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  1. Your mom will be unbearable
  2. Yeah, thought you walked.
  3. Sorry for your loss, pak.
  4. 9 or 18, ED? We usually only play 9 on Thurs. but played 18 this past one. CArt path only, too.
  5. one minute
  6. We all do. Man, I am golfed out. Played Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and today. Off til Thursday, now, as long as our league course is dried out by then.
  7. Being American, I never understood the American preoccupation of the British royals, either. And the most surprising is billybob
  8. lol
  9. Hey, **** you, you red neck prick!!
  10. Show the jackasses my teeth!! That's great!
  11. You're not as dumb as you look.
  12. lol Canadiens, Russians?? Who, what, where? No nhl network at work any longer. **** you!!! I'm not greek!!!!!
  13. I tried finding that on utube and can't. They were doing a marathon on comedy central a little while back and cut that skit from the show.
  14. Smart. Adopt him when he's an adult so if you and his mom split, you are not liable for child support.