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  1. If you search thru the web photos , you can find placards on the rail cars , identifying content . One report radioactive soil Sulfur which is common being transported NOT SAYING ANY HAVE LEAKED OR DAMAGE , ITS NOT MY REPORT . web information
  2. He is dripping with confidence , keep by passing him ...he will lose it surely over a long winter
  3. He's been down long enough ,Hes already stretch out remember Severino went back down sent by Joey G and came back awesome Watch they will bring him in during the playoffs going to the pen & he will be a fish out of water . AAA is a stepping stone with advanced AA hitters , the test is the bigs , Take the diapers off these guys & apply the Big Boy pull ups , you don't know until you try , Look at Andujar , Torres " no power " in AAA said the scouts .
  4. The Weily online Encyclopedia explains some diesel spills in NY trout streams . Not knowing what type of fuel and the amount that spilled I don’t have the information to compare the encyclopedia findings . I know from Hazmat removal it’s usually not in trout streams I can give an opinion . It might take years to find the study results if the reports are correctly provided to the public.
  5. Mike Morgan , Dwight Goodwin , Vida Blue,Bert Blyleven , Felex Hernandez all pitched at 19 years of age , What the heck are they waiting for with Sheffeld ? If its i all about holding these guys for extra year eligibility $$$ it does s them no good in development.
  6. No one can predict the effects on our waters of petroleum, toxic hazard spills of any kind . As of yet , You have to wait and see from reports not just spokespersons . I would have like to hear if there were environmental personnel cleaning areas along the spill way well or below the fast water area . Been following the Red Tide in SW Florida more .
  7. I enjoy great pitching so to me watching him and his art of pitching is worth hanging in there He would have helped big but he is not the solution.
  8. I was reading PTD and stopped at question #11 11. Can a town charge me for a beach badge to access public trust land? YES. A town can charge beach fees to produce revenues necessary to offset legitimate beachfront related expenditures. However, if you are simply walking along the wet sand area below the mean high water line you should not be charged a fee. entering an Beach perpendicular to the water line can you be charged s fee ? if your walking parallel from one town beach ( below the water )to another sounds like it’s legal. walking with a fishing rod & fishing considered a violation ? Provided you kept your feet moving lol ?
  9. Like a broken record good pitching wins , Mets had it & we didn't , the system is slowly breaking down & will have to wait for the next move by Cashman if any , CC on the DL , Torrayes is back up , Voit is optioned , 6-4 last 10 is all right nothing to write home about , listen to that TV crew & it was pain full , Perez talks good logic of the game he I enjoyed . going to catch some fish for a could of weeks
  10. I’ve fished from Canada to South America for 50 + years . they don’t call this fish the Silver King for nothing . Many a man have lost their jobs , lovers hunting this Tarpon. On a fly I have been embarrassed a few times in my short time targeting them . It’s a fantastic game ! Still waiting for my 1st .
  11. it's always a big NY thing to play these games , tonight two Ace pitchers going at it , hope the weather gives both teams a good chance to perform well for their NY fans 1. Brett Gardner (L) LF 2. Giancarlo Stanton (R) DH 3. Didi Gregorius (L) SS 4. Aaron Hicks (S) CF 5. Miguel Andujar (R) 3B 6. Greg Bird (L) 1B 7. Gleyber Torres (R) 2B 8. Neil Walker (S) RF 9. Austin Romine (R) C Severino P
  12. The would isn't perfect but the best on earth is right here in the USA ask anyone who comes here for a better life . thank you our veterans and law enforcement .