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  1. Nah. He was happy. I should have said Game Face.
  2. Stuck at the frighten bridge 2 minutes into the return trip
  3. Special guest stars
  4. Bird pics just because I like the way they came out.
  5. Pool fish. Nice work Thomas
  6. Kettle of non flat fish
  7. I thought he’d be swimming at some point but Mako never pushed him in
  8. SOL royalty on deck
  9. Not sure what the mate was planning with the net but he put it down when he saw me snap a pic.
  10. The resurrection of Homer. Confirmed not dead.
  11. Beagle was a yankee fan. My kind of Doggie. Handsome little fella and very sorry for your loss.
  12. The fix was in from the first paypal. He just donated it to the bartender I am sure. Tommy is a good egg. Thanks Tom for putting it together good times.
  13. Worked late and just finished getting some stuff together and I need to make trip to the boat in the AM to gather a few essentials. See you for coffee.