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  1. Crippled Herring 4 to 5 ounce
  2. White with Blue head is my go to color. Can't really explain why, maybe just because of confidence I use it more??? It may have started with Gag's schoolie popper. When fishing back shallow bays on the cape I always did well with this color. There were times when I tried different colors (white/red, holographic, all white, chrome) and the catch ratio would go down. Put white/blue back on, and fish hammered it. The same has been true for larger polaris poppers as well.
  3. Seems like a seal to me. Although I've never seen a shark take a striper, I have seen seals take fish hooked by fly fishermen in the Monomoy area. It would be a straight ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip then pop goes the expensive line.
  4. I've had mine for over 15 years, and it has held up reasonably well. I use it for small to medium sized lures.
  5. D so far this year. I hit some late in may on south facing cape beaches. For the last 5 years it has been a drastic decline. The same is happening off the beaches in RI.
  6. I have a couple pair of Guideline Eyewear Sunglasses with blue and green mirror lenses. After fishing all day my eyes do not feel irritated or fatigued.
  7. I watched a you tube video by Lou Caruso I believe. He goes through the whole process from stripping it completely apart to painting the numbers, and most importantly... re-assembly. I did mine this spring, and so far it has held up. I still have some trouble reading it, but much better than plain markings.
  8. Be careful with the Royal Purple cleaner. It looks like an engine cleaner, and the solvents can be harmful to plastics. I once used Gun scrubber to clean out a reel that got tossed around in the sandwash. It melted / distorted some of the plastic parts.
  9. If the water is choppy then I usually just reel fast, because the chop will cause the lure to bounce, skip, and dance like crazy. If the water is calm or bass are around, I slow the retrieve and work it like a pencil popper. The Red/White 3oz has worked for bass when squid are around. Best of all it has a single hook for easy releases.
  10. I have the Aquaskinz and Gamakatsu Finger protectors. The Gamakatsu is thinner and you feel the line better, but wears out much quicker. Now I am used to the Aquaskinz and it has lasted me 5 years!!
  11. I've fished that area for many years on vacation. If You're into bait fishing remember Maine only allows you to use "INLINE" Circle hooks. Sandworms worked the best overall for consistent action. However, unless you dig your own they are very expensive. If you like light tackle fishing with lures try small poppers or plastic with leadhead. Cast up and down the beach or try the tidal rivers / marshes. Good Luck
  12. As stated above, regular maintenance is the key. If I hear something odd when reeling, or the reel has taken a water/sand bath, I stop using the reel IMMEDIATELY. When I get home I carefully strip the reel and clean everything out. Proper lubrication will also extend the gears life.
  13. I have used the Simms Backsaver belt for almost ten years. I do have to occasionally adjust for the change in clothes layering, but once done, it stays in place. That extra back support is a HUGE help when casting in place for hours.
  14. Try Marshland in Sandwich for breakfast. Much better than leo's. Their bacon and sausage is fresh and tasty. Leo's coffee was strong, and the DO NOT have real cream. It's either milk or non-dairy stuff.
  15. I have had my boomerang snip w/LED for three years, and they cut braid well. The only complaint is that the light stopped working after one saltwater soaking.