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  1. That might be true for a nearshore of inshore charter and the equipment is something like a 22' center console. The offshore boats all have mates and t is customary to tip the mate at least 20% God or bad day, doesn't matter. The mate should be busting his ass keeping baits in the water and getting fish in the box.
  2. Love em, especially on a salad... Super Healthy IMO Sardines are packed full the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been found to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Sardines are also loaded with B12.... A good percentage of you folks reading this are either a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen. Aside from the fact that three ounces has 23 grams of protein About ten grams of fat (good fats I might add) the other vitamins and nutrients it contains are a whole lot more beneficial than that ham and cheese sammich you'd have brought instead. Personally I like the small ones that are packed in water.
  3. Certainly good to have you out... it was pretty intense at times trying to snag fatbacks for bait and everything else that was going on.. today we had non stop bluefish in the afternoon and pods of fatbacks all around the pier.. one Cobia caught and one lost...... I forgot to ask you if you'd seen any Cobia swimming around over where you were and if you got any shots on them with your bucktail rod?
  4. Paul , Cant tell these folks anything. Many of them seem to know it all. I've never had a problem with the park service and most all the ones I've met are good guys and gals just doing their job. You and I both know how far we can push the envelope. I have to admit this newer superintendent is much better than the last one.....I hope Drumfish213 has had some success..... Hanlon has been MIA... 4 more weeks until we start seeing a Drum Bite in Nags Head!!! Yipeee!
  5. Pocahontas is the best Mass has to offer?
  6. That is pretty much how the Roman Empire fell
  7. How many amps do you intend on running out there? What is the distance from the main panel to your shop?
  8. The tiny spot of glue keeps that tag end down and stops what little unraveling it will do.... I used the same videos .. Next to the Bimini twist the FG is my #2 favorite knot to tie. once you get your wraps and the first half hitch in it, cinching the knot down is the most critical part of the knot, the rest is just finishing
  9. Checkout the YouTube I posted on the Muller/Manifort thread...Now talk about Good Ole Boys!
  10. And again .. He will have the Union tie his firing up......... Either way these high profile Good Ole Boys Club will land on their feet.
  11. I love the knot and can tie it with my eyes closed... after I get my turns usually 15 a side and get my first half hitch in. I lock the knot down on the mono, or flouro ... I add another half hitch after that. I trim the tag end of the leader off leaving about 1/32" Then I do two single half hitches on my main line. Then a four turn half hitch. Cinch it down tight. Trim it. If you have a touch of crazy glue dab a tiny amount on the last 4turn half hitches. I also bring my leader into my guides in some cases down to just above the first guide.
  12. He has his time in Gov't job and Gov't Workers Union...... He will get most, if not all of his benefits .....
  13. Actually I didnt say that EXACTLY like that Franks???? Ughhhh ...You cant tie dollar bills on it and give that crap away down here..... If it aint Texas Pete it aint hot sauce...
  14. Now This Stuff on Eggs is amazing... I put it on just about everything and buy it by the gallon at the Asian market
  15. "At This Point, What Difference Does It Make" to steal a phrase from the HildaBeast He will leave with a fat pension, Govt Insurance for the rest of his life and all the other perks those a$$holes get. He will get some cushy job at a defense contractor, Google, FB, making 10 times of what he was making and more cushy benefits. He will write a book and sell a million copies plus. I want to know what he knows! He doesnt care that he lost his job , they all land on their freakin feet!