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  1. I wasn't physically there, but you can plan and scout areas that look fishy whilst sitting at your desk
  2. Nah, skinny water, another 2-3 weeks I expect. Bouncing off the walls and driving everyone dilly.
  3. If I could have got at least one of the ****ers to bite, I could tell you
  4. Uncooperative SOBs today
  5. Entrance to the Arthur Kill River from RB ... $10 on my phone
  6. Thanks HJ, I'll get back to you in a day or so either way. Apreciated
  7. Navionics+ , $10 in the App Store. If you haven't seen it before, it'll open (blow) your mind
  8. That'll work. Details, condition and price (PP) shipped to 07436? Tx
  9. Bump
  10. Just broken my daughter’s while changing the battery ... what have you got? Tx
  11. If you are at capacity and full efficiency, why retool/double your production overhead for a variation that won’t make you any more money? In fact, it will increase your stock holding, double your marketing budget, double your fixed costs ... etc
  12. Ignore the peanut gallery Red, it’s healthy to be proud of your work
  13. If you placed all your savings into a 10 year fixed deposit returning 10%pa, and after 5 years someone proposed that you take a 2% penalty for early withdrawal and put half of the total into a fixed deposit returning 10%pa would you?
  14. Yip, you have a more mature version She looks to be in very good nick 1. The cam type mirage drive "securers" (?). 2. The lever type rudder up and down mechanism. Its the 2 inner cables from the 4 that exit at the stern that need to be tweaked, play around and you'll soon pickup the methodology. Also check for the re-enforcing collar mod I posted about earlier in the thread.
  15. Just just made a batch, PM your address and I'll pop a piece in the post - you can trim off some of the fat to your own taste, I prefer leaving a good amount in place even though the old arteries spasm with each swallow