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  1. You have enough problems being knee deep in all the urine and feces.
  2. cooler noddles. try it.
  3. I'm trying to lesson my antagonistic ways.
  4. America's no good for you. Go back across the pond to your monarchy and gun free dream.
  5. shave your ass,walk backwards.
  6. Without a criminal charge i don't think you can fire a Sheriff.
  7. Let me know when he breaks the law.
  8. looks ok to me.
  9. A grain silo i believe.
  10. If they put armed guards at the schools,black students will be murdered.
  11. Lips are overrated cut them,walk the dog.
  12. How 'bout some pigeon with your grain ?
  13. Even some malls have armed security.
  14. WTF

    Use a sign not a pt 1x6.
  15. Oh so this thread is about rates ?