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  1. At work. i'm not googling that **** on my work machine. Are Al Bundy That made me guffaw out loud.
  2. Spicy mustard?
  3. You have fantasies about banging fat guys, don't you? Sicko.
  4. So you stick bo's staff up your ass, too?? i am really, really disappointed to find that out, mokes.
  5. I think that's a photoshop. you'd have to cut the head off that mouse to get that nice patty shape he's got going on there.
  6. Why are you so concerned about the appearance of other men, terri?? Seems kind of weird.
  7. I'm neither greek or guilty!!! or is that nor guilty??
  8. Seka or Asia Carerra. Pick one.
  9. Watching the watcher.
  10. Trying to explain something to you is as exasperating as trying to explain something to a house plant.
  11. I don't need glasses, you stupid ****ing idiot. I knew it was Stabler as soon as I saw the picture. You're the one needs glasses, missing that big number 12 on the front of his jersey.
  12. The better question would be, would you mistake one for the other?
  13. To Ray Charles, maybe.
  14. Racist post reported.