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  1. Naples, too.
  2. No time for your cryptic bs eddy
  3. Coal miner's daughter ^^
  4. A friend of my dad's worked on a tug on the Delaware. He went missing off it. Not sure if he was ever found, either. Was a long time ago
  5. Nice
  6. Good work, Mr, Loons.
  7. eff work. I quit again.
  8. Got your pm. Been swamped at work and haven't been on here. I'll try to get it up tomorrow. If not, I'll get someone else to put it up for me, Thanks, Speedy.
  9. You went to watch soccer. You got what you deserved.
  10. I hate they!!!
  11. I just got home. I spent all day laying out some stuff and realized I didn't get the info I really needed laid out at about 6:30. Had to start over, got one set done, got confused as **** on the second set and went home.
  12. eff work I quit!
  13. Smoked Reindeer.
  14. Finally, you get it.