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  1. Squid I did a number of years ago
  2. who digs up a 6yr old thread to add that he died today?
  3. 98% of people didn't even know what a bump stock was, you can thank media for that one
  4. great show, who knew Charcoal, sulphur and bat guam made gun powder Boonesborough not Boonseville tonight is Lewis and Clark and Tecumseh
  5. just when he was about to prove the earth is flat too.
  6. they gave him 2 years to live when he was diagnosed 50+ years ago
  7. tough to watch some of these fight nowadays, example being the Ortiz/Wilder fight last week, Dante had his bell rung and didn't recover before the start of the next round so the ref called some BS timeout to give him more time, i gather so there can be an eventual Anthony Joshua vs Wilder in the future, the bogus rip off scoring of Canello vs Triple G etc... Lomenchenko is the only entertaining boxer to watch now but he just steamrolls guys who throw in the towel
  8. Don't forget need to get them before April 1st, must also show Saltwater Fishing Registry as well, oh and Yeah it went up $15 its $80 now, less access more $$
  9. NY is doing away with the toll booths al together, No longer are there booths when using the Verrazano bridge, if you don't have an EZ pass they bill you, really no reason not to have the Pass, tolls are cheaper with EZ pass vs Cash
  10. Just as good.... Put on a whole 10" long sandworm
  11. there really don't discount, to my knowledge VS sets a price that the vendors need to abide by, however vendors will throw free stuff in to sweeten the deal
  12. neither does Red
  13. saw that on Surfcaster Plug Swap, listed as RARE lmao
  14. Joe Biden.. heard it today.... thats should serve well for the #MeToo crowd
  15. I strongly suggest everyone watch the TV doc series "Chain of Command" really puts things into perspective