouragement. You?
  3. first shoot him a message if you can- but Best of luck and best wishes
  4. Hey guys, I live and fish in Westchester, anyone know the nearest BT that sells live eels? Been wanting to try them for forever, but have yet to find anywhere close that sells them. best. cf
  5. Thanks guys- might sub the BT for a sinker next time I’m out there
  6. Was looking at the “your top 3 fly pattern thread”.. beautiful looking flies anyone use a fly as a teaser to a BT when gulp isn’t available? Anyone prefer it or other stuff to gulp? if so pics would be lovely, happy holidays!
  7. Anyone ever deal with the buyer uglyduckling* on eBay?
  8. Wasn't there for it. She was doing me a favor :/
  9. Girlfriend bought what was advertised as a queen matress , boxspring and headboard off a Facebook marketplace. 2 weeks later we realize there a full size and not a queen size. What should we do? We have no real use for the full size, is it illegal what the seller did?
  10. If you were able to throw on the stock hooks I'd love to do this deal
  11. Preferably in yellow over white. Prefer used as well mojo welcome
  12. A white kid shot up a church-a black kid shot up a block-you scared of both whites and blacks?