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  1. Carbon blades are 200 , the less fragile Fiberglas blade 140.
  2. Based on your two selections I figure you are a high angle paddler , for about 140 you can get an aquabound manta ray carbon shaft which will run about 30-31oz in a 230 model. Going to be lighter than the fiberglass shafts you selected.
  3. Assuming it is clean and fit good before. I have sanded both century and zziplexs to get a better fit. Use 600-1000 grit . Sand a little, clean with alcohol and test fit. Replete til happy. A second method to fit , apply grease to male portion ,white lithium works as you can see the carbon as you work the male into the female . Insert male section and work it around. , spin it several times , this will polish and finely sand the joint. Take apart and clean both sections of grease ( the grease will blacken as it contained carbon particles now.) dry fit again , repete until fit perfect fit it achieved. i find high humidity and heat-caused tighter joints.
  4. I magged my first avet back around 2002/2003 when they first came out as I wanted a lever drag for surf bait fishing. That SX has been test cast over 200 yards in fields tests. I later moved on to daiwa saltist lever drags in size 20 and 30 as the drag engagement on the early avet was not linear and lacked a little in repeatability. I have cast those saltists over 200 yards too. I still like lever drags for bait fishing when I do it . bigger levers can be magged too just need more braking to be manageable. Self magging is relatively easy and plenty of articles and ideas on net on how to do it.
  5. The other two plugs are BC's
  6. What if you added marine grade plywood reinforcement underneath the existing aluminum
  7. Most leaf blowers generate little pressure , its all volume no pressure for most.
  8. Also check to see if it is overheating, my phone cuts out in a waterproof case at times from that.
  9. I have a lightly used Daiwa Capricorn maybe I should list it in bst
  10. The grease thread just resurfaced on the main again , got me thinking that the aquashield grease mentioned in that thread being used to seal non sealed reels would be worth a look at on kayak drive systems.
  11. I car top , made wider crossbars from a length of unistrut. One 10' length yields two 60" cross bars , cost about $22. Bolts to roof side rails. Very strong very secure . Drove to Maine and Key West from Jersey last year without a bother. 60" wide allows two inverted kayaks which ride better imho.
  12. White perch ,,, sorry meant Blackhole! Got mixed up between rods and fish ID . The universal answer.
  13. I forgot I also caught a bunch of albies from a small concrete pier somewhere inside the great sound.
  14. Been awhile since I was last there maybe 20 years, I brought metal, small bombers and bucktails. Had mostly lizardfish and barracuda. There are bonefish there but I never saw any from shore. Saw small schools of unidentified fish that were about 20-30lbs size same general shape as a permit / trevally but they weren't interested in artificials. Did a headboat trip once there and had triggerfish, snappers and wife got a bonefish.
  15. In the recycles with the rusty nails , broken glass and jaded edges tin cans