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  1. 5$

    Hardly. I just refused to even entertain the thought of eating it. Didn't like the way it looked.
  2. Guy in my development got laid off and went to work as a TT driver. Company paid training, then work for that outfit. He absolutely hated it. Said it was too nerve wracking trying to get the truck and trailer around in a city. He didn't last very long before he quit.
  3. That ****er is high. You really don't realize just how high until you are at the bottom of it looking up.
  4. Does this help? Mój tata Krok Mama i rodzeństwo oglądał dym Shark Deal. Film był dobry. Życzyć ja kulisy obliczać na zewnątrz rachmistrz i * * * *
  5. Yes, she had a little baby girl, Piper, earlier today.
  6. Necessity is the mother of invention.
  7. Family saw a shark eat a seal.
  8. Saw a segment on a show about a golf course down in Brisbane that has a bull shark in one of its lakes. The course sits between two rivers abd there was a flood about 15 or 20 years ago. They believe the shark got trapped in the lake when the water receded. The shark is about 7 or 8 feet now. Had some good footage of it right up in the shallow water.
  9. Way to go, Tucker.
  10. It was a smart ass response, not to be taken literally.
  11. If it's a donut, yes.
  12. lol. No more for me.
  13. Here's Piper!