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  1. Ugh!....Those look like SCHIT! Please bring them over to the house this weekend for proper disposal. We can imbibe a few libations to console you for your horrid work.
  2. Good to see you're making sawdust again~!
  3. I have maple (wood) molds that make 3, 3" long x 1/4" dia. lead 'billets' each pour. I have one in 5/16" dia. too. I drill the weight hole into the plug body to the desired depth, inserted the billet, use the band saw to cut off the billet so that the lead remaining in the plug is slightly proud of the body surface and then used a small hammer to 'peen' the lead into the hole, tightening it in place and making it form to the body's shape. I finish it off by giving each weight a 1/2 dozen swipes with sand paper to make the weight invisible once primed & painted. I've never had one come loose. Downside to this is making sure that you do not leave the lead 'slug' too proud, forcing the body to crack once peened into place. I'd say out of ~1000 plugs made I cracked 2 or 3. And it doesn't really make too much difference either once the weensie crack was coated with primer/paint/epoxy.
  4. I wouldn't tailgate on impact to sea birds as it relates to Fishing. Wind mills turn passing fowl into poof-chickens. Macerated seagulls = fish/shellfish food = increased predation = better fishing. Structure = better fishing. Lots of boat fishing guys lovin' the obstruction to the draggers. I never made it out there tis year but lots of reports of big fish holding around them. This has nothing to do with the surf guys. The mills are, at a bare minimum, an eye-sore to them. It will be interesting to see if the whale morality of this year was related or an unfortunate coincidence. I'd never heard of one dead whale hitting BIRI beaches in all my years. While I don't hear of everything, you'd think there might be one reported incident in 57 years.
  5. I was recently spared that legal agony. While CT will recognize a common law marriage established in a state that has such provisions, you cannot establish a common law marriage in CT. Satan left the way she entered...empty pockets.
  6. If it's an experience that's on your bucket list, get certified, go on the scallop dives in November/December off of Cape Ann. FWIW - between the freezing water (even I a dry suit), the ice building on the rails &deck of the boat, needing a lift bag to hoist 80#s of scallops up from the deep and shucking them out to about a pound and a half of meat, I'd recommend Big Y or Stop & Shop, etc... The little guys in the bay are IMHO not worth the aggravation.
  7. How about y'all quit renting houses/condos to clueless googans? I know, it's not something that you can control. But you don't really think these disrespectful morons are avid, responsible stewards of their environment, raised to handle fish respectfully and to obey laws, who just drove down/over for an evening of hunting the surf, do you? I'm betting those CT/MA/NY plates belong to west-of-the-river region suburbanites sportin' Wal-Mart saltwater-combo rigs pre-spooled with cheap Chinese mono, lured by the tourism ads and real-estate mongers renting out your RI investment properties who are not even vaguely familiar with state regulations. Stop putting the bait out and the gullible won't bite. Again, I know it's beyond your control but you gotta stop speaking of these people as if they represent whatever state their plate was issued from. If you're parking at the state launches, breachways and other state or locally maintained public parking areas what did you expect to find? That grid of small roads peppered with cheap raised ranches and capes that frame-up the Charlestown BW area are a breeding ground for googs. If the accommodations weren't there, your troubles would be halved, I'm betting. I get it - there are those that know that they're breaking the law, and that there are those that disrespect the facilities (like your horse-schit lady) but it's been my observation, in my near 60 years of trodding the RI/CT sand, the trouble is with the clueless tourists in general and not so much to do with the color of the license plate. I live on the eastern border of CT and believe me, we get our share of RI litterbugs and camper-clowns in our rivers and woods. You're frustration is 100% valid, but if you pigeon hole the acts by license plate colors, I'm here to remind the stone-throwers that we ALL live in this little glass house....OK - eviscerate me at-will guys...
  8. There was one in Willimantic, CT where I grew up. The Cashier gal was there from my earliest recollection of visiting Benny's in the 60's until the day the doors closed a couple of years back now. She was always pushing jars of peanuts or other impulse-buys at the checkout. I don't think I'll ever forget that smell of tire rubber and the ringing in my ears from the cheap electronics selections that hit you as you walked in.
  9. Spoofing? - 1/2 & 1/2.... Editorial observation on the ignorance of a culture that raped a new land - Spoof on the ignorance of a supposedly enlightened culture that introduced non-native species (fishers) into a region to correct a poorly engineered repair to the condition caused by the (first) ignorant culture. Satirical observation on the populace that are claiming to be "green". Living in planned neighborhoods, drinking chemically manipulated water, crowing about the virtue of their little-Bo-Peep diplomas while they can't change a flat on their car...speaking of which, Here's another satirical observation: Greenies that drive oil-smoke spewing 15 year old Volvo station wagons wall papered in vinyl declarations of how green they are. -or- Greenies that drive hybrid cars claiming their CO2 'footprint' is a fraction of conventional car owners while ignoring the open-pit lithium mines and the coal burning electricity plants used to recharge those batteries made from said lithium. As far as human intervention of canine and feline genetics, don't get me started. As if f'ing up a domesticated animal's physical appearance to a point that it causes the animal discomfort wasn't enough, some a-holes think it's cute to chop off the floppy parts (ears/tails) just to placate their egos or to sell these test tube freaks. For anyone who has cropped an ear or tail, or lopped the first knuckle of an animals fingers off ("de-clawing") I wish the same for them.
  10. I'm gonna get the forehead tattoo...
  11. Why not Seals? Don't worry about tipping the scales of natural order if your intentions are pure! The greenies will have a "natural" solution for every problem that they cause. Granted, the natural order that existed before the European migration is far different from what it was once we ultimately impacted that order. On the other hand I have a right to exist as well. So we hunted the turkey into near extinction in the northeast. but in turn that drove the turkey's regional predators, like the coyote, further from our habitat. Starting in the 20th century it was relatively safe for "modern" Americans to picnic in the country with their little dog fi-fi. Enter the greenies: Let's reintroduce the Turkey! Great idea....but with few predators left in the area they exploded in numbers. Enter the greenies again: Expanded hunting?? NO!!! That's cruelty to animals! I know! Let's grab a few Fisher's from Canada to rip the turkey's guts out even if they fly to their roost! Oh, BTW - Sorry, Fi-Fi, the next time you go to poop you're going to become Fisher Schit too!. It didn't take the Coyotes long to hear about the re-opened dinner buffet either - Fresh turkey with a side order of urban pets. Now the urbanites (Many of them greenies...) are looking to local government agencies to somehow "control" the coyotes and other predators from attacking them their "safe-space". - Keep putting up chain link cages around those paved bike paths too, morons! Lambs to the slaughter!
  12. Liaison to the FAA for Pratt & Whitney. Soon to be an Aviation Safety Inspector for the FAA down south (if my retirement plans go smoothly~!) If interested, Pratt is hiring!
  13. She misunderstood when I said that I looked forward to loading the dishwasher every night....
  14. Once upon a time a man fell deeply in love and asked his girl to marry him. She said "no". So he went fishing, drank beer with his buddies and rode his motorcycle everywhere and lived happily ever after. The end.