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  1. Little Johnny is walking down the road with a purpose. The old man on the porch hollers at him "what 'cha got there, Johnny?" "Chicken wire" Johnny replies. "Gonna catch me some chickens!" The old man shouts "Chicken wire isn't for catching chickens!" An hour later Johnny is walking back with his chicken wire loaded with chickens all caught up in it, The old man was scratching his head. The next day Johnny is walking by again. The old man on the porch hollers at him "what 'cha got there today, Johnny?" "Duck Tape" Johnny replies. "Gonna catch me some Ducks!" The old man shouts "ya fool kid" "It's called DUCT tap and it isn't for catching Ducks!" An hour later Johnny is walking back with his tape loaded with ducks all caught up in it, The old man was scratching his head again. The next day Johnny is walking by again and once again the old man on the porch hollers at him "what 'cha got there today, Johnny?" "Pu$$ie Willow" Johnny replies. The old man replies "Hold on!" "I'll get my hat!"
  2. Jones'ing to get in the water. Haul/dunk May 19 because of work schedules. Fluke have GOT to be in by now....
  3. I bought it like that 10 years ago, it's paint. I have to think about your approach soon. the gel on top is just plain tired after 45 years.
  4. No swallow-hollow dwellers....
  5. Save for charter outfits, I'd fathom a guess that most folks aren't terribly eager to invite complete strangers onto their vessel. Personalities are an important issue. You sound like you're pretty confident - you hit the highlights of weeding some folks out (following regs, litterbug, drinkers, etc...) but some folks suddenly are fearful of big water/panicky, or just don't mix well with others. My boat will be in the water soon. I slip in Gales Ferry Marina. There are a few of us with boats that try to get out a couple of times each weekend. We fish pretty hard when we spend the $ to get out there. Rarely a 1/2 day trip. We typically push off 6:00a or 7:00a depending on tides and get back between 4-5 pm. We'll hit points as far south as the windmills and Montauk for inshore species and out to the horns/mudhole/fairway for pelagic species. If they're in tight, all the better. I top off at the end of the trip and we split the fuel/bait. Rigs are of no real consequence, we usually have a full season's stock on hand. Your routine sounds like ours. We split the gas, usually me +3 max. Food and soft drinks for the day, a couple of celebratory beers for the ride back. Nothing goes over the side except short fish, bait and pee. My boat is 45 years old. A solid 28 ft Kevlar hulled Uniflite. I've attached a pic but bear in mind I just started cleaning her up for 2018 yesterday. Twin 318's. Head, galley, berth. Furuno 40 mile radar, Lowrance HD7 down/side scan sonar, EPIRB, vhf. I'll ping you when she splashes. You should consider swinging thru one afternoon/eve to say hello, have a brew, talk some. Bring women. (OK, that's optional...) - Kevin.
  6. Not against you personally at all - But counting on license fees and other taxes (stamps, call it what you want...) as "profits" is a foolish notion, for once you issue a license you have to have an administration to oversee the licensing, the bean counters to keep the books auditable, and enforcement officer salaries and training (with vehicles, boats, maintenance, pensions, benefits, etc...) the whole system is running in the red. What's even worse, I'm told, is that in CT licensing fees don't go to the DEEP, it goes to the general fund where our politicians spend like a kid with birthday money. Not sure about Rhody.
  7. I can share one incident....The day: Out in front at Quonny, on-shore steady wind but fairly light, wave sets were coming in as rollers and would heave up an occasional set of rock swallowers. I've got on the usual grab, breathable waders and an evo dry top, plain ball cap carrying only pliers and a 3-plug belt bag. I'm tossing a ranger for the distance, that, and it was all blues and no bass. Now, you need to understand that the whole nose of the breakwater is soaked to ~50 ft back with pools of water on the tops. When the breaker sets approached I set my rod in a crevice hunkered tight into the rocks and took salt showers until the rollers returned. Enter Skippy...Everything that will make you cringe. sneakers, blue jeans, zip-up hoodie, smoking a cigarette, box-store rod & reel combo in one hand, and a tackle box filled with rusty hooks, assorted sinkers and WORMS in the other. I'm down a step or two below the crest of the jetty. He sets up just above me, about 12 feet to my right, toward the ditch, begins baiting up a 3-way rig, so no rotation and I'm fuming. Yup, Skippy heaves his offering right out front in the middle of everything, shutting me down unless I wanna tie macramé with our lines, and has the ignorance to ask me if I was catching anything. I had no words....Now mind you, while he's dawdling and finally rinsing out his worm, the rollers are kindly lapping at the breakwater. Skippy doesn't see the signs even though he splashing around in the puddles left by the last set of breakers. I look nice & dry except for the ball cap but that fails to catch his attention as well. And that's when I see the next group of monsters approaching. As they begin to lunge upward I can see him sizing up the waves with a baffled concern his face. I place my rod butt in the cracks and my own butt in a pocket in the rocks and held tight for the rain to begin. The first wave knocked his arse back, soaking him and greasing up the rocks nicely...the second wave punted his dusty old tackle box upside down, raining junk into the gaps along the breachway and tumbling his paper worm box along a flat stone surface. The third knock him down hard because he turned his back to the waves while chasing the remains of this box of sand worms. He was bleeding pretty good from his shin and the palm of his hand as he hauled in his line - I think he left to go get band-aids, didn't see him again. That's my only instant Karma moment in 45 years of stomping around the breaches. Well worth the wait.
  8. I forgot to go get breakfast and film the antics at the local boat ramp.
  9. Not that I enjoy being the class pecker-head, (well....we can debate that later...) but I get the notion that some here don't understand that the runts aren't "showing up"....They've been here all year in the river basins and are finally triggered to feed, especially when were talking anywhere inside LIS. Any warm day from the false springs in January to the first sunburn on your face from the glimpses of summer sun in April, you'll find yahoos ripping the lips off of micros in places like Norwich Harbor in the Thames or Hamburg Cove on the CT River. Every meth head and his brother out there tossing curly jigs from their pre-spooled Wal-Mart saltwater combos. Looks like a scene from the Big Bang Theory with their slinky-wands. OK, everyone pile on about "who am I to harsh-off on folks simply wanting to bend a rod, it's their right, it's legal to do , yada, yada, yada..." Because: There are white perch in abundance right now, April first saw the winter flounder season open, and today is opening day for put-n-take fishing in most NE states. I'll never understand the salivation over fishing for runts, especially when we know it adds to the mortality rate of a contentious fishery. So why not target a species that you can enjoy for dinner tonight instead of farggin' up a bunch of juvenile game fish that might one day truly rock your (fishing) rod? - End Rant.
  10. I just want to enjoy the comedy...I keep threatening to go film the parade of anglers tripping over each other but typically opt to go enjoy a fisherman's breakfast at a local social venue (VFW, Elks, local churches) instead. Those are good places to hear the kid's stories of the sea monsters that they bested that day.
  11. Bullhead catfish, also called horned pout (locally pronounced hornpout) are no joke. Their sizes can easily top 5 lbs in ponds. I've seen what looked to be 10-12 pounders in the upper CT river while diving. I've heard stories of even larger ones from the CT state police dive members. Don't be afraid to go heavy either. A good stiff rod and a live white perch anchored to the bottom by a generous pyramid weight is effective for monster cats. In ponds, look for holes burrowed into the mud near the banks. We used to sight fish for them mid-day this way. Drop a chunk of hot dog or fish near the mouth of the hole and watch the monsters rise!
  12. The arsehole swans have evicted the geese from the reed bed in the cove in my marina - usually about the same time the ospreys start showing up.
  13. Were hitting what I have always called the April weather trench - low to mid 40's and little sun for 3-4 weeks. Opening day of put-n-take fishing in Connect-a-tax is the 3rd Saturday in April. There is always ice beads on the braid in the first hour or so of the day. I suspect it'll be much like previous years - we'll break out of the trench and straight into 70 degree weather.
  14. Was cleaning up a bit in the basement where many a plug building fest has been hosted. I was looking over some of the 400-500 plugs hanging in the dusty floor joists from ~15 years back and couldn't help but remember some of our surf legend's humble beginnings. Winch, Mac, Silent Scott, Stripercrazy, Stewie, Timber, Animal, linesider 69...So many good folks it's hard to recall them all. But these drew my attention hardest today...Remembering a lost surf soldier who always had a thirst for learning more...I need to start sorting and shadow-boxing some of these classic first efforts. In memory of Dick "Fish Doc" Mandeville.- hope you're finding some angry water to plug around in the next expression of life my friend!
  15. Thanks all. Cleaning up after just kept bringing it back. The toys, the treats, leashes and collars. Everything seems to hold a memory of the little guy. I'm just to much of a softie to own anymore pets I think. It seems to get worse as you get older. Still ever-thankful of the time he was given tho. She gets the urn. She wants to have him with her when she goes. I thought that was nice.