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  1. I use Caddis waders for FW streams. They have performed well. Mine are 5 years old, started with about 10-12 Montauk trips before the Fly Fishing disease engulfed me. Now I use them about 4-5 times a season until it gets warm. As for boots on a sand beach, you will not be able to deal with long sessions. Sand will get all clogged into your laces, boot tongue area and eventually between you and the boot wall. For jetties and groins start with Korkers. Their new lightweight model looks great. I use the original Redside with cleats for salt water and an occasional high water stream trip in the spring. Both great products.
  2. In case anyone missed it, the fishing in Breezy Point 2017 was terrible. Nothing in the spring, summer was less than nothing unless you like 13" fluke and sea robins and rats when the weather went "die hards only". I can tell you that more than once I dug someone or pulled someone out of the sand who smelled of cologne and vodka and was accompanied by a hottie with a smile on her mug. Make your own conclusions. They had passes.
  3. Tony Luscombe. Paid Park Ranger 50% of the time, supposedly volunteers the rest. Local legend ? I don't know, but I like that he's a bit grouchy at times.
  4. There is a "parking pass" which may also be limited. It's all you need at Great Kills, Ft Tilden, Floyd Bennett, and the 222nd Street lot at Breezy, but here you need some walking shoes for sure. I don' know if they sell them out.
  5. Drag is so often part of the marketing shtik when it's not the number necessarily that's important. At 15# you will probably not encounter anything that can run very far, unless you are sharking off the beach. Important is how smooth does it run ? and how smooth and sudden does it respond when it's hit suddenly ? Flyrodders deal with this all the time because they fish light tippets and the rod can only absorb so much before the pressure will snap the tippet ( leader ). Also as someone pointed out above, can the reel internals handle the max posted for the reel ? My $.05.
  6. Sea run trout, all three major types go saltwater occasionally. Steelhead as an example are genetically Rainbow Trout.
  7. Thanks Redfin. Everyone's opinion matters, especially the guys / gals who have fished the lure in question. I have large black and bone, and smaller, black, bone, chicken scratch and a blue over silver/white which looks perfect for mullet, but that's several months away. They come with good hardware. I crush all the barbs on the rear treble but not the front.
  8. Old, confused. I would have said the same regarding Rebels. Although I have not thrown a Rebel in 4 years or more.
  9. Scissor about 2.99 or nail clipper at about 1.29. Nippers are gadgets. IMO.
  10. Would appreciate your opinion on the newer Long Cast Bombers . I have a couple in two sizes for this year. Have you tried them ?
  11. You could switch out those cheaper 2X hooks that come with some plugs. I think they are VMC. Putting those on a 5 1/2 "Redfins will not change the action. I just use 1.0 4X but that's me. I also load them a bit and keep different loads handy.
  12. Another thing John mentioned was that the fish were not misses but rather drops. That leads to the thought that maybe they were hooked thin, ie, only slightly. John's videos are all well done and he is if anything a great fisherman any a very thoughtful guy. I don't think that experiment is done yet.
  13. I spoke to him about the video at Striper Day. In all fairness ( what else would you expect from John ) he suggested that the issue might relate to the video being done with poppers and the results might be different, might be, with swimmers. I have used them on the DSPM and my opinion is that they are not equal to trebles. I have tried 3.0 and 5.0 sizes and rigged them the proper way. On the other hand, I bought some Wiliamson poppers that come with in lines and they hook up well. Might have something to do with the plug being designed with in-lines factored in from the get go. Still a project in the works.
  14. If the Gov't didn't treat SS as a money grab and had not dumped it into the general fund of the benefit world there would be no SS issue. It's given to many thousands of immigrants who settle in the US without jobs or useful skills. Political asylum seekers collect also. The hundreds billions supposedly in there are not really there at all. It's a giant I O U plan and has been and continues to be raided all the time. Have you ever wondered why you never hear of Welfare running out of money ? Food for thought.
  15. Roughly 75 - 80 miles of piers, beaches, bays, parks, inlets etc. Some of it in Queens / Brooklyn borders. Plenty of access issues but also plenty of availability. As he said, Google Earth is your friend. If you want to park anywhere in Gateway you will need a permit. They sold out this year, always do. Depending on where you are in Brooklyn and your mobility, there is also Staten Island and that's a whole project all by itself.