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  1. They're all on strike.
  2. I like a cord wrapped steering wheel on the boat.
  3. Since you're wrong about everything.. lose
  4. You should of kept the lefty playbook under lock and key.
  5. climate change killed him.
  6. Maybe they should go the other way.
  7. If i'm wearing a hat it's for a reason.Like ma hairs all fugged up..So no i'm not taking it off.
  8. They were ran out before i could look in.The place is a gynecologist office now.
  9. These photos were taken of him testing said rod.
  10. Beat a stake in the ground and rub the top of it with a brick or a smooth river rock.
  11. What would be the purpose of the road ?
  12. I read a flare up is threatening Santa Barbara.
  13. uniforms made of onesies.
  14. maybe they pre dabbed the grease off it.
  15. Just google swingers and your area.There are swingers and swinger clubs everywhere. Had one in the shopping mall down the road for a few months.