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  1. Nick Walke at TWs Tackle , Nags Head NC
  2. I believe the spool from the gray Torium 14 will also work just fine, if you are unable to find the pretty gold one
  3. You guys in Jersey get ready... See these feel good dumb a.s.s laws will never work. The same as they don't work in IL, CA, MD, NY etc.... when the laws laws fail to provide any positive statistics on Their side. They will just blame it on other states and the ease and availability of buying weapons. Which is blatantly FALSE. IL always blames Indiana. You get where I am going with this? How in the hell do the likes of Murphy, Corzine, Menendez, and Booker seem to get elected? Y'all might has well give the prison to the prisoners and get the hell out.
  4. I dont give a damn what they put in Dukes Mayo. Thats what I will continue to buy and use for cooking.
  5. There is an eggplant recipe I use mayo to coat the peeled and sliced eggplant and then roll it in a combination of Panko breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. So is it a moisterizer I'd like to think so as well as a binder.
  6. The first bridge you mentioned was where the "Temprary Bridge " stood since later 2003 when Isabel cut an Inlet through there. That whole area through there is where the road gets washed over and often times damaged because of it. So one should never complain when the road gets damaged again because the low bridge wasn't long enough. After the new big bridge gets built hopefully they will continue to somehow extend the low bridge in the future. if you've never fished the catwalk you're missing out on some great Sheepshead fishing.
  7. Plus one on Bros.... The Cowboy and a PBR other Favs Burger Burger, The Bistro, Ninos for Pizza, LaFogata -Mexican, Orange Blossom Uglies biscuits and sandwiches
  8. Just keep telling yourself that. OK there cupcake
  9. LIB-turds are Howling from the Rooftops today , just like when Crooked Hillary Lost... and Still nothing Trump does will be good enough for those (ass)holes... The folks at Nobel are throwing up in their mouths right now because they are bearing the thought of having to present Trump the Peace Prize..... FOR ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING! PRICELESS!!!
  10. Yeah DUDE ! I do, I got what you said the first time. If you're planning on surfcasting it and have larger hands you're going to hate the free spool lever. It doesn't cast consistently either. I like the 20 a little better. pain in the ass to get to the brakes. If you believe it's Daiwa's answer to the Fathom 12 then you should buy one for $239.00 and try it. You evidently didn't like my answer,
  11. It ain't ! Buy the 12
  12. I take that as a compliment and thank you.. I have pretty much shared all that I do making Pastrami, aside from the brine recipe which is too very simple. That is what gives me the pretty red color of the finished product.
  13. The Kyoto Protocol The Paris Climate Accord and The UN small arms treaty would be a few more our Kenyan Prezident tried to slide by the American People..
  14. The Point is the fattier end of the brisket.. it's going to shrink considerably Don't freeze it... I have two in my refrigerator right now been there since early March ... and when I use them they will be just fine. As long as the cryogenically sealed package hasn't been punctured and they are still in the brine. I've kept them for up to nine months in the refrigerator .... I bought some last year @75ยข per pound because Aldi over shpipped them and I'm in pretty good with their staff at my local store. Yes I bought all they had at that price.
  15. Man you're nuts... I feel quite confident all of that will be discussed and agreed to before ANY sanctions are lifted... I can bet you this much. There sure won't be a planeload of currency in the deal. Seven days before the summit and Cryin Chick Schumer is making DEMANDS Get The Hell Outta Here with that schitt..