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  1. the Aquaskinz Nor'easter is the better jacket to keep you dry , I have mine about 8 years no problems , going back to an old post on this type of outerwear & waders , Can't leave it in the trunk of the car cold weather or hot weather , it has to be be rinsed off and hang dry ( not damp environment like a garage ) This jacket is not made for warm days , its a real "fall run " beach fishing atmosphere .
  2. Parents who own guns ..are not parenting , lock the parent & kid up. Purchasing firearms are a joke in this nation simple. More killings are with cars of young Americans for decades another politician disgrace.
  3. these are HS students who are doing the killing ...parents where are they ? when you know what your offspring are doing 24 /7 that's the solution .My Beef is that the politicians get camera time ..same BS they do nothing
  4. very happy that you liked it ...its the same ole ,same ole politician grandstanding almost like the saying ..." Say No to Drugs " does nothing really it's not a R or D issue its an OUR issue. No place on this planet this stuff happens only here. Parents are not parenting very simple.
  5. Last thing we need is a Senator and Governor from Texas telling the American people how they feel about this killing .
  6. folks its time for intermission and a word from our sponsors
  7. our hearts & prayers go out to the victims & their families ... heard this many times over in this country
  8. You fly guys are some interesting bunch . RJ if your in need of fire wood , we had a good tornado two days ago come thr , plenty of it road side already cut .
  9. I have taken your former suggestion on the subject and it was a good fix for the short series . Thanks for sharing , my bad thought your NJ folks we’re all Philly followers . You must have taking the plunge early in life and moved down in the Pines .
  10. in the next week or so a lot of chess / checker movers have to be made for this team , Bird,Drury,Montgomery, Warren,Adams are all possible ready for the call up . This team is in great shape in the standings .One of the biggest decisions with be the Bird replacement ( if ready ) Austin is 5th on the team in RBI ,#1 in rookies in HR , defence is only getting better ,going to hurt if Austin is sent down w/ those numbers. But you do need arms " sometimes too much is not too so good ".
  11. ...I think that is fair you can say that we are expected to do that , as for the rain out , last year was crazy the other way The USA did not have much rain across the country . going out of town hoping my Bro-in law has the Yes network , forgot to ask before we made plans .
  12. “We won’t have him here regularly sitting,’’ Boone said. Talking about Red Frazier who was called back up from his injury . Easy to makes calls like this when Hicks cooled off somewhat . Adams is pitching well last outing 10ks looking good to come back soon . Arms are rested should be no excuses to be on par to get back into the schedule. Next KC
  13. The Red Army are fishermen who target Carp , drink Russian vodka , eat aged sausage, smoke cigarettes down to the filter and fish with surf rods usually more than the legal limit and secretly harvest more than their legal share back to the car cooler numerous times during the day .
  14. going to light the fire on this chilly evening search the archives tonight of All My Children DVD collection ( just can't decide what decade to choose from ) now that the gameS are rescheduled to June 15th ?