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  1. Another 400 gallons ( approx ) into the river on the rail car recovery effort. Just curious....where are those radioactive materials headed ? Train was northbound I'm told. There is aftermath footage in the Fly Fishing Forums.
  2. Welcome back for sure. I was one of the guys you met on your way in last Thurs. We also had some big rainbows in the AM session. Good to hear that you are so quickly on the recovery road. Stay well.
  3. I fish them both, in different sizes. The DSPM I like best is the sink version of the original size, for catching that is. All cast very well. The smaller DSPM and CS seem to really, may be a combo of weighting and perfect size match. Different action, different pug. Hardware on the CS is good right out of the box. I change out the rear trebles on both for siwash singles.
  4. That just about sums it up. Night is right.
  5. Pretty much use it all. Prefer curly tails and rind. Rind when blues are around makes sense. They all work but sink rates depending on hair and your trailer varies greatly so you have to experiment. Like everything else in depends.
  6. CNR on a fly rod would probably be almost impossible. Hah !
  7. Born around 3' to 3 1/2 ' and come out armed and ready to go. Have to, or mom and dad will eat them. They are considered juvenile until they are about 9' to 10', but I don't think you will care if one muckles onto your shin. If there are brown sharks in the surf at night all over NJ and LI south shore, I would venture a guess that GW's and others are tight to the beaches when the food is there.
  8. Every one of them will make that list if the ASMFC doesn't get off it's tail a start doing what they are supposed to be doing. Politics nd special interests drive their boat.
  9. Perfect fly rod opportunity. Fish feeding on them , fluke and small bass are going to be right in the wash where they ( sand crabs / fleas ) are helpless. Lot's of imitations out there and other than keeping your line a bit tight is all you have to think special retrieve, just get the line over that first small wave, using a sinking tip or intermediate line.
  10. There is a mix of Dove dish soap and Peroxide ( don't know the %'s but it removes most anything. You can also grind in some Tide Stick or Resolve Laundry stick. Let it sit a few hours then wash, may take two washings but I have taken blood out with it.
  11. Straight mono or fluoro for me. Usually between 20# to 30#. I start out with 9' or even 11' and shorten from there as I tie and re-tie different flies. When I get down to 6' -7' I change it out or add some tippet depending what situation ( blitz or slow pick ) I'm into. The 30# is generally when blues are around. The only valid reason I can cite for longer leaders is that I like to work with bigger ties, ie, more line to make the loops and fold easier. Age thing.
  12. Seems they always like pink. There is no time that I won't put a pink or pink and white combo out. Fly or spin.
  13. Git in there Larry and don't forget the bunker oil !
  14. What TLap21 said. Also, just measure them. A 30 is 30MM, 20 is 20MM etc.
  15. Throwing parallel to the beach off a jetty gives a decided advantage vs. perpendicular from the beach for the same reason. Very helpful for fly guys since their casts are shorter in general.