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  1. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole for the ukulele Or what hop considers a stand up bass
  2. f off midget
  3. I know Japanese beetles that attack the basil do similar damage, you can always try covering it with fine netting
  4. Red, as a child the clothing “Husky” section ring a bell?
  5. Not likely considering Koko has passed on
  6. Grilled Scape time of year
  7. Tip that works for me after trying bakery string, pieces of cloth etc for tiring tomato plants to stakes, good Ol trail marker works the best, cheap as hell (Home Depot) easy to tie and break off, stretches, and doesn’t cut into plants
  8. she made the sign for noose
  9. Try taking Col. Sanders off your speed dial
  10. that's really depressing
  11. of course corporations are in the business of making money, however that doesn't make purposeful deception a acceptable practice, especially when risking ones health
  12. you have fire/theft coverage?
  13. will not be down for breakfast
  14. my uncle had battles with stomach cancer for many years, they finally about 10 years ago determined it likely had to do with exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam