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  1. "What would you do if this happened to your reel?" I would find a reel tech to work on my reels if I did that to a 706 , perhaps the easiest reel to work on and you buggered it up , put down the screw drivers and back away from the bench slowly....LOL
  2. Tag. , I was thinking old school too and didn't mention it because of so many votes for the BG , but now that you bring up old school ,I will put in a vote for the Daiwa SS2600. Missing the IAR too but more than makes up for it with awesome long cast spool , magic smooth drag and light weight. I beat the snot out of one for about 15 years before retiring it . The made in Japan model better than Taiwan imho.
  3. I just can't get over you we're up to a $150 on a plug you weren't sure what it was....
  4. I used to be primarily a bomber guy then migrated to SP and swung back towards the Redfin as my Finnish minnow style lure.Now I like to carry all 3 in my bag, each has its time and place. I do prefer to see a Redfin getting smashed on the surface....
  5. So the the trail grabbers on my boots are starting to wear out , actually the carbide grip has fallen out of a few studs. Looking around I see that these are now available , called Igrip studs . Any one tried them out yet? Available in various sizes and styles.
  6. If the rod has a label on it , i.e. Model # and line / weight rating , take a picture a post it here . Then some one could recommend a suitable upgrade to what he currently has.
  7. Have you tried the basszone carbon fiber knobs yet ? They look interesting.
  8. Quan , I still like the Oem Eva knob which is why I bought one of yours on eBay, LOL...not that you would know this in Hawaii but the Eva is much warmer fishing in sub 32deg weather.
  9. Very similar - Braid-improved Albright-mono -breakaway-plug. Once I got into mostly night fishing I eliminated the swivel as didn't want to deal with it hitting tip ring. Never have noticed any difference in line twist between with or without ?
  10. Using a 1" hole saw , drill out the bottom of the plug tube . It will have the added benefit of draining faster too.
  11. They seem to be relatively cheap on eBay , buy a 870 in good condition and swap the parts needed, keep sacrificial reel for additional spare parts.
  12. do you know the weight of the rod?
  13. Brian slow down , Murphy hasn't legalized weed yet...
  14. Pretty sure that's a daiwa basiair in the picture .
  15. Not a lot of distance difference between rods one foot longer than the other . Assuming you are plug fishing the lure will have a max distance it can go (technical mumbo jumbo terminal velocity regulates its distance) Casting a Danny on either an 8' or 12' rod and it will go about the same distance , casting a more aerodynamic metal and you will see a bigger difference. Case in point years ago at Sportscast fishing distance event ,I cast an Ava47 about 480' on a 10' rod and 520' on a 12'8" rod. I generally fish the shortest rod I can for a given situation , comfort and fatigue factor into this decision. If I am fishing say a SP minnow and can't reach fish on my 8'6" rod stepping up to a 10 or 11' is not going to give me a huge increase in distance , first thing I would do with the 8'6" outfit is change lures to maybe a popper or Hopkins shortie, either of those are going to give me a bigger distance increase than swapping rods.