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  1. thats why im curious how it would compare, would penn say it is similar sealing, better? etc
  2. cant wait to see more details on this, how does the ipx5 rating compare to the spinfisher V?
  3. I have never found an issue with filleting them the way i always fillet fish, there inst anything special with them
  4. Not missing, they just bought some good fox, raccoon and bobcat costumes
  5. i have a feeling during the summer i will, most of my fly fishing has been more spring and early summer before the pads and weeds really fully form
  6. honestly for the most part a 5wt rod has been working well for me, although revently i have been using 6wt line on it, i have used a 9weight in the past and fealt it was kind of oversized, but might give a 7 weight a shot at some point
  7. It sounds like the sx raptor is what you need, although I have never in my 8 years of using an sx needed to lock the drag down that tight to set a hook, at that point where you dont get freespool, you are putting too much stress on the reel and bearings will fail eventually
  8. yeah it really adds something(and is so much cheaper haha) i do now know i need to coat these things in epoxy first though, some of the fish this morning did a number on the paint and edges of the cork
  9. im not necessarily converting to only fly, but for freshwater im definitely starting to use it a lot more, still will use spinning and casting gear for saltwater for now, but with regular gear the fishing at my local ponds was getting almost too easy, well maybe not really "easy" but i had narrowed down my tactics so much that i needed to change things up. Also, did beat my best already this morning with a cork popper i made last night.
  10. I have never tried for them but I do know if a lake in the area with them
  11. i was thinking that myself, might try it at some point this year, just need to find some decent spots to fly fish for them around me(still learning how to catch them in general haha)
  12. ill probably use a combination of the 2 rods and have them set up for different things, and yeah i feel 8 may be just about right for some of the larger flies i will throw, the 9 just seems a little overkill for my needs(got it years ago before i knew better)
  13. oh it was a lot of fun, but if i had thought there was a possibility of hooking something that size on a fly there i would have used my heavier setup, my next largest bass on fly up until then was like 1.5 or so, but this fish opened my eyes to the fact that the larger fish at this location will actually go after flies, and don't worry, i'm not using a light tippet or anything where i would have to play the fish out too long, i do love light tackle, but know the difference between light enough to make things fun and too light where its detrimental for the fish
  14. I am not good at tying flies yet but i have played around with tying them, currently i mostly use some midsize foam head poppers and a range of wooly buggers how large should i go with fly size? i actually do have a heavier outfit, think it is a 9 weight although i am thinking of building something around 7 or 8 weight though, i just enjoy using the 5 weight more and usually fly fish more open areas, or at least not heavy cover areas.
  15. We will still need at least 50lb braid for those seaRobin's, cant risk it, they be even a couple pounds. Cant let that get away