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  1. drug smuggling is good for fishing. in some areas the local panga fisherman have switched professions. this is very good for the stocks. they drive buy me sometimes. i wave. they wave back
  2. finally, someone with lower standards then i
  3. does anyone know of a wading boot that would stop a stingray penetration ?
  4. i bought a torque 12 awhile back. what a sweet reel. i would like a torque conventional with level wind. might buy a used international 975 someday
  5. i thought the international baitcasters were discontinued recently ?
  6. i use the 50lb clips because i use 30lb line so i figure whats the point in more hardware. biggest fish to date 48lb snook with no issue
  7. i work in mexico out of the port of dos bocas. as per the locals it aint real safe but as per my observation it's a whole lot better then many other places i have been such as just about anywhere in africa. everyone on my ship is mexican. really good guys. and i aint no liberal edit: forgot to say nice cubera . good on ya
  8. not only that but if it's a fishing rod they give you a much better length allowance. it never occurred to me aeromexico would have a penalty for fishing gear
  9. didn't know that. wow. thks
  10. do they work ?
  11. i know a lot of guys on this site fly to mexico so i thought i should pass on the following: bringing a rod back to work with me (aeromexico to mexico) and the girl at the counter asked me what was inside my homemade pvc rod container (about 4' long). i tell her a fishing rod. she says that's specialty equipment and there will be a $158 surcharge. i said i gotta talk to your boss. to make a long story short they waived the charge and everybody lived happily ever after but jeeeez
  12. suffix 832 also
  13. recently returned from a 6 day trip. heavy surf. fished a river bar daily. swam a river 2 round trips a day. reels are dry. this aquashield is the real thing. strongly recommend to anyone who wants to "seal" a non sealed reel
  14. hey bennie, haven't seen anything from you in awhile. hope all is well
  15. i've been thinking about getting in to shark fishin. i bet its quite the adrenaline rush when you get a big one on