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  1. Budget? Your height? Your Weight? How shallow are the water you intend to fish in? How much gear will you take? How will you transport the kayak?
  2. Very nicely done!
  3. I tried to find the thread on the passaic river pike we had going before but maybe I just suck, but couldnt find it. Anyway- I stopped into the canoe launch in Livingston after work. Brought a fly rod only and figured I would wade and cast until traffic died down. Well all I can say is NEVER AGAIN will I go to the Passaic. I do not care if there are 50lb pike on every cast....well, if that were to happen yeah I might go back- but we all know that will never happen. I remembered why I went to saltwater fishing. The stinky mud and the plethora of biting insects and big gigantic mosquitos- holy cow! Yep, never going back.
  4. Good stuff!
  5. That was pretty funny!
  6. dry suit is the way to go. I got mine for a little over 300. It is a Stohlquist EZ Drysuit- has relief zipper. Mine is a semi drysuit- meaning the wrist gaskets are rubber and the neck gasket is neoprene. Rubber gasket on the neck is not comfortable. PFD will keep your neck above the waterline so I went with comfort.
  7. That equals 120
  8. a general rule of thumb is if the air and water temperature equal 120 or more you are good without a drysuit. if you go alone I would probably have it on especially if you plan on going at night and far out.
  9. that sucks, hope it is something simple to fix.
  10. I'm off next week. If u r free during the days I will join you.
  11. trust me it softens the blow- speak fast!
  12. Sorry I should have asked but is the unit a Hook 5 or a hook2 5? If it is a Hook2 then you need to add the widget- not sure about the regular Hook.
  13. I always break the news in with 3x the total cost- after they are done flipping out and find out the real cost they will actually be relieved Good luck!
  14. I used it on my jackson cuda- it was sitting in the center so no real water splash up on it. Sold it after about a year.