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  1. very good and tyler is giving bird time to heal
  2. I agree and took this tread which is good so far off topic . Sorry OP
  3. Say's the 3rd party i have no heat with anyone if the post i made offended anyone it's easily edited . Your the one making me out to be a punk not the so called terri, i can't have that now can i ?. And who is terri just asking
  4. No great loss just another dump now
  5. Only bullies and *****'s need a audiance i will be at the capra inn in hancock NY trout fishing from the 5th to the 11th of may . Gene usually gives me room 17 or 18 . So yo know i am 55 and haven't thrown down in 22 years but if you insist i may have one left in me . Or i could PM you my personal address. I am retired so give me a 1/2 hours notice when you get off the LIE .
  6. With very little cap space to burn my Pittsburgh Steelers Squad is in desperate need of a linebacker inside or outside. Shazier is going to be impossible to replace.The man refused to make a tackle without the crown of his helmet i hope others learn from his mistake . Even if he makes a full recovery i hope he doesn't consider playing football an option any further and coaches instead .
  7. I agree with last 2 posts 100% its the death of sportsmanship and makes the game hard to watch. Also congratulations on the new grandchild Rob enjoy her in good health
  8. Why not set it up you think he is the only cat trained with a bow staff, I will even let you drive me there .
  9. Twins got some wood put on them tonight . Dam the dew is hot another dinger
  10. Does it start with a T ? oh wait i see it's been answered terri it is