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  1. Just did drums, shoes and new hardware on 99 Pathfinder yesterday. Do it for several reasons, none are money. I actually find it relaxing and rewarding to do. like Bopsa want it done right and with my own selection of materials. Son just got permit so I want good brakes on there but also he got to learn how to do drums, shoes , rotors pads calipers , proper use of tools etc. My 12 year old daughter helped me yesterday do the rear brakes about an hour after getting home from surf day with me . Hell of a good day for her but even more so for me....
  2. Weight , spins about 1 1/4oz , maple about 1 3/4oz. I have had maples without red dot.
  3. Yep did that at Honda too, asked their top sales guys to explain how the 4wd works on the Pilot and got crickets. Fired him and insisted on getting someone who actually knew something about how the vehicle works. I was in technical purchasing for years so expected more than basic knowledge from snake oil sales men. Oh by the way the Pilot vtm and the newer ivtm is a very capable 4wd/awd system. I have had my 2011 Pilot all over outer banks from Ocracoke to Carova Virginia state line.
  4. Doesnt sound like a carp rod , got any pics ? What would you say is the sweet spot for casting ?
  5. I've done long term rentals with Enterprise , they called it a 30day plus rental. I would call in my mileage monthly and they would have me bring car back for regular scheduled maintenance. probably every 45 days as I was doing high mileage. They also sold each vehicle I drove at 30k miles . I went through 2 1/2 cars one year. Someone got two cherry Chevy Traverses that I drove from 12miles to 30k and only 5 months old that year.
  6. Unless you misinterpreted what he said the angle of the dangle can't have any effect on the retrieve
  7. His daughter was on here a few years back looking for some of these after her dad passed . There may be some info in that thread if you can find it.
  8. Your biggest issue will be landing fish on a jetty . Your not going to swing too many fish with that light a rod which means you will have to work fish back to the beach to land them .
  9. Small world , I used to vacation in Inchydoney as a kid. 70's thru early 80's . Although I'm a Jackeen most of my family is from Cork, still have family in Ballinhassig and Carrigaline and the City. Cousin also owns a weekend house in Clonakility. Last trip home I stayed out on Beara peninsula, plenty of pollack but no bass.
  10. Is that you fishing Inchydoney in your profile page ?
  11. I have stayed in the Canada Hill section of Esterillos. The best shore fishing is further south closer to Quepos at a few river mouths . There is great rocky structure just north of Esterillos but it's restricted park land , if I had to do I then again I would fish from a kayak in front of this area. the panga guys launching from Esterillos beach caught many large mackerel (Sierra ) every day. There is a good tackle store outside Los Suenos just north of Jaco about 30mins from Esterillos.
  12. Ninja Blender , set to chum.
  13. Don't know about current but the original 7hts were renowned for poor drag that wore out fast.
  14. Old goat beat me too it , my canal stick is also a zziplex sea raider (uptide rod) . Absolutely perfect from 3-7 but can handle 1 3/4 to 10.
  15. Offer $15 shipped for the parrot BC.