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  1. selling elsewhere
  2. selling elsewhere
  3. if you dont have a problem with the slayer 10 then the revo 11 would be fine for you.
  4. I think a PA14 and smaller would be perfect.
  5. selling some gear- pick up in cherry hill nj model tms-f70h 15-30lb 1/2-2oz power- heavy, action-medium fast this is the south east model designed for tarpon couple blemishes in finish (typical of Shimano in my experience) $165 bukaroos
  6. sold. Thanks Judy!
  7. future beach kayak- gotta go. Comes with paddle. Circled in red in one picture
  8. west marine 2 person kayak- can be used as a 2 person or single person comes with 2 seats, 2 paddles. Pick up in Cherry Hill NJ Trailer not included- but for $600 will offer as a package
  9. I am selling my trailex SUT220S trailer. It weighs under 150lbs. Is perfect for outback, revo, PA14 etc. 1-7/8 hitch (can include ball) The good: Very light weight rides very well all lights work brand new tires (I took the old tires off and put them on my new trailer as I had a spare and dont like to mix match) The bad: there are minor stress cracks from overloading it with an adventure island and small kayak. - drove it to the florida keys and back in this condition and it was fine- with an outback or similar you should not have a problem- and at this price you could pay someone to weld it and make it 100% One tire has slow leak- not sure what the issue is as the tire has never been used. Will give bill of sale pick up in Cherry Hill NJ kayak not included-
  10. Launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of Cape Hatteras National Seashore is prohibited except as approved in writing by the superintendent. This includes the Bodie Island Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Wright Brothers National Memorial, Fort Raleigh Historic Site, Pea Island and beaches of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The term “unmanned aircraft” means a device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the device, and the associated operational elements and components that are required for the pilot or system operator in command to operate or control the device (such as cameras, sensors, communication links). This term includes all types of devices that meet this definition (e.g. model airplanes, quadcopters, drones, model rockets) that are used for any purpose, including recreation or commerce.) I dont think Carolla is included. Not 100% sure though. Still ridiculous.
  11. well if not- LOL too late. Is Carolla included in that? That is just pathetic to be so regulated. Honestly- had I know all the regulations (You can not fly in Round Valley res- App prevents you from even taking off) I would not have gotten a drone.
  12. 100.00 cash pick up near cherry hill NJ
  13. i got a DJI Spark a month ago. Pretty disappointed in all the no fly zones. did some videos while down in OBX for vacation last week.
  14. thanks for the tip!