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  1. Glad you enjoy it Runner theres alot more comming Thanks Tim for the Town Tavern
  2. Besides HR's the Sox have a good edge over the yanks everywhere else DZ . It's safe to say right now there the better team . I don't understand looking ahead to the playoffs or WC game when there's still 60 or so games to go . In 2 weeks rosters will change and then the fun starts .
  3. Nothing as nice as that your a very neat man
  4. ^^^^^^^^ made me laugh ^^^^^^^^^
  5. What the hell was he doing One Big A$$ Mistake America
  6. Another of my favorite players charloots good work
  7. It's a shame Mike Bloomfield died so young the man was a truly gifted guitar player . I was 19 when he passed and already had 5 years of listening under my belt . My buddy gezzer was way ahead of his time listening to music, at that age he turned me on to him from his uncles collecton who was 35 Great post charloots