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  1. The one survivor can’t speak for the rest but I do respect Mr Neville doing what he thinks is right .
  2. I can see a lot more Chartreuse in this one
  3. How do select the bead head size to the hook size ? or water depth ?
  4. sure the left news reports the left side agree lol , but to be very honest about the posting here just a little incorrect about who is attending and putting the idea into these American young adults . Its Republican mothers are also very much involved & supportive.
  5. GO FOR IT & catch'em up
  6. Chuck Check your phone text message ...the other Chuck
  7. it nice when you can post bust balls about large fish , politicians , or even everyday mistakes , but when people mothers & fathers hearts are bleeding , screaming with pain , this is no place to mock fun because you did not have a loved one there , who did not have a choice to live or die when the shooter pointed a gun at these young kids and ask " do you want to live or die " .
  8. You will be ok son , go outside get a breath of fresh air , look up into the sky enjoy the world . Everybody gets a second chance . With over 13 k posts here, you can survive anywhere .
  9. I agree the way you see it because you were distributed bad genes.
  10. never too late to have a good old fashioned rally , the young of Florida have had it with Washington's politicians . Massive protest gatherings are being organized by future voters ( who are 16 & 17 year olds ) social media organization here are fed up with DC crap . They will be voters in one or two years are are ready to make their voice heard . Their message / motto " either your with us or against us " . God Bless these young voters to voice their concern. Don't like it you strike it , united for strength. And for all the wisenheimers out there , best they are doing something positive then sitting back and doing nothing
  11. if the election was really stolen , somebody please return it , as its damaged goods !
  12. Went to AC on Friday to hear these guys , after 48 years together still a great listen ( respected the no photo / vid while performing ) took a shot before show time .
  13. She can say she did not hear God , but her and the gals on the TV show “ the view “mocked about Mike Pence listening to Gods words . People are in trouble if they are listing to Oprah .
  14. lol over the decades I would hear Dick Button use the term on Wide World of Sports & the Winter Olympics , you may have to ask Terry Mac for that one ,
  15. Well if you can beat my PB BT 7.12 oz June 2012 Crossriver reservoir NY on a Husky Jerk bait then I tip my hat to you . I do have some nice SM catches from up in St Lawrence river .