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  1. wheel weights are lighter due to the tin content. if i recall correctly a guy here weighed jigs using wheel weights and they were running about .2 oz less. 1 oz jigs were .8 oz. 1 1/2 oz jigs were 1.3 oz.
  2. there are supposed to be shims between the main gear and the handle. the idea is there needs to be a little play so that everything works smoothly and does not bind. if your reel feels like there is too much play then try adding shims one at a time until it feels ok. remember you do not want to take all the play out. there should be a little. sounds like when it was serviced the shims were misplaced. if that is your only issue you should be fine. ..........good luck by the way that is my go to surf spinner. it is a lifetime reel
  3. flatwing, thks. very interested but i don't think i would ever go to 13 1/2 ft on a rod, but who knows. i also have a cts s8 12 ft but only at 1-3 oz. is by far the best casting rod i have ever owned
  4. interesting very good point
  5. hey guys, thks for the replies. i do not have a plan to build at this moment. just gathering info that i might apply in the future. one of the places i fish i walk the beach for miles hitting the structure as i go. this play involves swimming across a river mouth as well. 2 rods would be a bit difficult to manage. i guess thats the reason i got started thinking along these lines. edit add: another spot i fish is an estuary mouth that i like to live line finger mullet at high water slack with a conv, but before and after better to fish artificials with a spinner (at least for me) . that spot is a couple mile hike. certainly doable for 2 rods, but.............
  6. can this be done effectively. how would you build it ?......thks
  7. welcome otony, i thought both jokes were fine
  8. if you have a tick a the end of the oscillation i would think the crosswind block is the cause. normally i would say disassemble and grease but you just did that.
  9. hey hanlon, congrats on mastering the conventional reels in a short time.
  10. graphite is no good.....that's why newells are so crappy
  11. if i recall correctly keith in the reel maint forum (handi) speaks well of them
  12. i was looking for a bait rod awhile back and some people here suggested the penn battalion. it was good advice. i bought the 4-10 oz. got it on sale for $110 shipped....good luck
  13. i think scooby did a review on it
  14. congrats
  15. hey hanlon, have enjoyed your report. hope you nail em