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  1. Initially hooked in the lip/mouth, swam causing sinker to trail behind (close to gills), blasted water out through mouth ... essentially spitting the hook but simultaneously sucking the sinker through the gills and exhaling it out of its mouth.
  2. Vehicles
  3. Meteor
  4. It was the original cam system, should that have made a difference? My point is that the decision making process appears to be subjective, if the CS person happens to be having a bad day (or doesn’t like my accent) then my chances of getting some sort of warranty contribution goes out the window, there can be no consistency, hardly seems fair does it? Anyway, won’t solve this issue here, so off the the pub, cheers
  5. OK, so Corey logged a warranty claim on his ‘08/‘09 Outback in ‘15 and was rejected... 6/7 year old hull with a known problem and he got nothing. So, back to my question that you didn’t answer, when did you lodge your claim with Hobie iro your ‘08 Revo?
  6. oops, another variation subject to subjectivity ... unfortunately its exactly this type of decision making process (a lack of standardisation) that feeds straight into the OP's argument. When did you file your warranty iro your '08 Revo?
  7. I'll bite, which one would you recommend?
  8. If they'd have granted you a goodwill contribution, you'd have had to destroy the hull as part of the agreement.
  9. My repair methodology ensures that they don't crack in the same place ... completely over-engineered, over-thought and over-compensated ... but works
  10. seal