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  1. I've been catching good fish, but while standing 3.5' deep, and not wanting to ruin another cell phone just to get a picture. Well, tonight, I couldn't fish where I wanted to (tide times vs family/work obligations) but I could get to where I knew a bunch of small fish would be. After releasing a few, I thought (since I was standing on a river bank) I'll get a picture of one of the 20" fish. Next cast, I hook this 34" on my mag darter imitation. Later, there was a lull in the action, and I clipped on one of Ed White's soft plastics. 1st cast with it, I hook another of the 20" fish.
  2. I know that a few people that post in this forum did email. I was gonna snail mail, but read that the session was almost over. I emailed Hamden and New Haven reps
  3. I'll post pics of what I did at some point, and I appreciate the help. I am considering transplanting (later, this fall) all of the new runner/plants into a raised bed/box that I currently have tomatoes growing in. It will be much easier to protect, much like what Steve in Mass and Sandflee are showing.
  4. In. I have an idea, based on a proto. If it's a bust, I'll gladly withdraw.
  5. Rent a bouncy house and tap a keg. If they're friends, they'll show up.
  6. Awesome vid. What pound test line were you using? Were you at anchor? Anything you can tell me about strategy/technique would be appreciated. I can't wait to get my yak into a river. So far this year for me, it's just been striped bass from shore
  7. Your need to rant racial is amusing. WB is still wrong, and no liberals said what he said they would. Enjoy your meeting
  8. It's sad and funny you believe Trump tweets. The dude's a pathological liar, spare me the "But...Hillary/Obama
  9. Yes, Joey. Your questions are too intimidating and cerebral for me to face up to. That was sarcasm, BTW. I've been fishing late into the nights and gotta get the garden/landscaping done.Family, work, home maintenance, fishing, SOL comes in a distant 5th.I just read your quote/response minutes ago
  10. Perhaps that, definitely more. If you meet with the mob to collect the illegally obtained cocaine, you're still committing a crime. You approve of collusion with hostile foreign powers? Are you gullible enough to believe they took the meeting out of patriotism or a desire to do good deeds? Make me an offer on the Brooklyn Bridge
  11. I think you should go yell at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn. You're more suited to that. Since no liberals said anything about Twumpy Wumpy hurt little yellow people, or whatever the hell it was that WB babbled, he is demonstrable wrong. That makes your tirade (above) irrelevant. Every conservative I meet is a bigoted white man, or their spouse, who has been beaten into submission by their husband's alcoholism or dependence on prescription meds Personally, I wasn't offended by WB's need to go racial. I expect as much. It's telling that you felt a need to defend it. Hey, holla back when you find a liberal who saysTwumpy Wumpy hurt little yellow people.or whatever the hell it was that WB babbled. Conservatism is cancer, have a nice evening
  12. Listen, I have NO respect for you. Just 'cause YOU can't handle truth doesn't mean someone is lying. Simpson stood in front of the (R) Partisan House Intel Committee and told the whole truth about his relationship with the Russian lawyer. Had he given even an inkling of misdeeds he would have been served a criminal referral from Trump's Butt-Boy, Nunes. Now, the expressed purpose of the meeting was to obtain dirt on Hillary, and members of Trump's campaign took the meeting, then denied it, then remembered it (once the email surfaced) "if it's what you say I love it" And again, those who read beyond Daily Caller and Brietbart, are learning that Jr. met with royalty from Saudi and UAE ...the purpose? For those foreign agents to help Daddy win the election. #Lockhimup!
  13. Will they? Or did you just need an excuse to call Chinese people yellow?
  14. So...wait...the vast federal conspiracy made Jr., Mannefort,, meet with foreign agents in order to gain illegal material from a foreign government in order to influence the election? I call BS on this recent (err...months old) batch of fake news, but even were it true....still a crime committed by Campaign Trump