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  1. I really don't see Bird that far up in the line up , Has not played a whole season yet , career at bats is a@ 305 , he's not ready for a # 3 hitter yet , has not proved to me anyway , I think he will be one of these fragile players , Di DI before Sanchez nope .
  2. Bird before Sanchez ? not going anywhere ? Tom Seaver , Frank Robinson , Roger Clemens , Mike Piazza , Alex Rodriguez all were traded do you put Bird in this group ?
  3. I think with this line up you will see the 1st time in MLB history 3 players on the same team hit 50 HRs Judge , Stanton , Sanchez Mantle & Maris did it somebody correct me If i'm wrong , somebody is going to get 200 BB lol
  4. glad you like & enjoy your set up , thanks for sharing
  5. no matter how we look at it its worth every fight , if i can beach any fish ( Albies included ) without killing it , I'll burn gears on any reel , Its not made for those fish that size BUT it can handle it , so FK , FA ,CI4 , FB , If your using a 3000 & hundreds of Albies that's impressive , what size reel ? I'm interested an eager to learn something every day
  6. thanks Vic I really don't picture fish but my wife was listening to music when she seen the Tarpon make the 1st jump , there we about 150 people cheering & cars were lined up stoped w/ a traffic jam , it was about 25 minutes felt like an hour , got me down to the mono backing about 5 x's , you know them reels . Too bad but St Maarten is wrecked , the island is was a nice 12 year run down there & will take that much to fix her up from Hurricane Irma , also on that reel was a 42" Snook , 4' reef shark & 7 lb Bonefish.... memories
  7. Ok ...thanks for the tip
  8. listen Lady ..you know a lot about nothin ..I'm move on here w/ you
  9. no like any American home owner who believes they are above the law , while ignoring rules & regulations converting single family homes into illegal two family homes , where greedy landlord jam 16 people into 5 rooms to make a buck while in putting 1st responders in Harm's Way trying to save lives . Does that explain ghetto ? wisenheimer
  10. hay ! thats a nice am .. you meat / bait fish ?
  11. At this moment Betances is worth a warm 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon at best other teams like him & will take their chances go back & re read the post between Joe & I will explain We need Gardies speed /table setting and more importantly his veteran presence in the locker room. I think it would be a huge mistake to let him leave. I see Judge and Stanton, since they're both righties, splitting RF evenly, every other day one is DH one is in RF. That's enough to keep both fresh and sharp and it cuts the odds of injury by 50%. I don't but I can be wrong Headly might be expendable if Miguel Andujar is ready not ready What do the Yanks do with Tyler Austin ? Keep or trade ? I don't think he will sell T shirts... trade him
  12. glad you had a nice time , but for us in the outdoor hot tub = Harpoon Winter Warmer it was a great start to the winter holiday season
  13. hope it works for the Philly fans its a nice organization & good people
  14. = Severino & maybe Big Mike back , CC has a very good arm , its his knee is in question & FA he might not come back , Montgomery too you need pitching to win especially another south paw
  15. agree but their pitching now might give up 1001 runs , their rotation needs help