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  1. We will boat shop in a couple years. i’m all in on a Buddy Davis 42 center console enough room for the 6 of us
  2. This ride is just leaving the gate lets everybody just buckle up and keep our expectations in check. Today was a very good day for him and I am very proud of them both.
  3. I am sending him his cell phone bill tomorrow
  4. 70 is low by a fair amount and they gave him a 15k signing bonus which I can only conclude that they expect that he will need to buy proper business clothing. He has to go to California after graduation for training for a few months, it is right on Huntington Beach, they obviously didn’t notice the part of his resume that he worked at a surf camp for 5 years or maybe they did who knows. I am very happy for him, it is a huge relief in this stage of the journey and he is landing on a good path. There is no pool bar on this trip you fish or cut bait. The fly boxes are filled and I might even get three hours of sleep tonight
  5. I'm fishing next week no doubt as long as the window doesn't break and I get sucked out of the plane. Good news today. One kid got a solid job after graduation in an investment bank as an analyst. He will do great.
  6. Tomorrow early am
  7. Be strong for her Mike. It’s a bump in the road for sure. Best wishes for a positive outcome.
  8. He needs that to keep his glasses on his face. I just went to the dermatologist on Wednesday. She wanted to freeze some stuff on my face I asked her if we could hold off until after I come back sun burned.
  9. He’d take care of the Brunette first to get to his prize. Like a boss
  10. Today would be no different I’d guess. Why is the brunette looking sideways at the blonde?
  11. “ Get some of them Virginia pigs” I thought he was talking broads
  12. T-77 hours and I have never seen or heard of that Bloody Mary in Baltimore.
  13. I was thinking that as well. Lager, the sell a little gizmo fill tube thing that screws onto the top of the quart bottle on one end and into the threaded fill hole on the helm. If you do not have one get one. It makes adding oil and bleeding the system much easier.
  14. Anal with a brush has to be wierd as if anal on a boat with a bunch of guys wasn't wierd enough.
  15. Send P10 he is Rico Suave