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  1. omg...this thread somehow reminded me I never did my last harvest of carrots.....I'm gonna go out and dig under the snow tomorrow morning....see what's there. I'm taking EBHarvey's advice on the tomato thing. No matter what I do, I don't get a tomato until June 18th
  2. finished a bunch of stuff, today...some split the difference spooks and a popper (salt water tough, but small enough for the lmb, for those summer time midnight kayak outings). A wooden handcarve, and 4 pvc handcarves. Jeziss...when does spring arrive? I want a striper to SLAM a lure, not just barely inhale a tiny jig, so that I'm not sure if it's a fish or I dragged thru some weed. ....The pic of wooden disappeared...oh well
  3. finished wooden ones....these swam great in mild current, and at low and medium speed...IDK what they would do in a fast inlet, but really, they aren't intended for that...I'd use a different lure for that. I cannot wait for spring. The stripes I'm catching now will only hit a small jig/rubber slowly bounced along the bottom.
  4. I'm done, except for testing the pvc's....they look good in the bucket of water, I can't imagine they won't swim right. The one with yellow eyes is mine. The new 10mm eyes I ordered wouldn't fit in it's eye sockets, so I stuffed my last pair of 3/8" in there.
  5. I'm in Thanks
  6. Nice. It does look good.Is there weight in the tail section? I know usually people don't weight the azz end. I've had some luck when putting a tiny home made weight back there.
  7. What happened after epoxy? The answer to my question might be obvious, I just scanned thru quick, while taking a break from writing a mid-term paper. Also, I have epoxy done on my pvc lures. I'll tie the tails today, and test the lures next weekend. Will post pics probably Tuesday night
  8. I worked all day, went home and straight to my workshop to spread epoxy lures. I'm now up from the dungeon now...what is it I should be humiliated about?
  9. ( So) I have a tiny kayak for fresh water that I use in safe/easy conditions maybe 20-35x/yr (because I surfcast about 130x). I want to install the cheapest, easiest, FF/GPS set-up I can, that will be useful. My over-riding concern is that I can, quick and easily, throw the yak on top of the truck, drive to the lake, and get on the water fast. The yak is too small for much equipment, and I'm not willing to invest in much at this point. GPS is important to me, so the Garmin Striker seemed like a good choice over the similar priced hummingbird So...I was thinking of getting a Garmin Striker FF/GPS...(Q1: does that sound crazy?). And, I was trying to decide between just the unit ( that comes with FF, power cord, transducer, some mounts, $130) or do I get the portable kit? The kit is $185, and has the in-hull mount, and sealed battery w/charger, and a mount for the FF, and a bag it can all go in. Q2: Is the extra $55 worth it for the kit? I'm very 'handy' and can fabricate just about anything.....can I get a sealed battery w/charger on my own, and just mount in-hull with redneck engineering? Q3: am I missing anything here....are there things beyond the FF, transducer, battery, and charger that I'll need? I know I could figure this out on my own, I'm just hoping to draw on your experience and avoid costly mistakes. Also, I'm hoping to spend about less than a few hrs, one time, on installation. Anything anybody is willing to tell me would be appreciated/considered. Thanks
  10. Yeah, I like the shape of those darters, Island Surf
  11. I think, in a less than honorable way, you've been referring to me (how many times?) with your "one leftist" crap. Trump's already done his best to remove protections and regulations the EPA had established to protect the environment, and is actively seeking to gut the budget. I see how you included a chart showing the EPA's budget during Trump's 1st year in office, and the budget was only cut by $80 million. The circus act of Trump's first year in office prove Trump ineffective in many ways, but his intentions to gut the EPA are well documented. Below, is just one quote: USA Today:"The bad news? Even with the last-minute cash, the agency still would get slashed by 26% — more than any other major federal department — under President Trump's 2019 budget proposal. The proposed cut didn't come as much of a surprise given that the president last year recommended cutting the EPA by 30%, from $8.2 billion to $5.7 billion, as part of his 2018 budget proposal. " So, Trump has put in a whackjob 'cone of silence' director who is already carrying out Alt-Right policy (of removing environmental protections), the EPA is currently spending $ allocated before Trump could find his azz with both hands, and Trump is actively looking to cut the EPA's budget someplace between 25 and 34% (depending on source). If you were capable of being honest, you could say you're for a smaller EPA, and I would say I want the EPA to be robust and force industry not to pollute my planet more than necessary. That would be an accurate depiction of our respective positions. But the canard you're blathering about Trump being a leftist, is just absurd. Using the blatant lie that Trump is leaving the EPA 'as is' is demonstrably false, according to Trump's words and actions. Running around SOL, referring to me and misrepresenting both Trump's and my positions....well....I don't respect it.
  12. It's the narrative that the alt-righties attest to: The white man is persecuted and dark skinned folk are given everything for free.
  13. I tested the wooden ones: swam great, casted good. I'm happy with them Still waiting on eyes for pvc lures
  14. aaah...
  15. apology accepted