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  1. Liaison to the FAA for Pratt & Whitney. Soon to be an Aviation Safety Inspector for the FAA down south (if my retirement plans go smoothly~!) If interested, Pratt is hiring!
  2. She misunderstood when I said that I looked forward to loading the dishwasher every night....
  3. Once upon a time a man fell deeply in love and asked his girl to marry him. She said "no". So he went fishing, drank beer with his buddies and rode his motorcycle everywhere and lived happily ever after. The end.
  4. Must-have safety equipment - Air Horn...and maybe a 9mm. ...and get the reg #'s when you can and report them.
  5. If Gary can wave to Taylor from where he works...it'd suck to be Taylor....Just sayin'
  6. Saw the same as Whitey, MA EP busted a bunch of people at the ditch for stashing fish in vehicles, in the rocks, etc...over 200lbs donated to shelters, lots of fillets were deemed unfit for consumption.
  7. Offshore is just heating up.
  8. Marriage: You : "I do!" Her : "You used to."
  9. Yep...if I let it go too long I look like I've been snorting gerbils and then using them for ear plugs.
  10. Bluefish = Mako Candy, not sure if inshore species dig'em too but I'd say it's a fair bet. I think that most sharks in this region that are taken from shore are a fluke~!
  11. I've got hair...I used to think my hairline was receding, lately I've come to realize that it's simply migrating to my back.
  12. My hair, narrow waist, broad mind...all but memories now. (According to my mirror, my broad mind and narrow hips met somewhere in the middle..)
  13. As was said, inside of Fisher's has a lot of quick topographical changes on the floor of the sound resulting in some seriously ripping currents, especially around Intrepid Rock. If you haven't been there (but I am assuming that you've seen the area plenty of times) there's probably no where that won't hold fish at some point in the tide. As Capt'n Castafly stated, good luck finding 19" fluke inside. The draggers pound the snot out of that whole area during the week when the day-sailors are at a minimum. If you'll hit Misquamicut, It'd tell you to fish the rocks and the wreck on Sugar Reef and maybe Wicopesset "island". But getting back to points west, if you've got a decent chart or a plotter that displays depth contour lines you'll see plenty of fishy structure from Latimer Light and beyond. Good luck and be careful. The land looks close in that area but the current doens't take unpowered boats there...
  14. That's a regular toe buster right there...DOH!
  15. Freedom! (freedom!) Freedom! (FREEDOM!)