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  1. Dryer sheets work well too.
  2. 100% agreed on saving spots for friends is ridiculous. Stated multiple times you were more than generous moving the first time.
  3. What? The OP posted his Canal story of him presumably mugging some guy. Other guy was there first and he was close enough for the guy to talk to him. I simply asked how how close the OP set up to the Russian guy. He never answered, btw. You came and said: he would have to move two miles to find a spot and then someone would set up on him. How on Earth is that you making the point of showing up late to me? The OP was the one who showed up late and you’re defending his action! Anyway, I’m going to chalk me responding to this thread as sleep deprivation and respectfully bow out. Both parties here are wrong. Simple as that.
  4. You can certainly be wrong by mugging someone and setting up 10 feet from them. You must understand that, no? Parking lot analogy is more like: the parking lot is full and there are no spaces left so you park in the through way. There comes a point where the Canal is full and you simply can’t fish there because there are too many people. I agreed with you about him asking you to move for his friends. That’s certainly wrong. Again, moving the first time was more than generous of you. So move two miles??? If you get there late, you might just have to fish somewhere else! And just because someone may mug you doesn’t mean you should mug people. If everyone has that attitude, then the Canal becomes the sh*tsh*w of late. Have be a nice day, gentlemen.
  5. Uni. Two strand knots don't sit as well on a TA clip as a single strand, imo.
  6. I go to the Canal pretty much every night. Here now, actually! Minus the weekend (which I skipped when I saw how many people there already were when I got there), this isn't my experience. Plus, if he was there first, I wouldn't set up so close to him.
  7. How close were you to him? Could both be in the wrong, imo. If you're close enough for him to talk to you, you likely set up to close to him to begin with. That said, I certainly wouldn't have moved a second time. First time was more than generous of you to begin with!
  8. That’s funny. Last night I was getting mugged by the Gibbs boys worse than any morning so far.
  9. I'd use a 4k. Daiwa 4k's would be comparable to Shimano 6k size. Daiwa 5k's would be more like Shimano 8k, so there's a big size jump between the 4k and 4500/5000 BG size.
  10. No worries. I’ve been called much worse!
  11. I always have pre-tied leaders ready to go. I hate bringing spoils of leader with me. And I’m not Toby Lapinkski! Haha. Name’s Todd.
  12. Not worth going today, IMO.
  13. Thanks for the BUMP. Much needed. Canal threads are like a train wreck, I can't look away. Now I want some Green though!