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  1. How do you know this stuff? Seems like you're invoking a few racial stereotypes here, and taking glee in it. What's the deal, HOW do you know who's better at dry cleaning?
  2. I don't get it. Why would spare ribs make a difference?
  3. The time I have available to fish is almost always at night. I'll choose the spot to fish by which spot has the tide I like within the time I have available.
  4. This is great: Tide times for Sunday and Monday nights are good for me to fish river mouths near Wells, and a surfcasting friend is meeting me Monday night to hit one spot. If anybody wants to meet up Sunday night, please holla. I have gear and generally know what I'm doing. Still looking for Falmouth ideas for Friday or Saturday night. I've been all over Google Earth and internet, and think I have an idea, but wouldn't mind hearing from a resident/local.
  5. Last year I noticed one of the warehouses that plug builders purchase supplies from started offering a VMC 3#, IDK if it was 4x strong, but it's held up well for me on small plugs and tins. The eye is big enough for most split rings, but triple rings seemed to restrict swing, a bit.
  6. Gail the Whale was large and TOOK what she wanted. My buddy's brother suffered an assault that left him with a fractured pelvis. He was too embarrassed to file assault charges. This was about 20 years ago.
  7. A wedding in Falmouth, and staying with wife and kid at a rented house, then going to Wells for a couple days. Anyhow, I don't know Falmouth, but I do like trying to catch striped bass when opportunities arise. Is anyone familiar with the area willing to throw me some suggestions for a shore based angler? If I catch fish there will be NO internet blabbing beyond a possible picture that doesn't disclose location. I'm guessing that I'll only have 3-4 late night/early morning hrs at my disposal, so I'm looking for ideas close to Falmouth, and parking is usually the toughest part when traveling. Post here or PM me, if able/willing to help. I'd be willing to reciprocate if somebody who helped me ever traveled to the New Haven area, where I usually fish. Also...I can't wait to be in Wells. One of the river mouths (within a 20 mile radius) is very fun to fish.
  8. My best luck in summer daytime is to keep moving/paddling and continuously throw as close to shore as possible. Any structure gets a toss; all nooks, overhangs, coves, brooks, brush, weed edges/parallel to weed line. My thinking is I can find a fish that is looking to feed faster than I can entice one that's lunkered down. I don't throw to any area more than 2-3 times when doing this. I stay about 15 yards out, in my yak, and often cast sidearm to get under branches. Generally, I have 2 rods, one with shallow diving minnow, another with jig n rubber. Lately, I've been only getting 1 bass per 45 minutes, and as many pickerel and/or larger pan fish, in between....a little frustrating/slow...but I'm catching Of course, your mileage will vary, I'm just talking about my experience the last few weeks, on 2 lakes in CT, with about eight 2hr outings. Night time has been better WHEN I can hear/find fish activity. Usually, at night I'll throw at the usual targets, but concentrate on places I hear bait feeding on bugs. If I can hear LMB feeding, I'll paddle over. The jitterbug, whopper plopper, poppers, and an active minnow usually get job done.
  9. I came in here thinking it was a fishing discussion. After looking at the pics, I feel compelled to say they look awesome
  10. Seriously, Trumsters....The Russians come to me offering to influence our election.....I'm turning this info over to the intelligence agencies. But, I love my country.
  11. Pathetic Joey, just pathetic. They took the meeting for illegal purposes. INTENT means something, no? Like, when you intend to buy heroin, but the dealer turns out to be an under-cover...tell the judge you're innocent, because you didn't 'obtain' anything. And, let me act sane and say "BS, they obtained stuff" including a better illegal relationship with Russian agents.
  12. Trump's Tweets are my source. Either Trump is lying again or he just threw his kid under the bus, ran into the bedroom, and hid under his bed.
  13. ^ It's telling and funny that Slacker alludes to ONE of the quid pro quos, above. "Give us relief on sanctions, including the Magnitsky fact, and we'll help you win this election." The Ruskies already knew Trumpets would play dirty pool.....look at Mannefort, Gates, Poppalotapuss, etc..... Yo,Dawg.....its illegal for citizens to conspire with hostile foreign agents to undermine current US law Trump = Treason!!!!
  14. Where we go one, is where we go all...and that is down the toilet with the dumpster fire that is TRUMP.
  15. Holy Crap! The meandering grind towards the truth, and the realization that Trump must be impeached for aiding a foreign hostile power and illegally influencing our sacred elections took another baby step forward. Of course, every sane person knew the meeting in Trump Tower took place, and its intent was to gain dirt on Hillary. The Russians said they would deliver this dirt in e-mails preceding the meeting. The Russians got the dirt illegally, The Trumpsters took the meeting illegally, and all of this was officially denied by Team Trump. Team Trump began working on deep-state conspiracy theories, full well knowing that the meeting would be made public eventually. Now Trump is admitting the previously denied meeting took place, but that he didn't know about it. This is BS and evidence shows he DID know about it. The Orange One's defense has shifted from NO COLLUSION to "collusion isn't a crime." I've heard many a moron repeat this mantra, but I am not sure they know what words mean. True, if I collude to buy a hot dog with the vendor, I am within my rights, as an American. BUT, when you collude with the Russian government to obtain stolen information in order to defeat the person you are competing against in the election, you have committed crimes. Trump should be impeached now, no? My question for the PG forum is what Q theory, what "But....Obama!", what justifies your deprave belief that Trump should not be held accountable?