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  1. there may be some hidden source of carbs you are having, bacon and ham have a fair amount of sugar, i hit a similar plateau myself, and ended up switching to a carnivore diet(only animal products) and its working amazing
  2. i probably didn't do the best job describing it(hard to really describe well in words the model that i see in my head), but what i am talking about is pretty different than the scupper, although that kaskazi marlin seems a little closer, but still substantially different
  3. you could for instance have the extremely low cup like cockpit of a sit in, with other parts of the kayak designed like a sit on, giving it lockable dry storage, and making it as unsinkable as a SOT
  4. So, I'm curious what people would look for in a hybrid between a sit inside and ontop kayaks, like what qualities would you want brought over from each style?
  5. its fine if the strips says its only a trace, and how much of those veges are you having?
  6. That would be great and is an amazing offer but I am down in Rhode Island unfortunately
  7. So, If I were to get a pedal drive working in a sit inside kayak, I'm just curious what peoples opinions are on what the ideal length and width would be, I'm thinking about 15-16ft long and 28-30in wide at the seating area tapering to a sharp entry at both ends, and out of curiosity how many people would be interested in fishing the ocean in a sit inside pedal drive
  8. I couldn't agree more, that is one issue people have with diets is they expect the diet to do all the work. You need to be active and be pushing yourself to really get good results
  9. This is my second time doing keto, lost 40 the first time, but then went back to school with a buffet which brought it back when combined with the severe levels of stress. I've been back on it for 3 weeks and have lost about 15+lbs so far and feel the best I have. And not saying this as an excuse, but in the past counting every single calorie, losing weight besides a couple pound fluctuation was virtually impossible, eliminating pretty much all carbs is the only thing that works. Also for anyone looking to try it, if you are having bacon look for the sugar free bacon... there is a deceptive amount in it if you have it regularly
  10. I would recommend the old town predator pdl, while not tall I stood in one when I was about 285, even with my bad balance, and i have seen it take on some serious weather
  11. thats what im worried about... hope im wrong, but something has seemed up with him for a while
  12. that's really terrible to hear.... wish I was surprised though
  13. What do you plan on using it for?
  14. To be fair though, this is largely driven by the popularity of freshwater bass fishing, which has a much bigger market. They see it as a cheaper more portable bass boat to go out on the lake with
  15. Well I did some more searching and it seems they are actually an australian kayak being brought to the us by this company, the drive unit apparently floats, is fully water proof, floats, and uses a cable drive instead of gears.