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  1. Apparently almost everyone who bait casts along the beaches of Breezy Point , Tilden and Riis Park do not know how to clean them. That would explain the dozens of them I find dead and rotting on the beach every tide I walk in those places, especially the back side of Breezy. Or maybe it's just because "they steal your bait".....Hope I didn't offend you whoever you are.
  2. Best places with best tides, but nobody will tell you that if they know it. Every place has it's own set of best tides, conditions etc. Any even those can vary seasonally. It's a long road but you have to walk it.
  3. Never near the end of a month. Never, ever. My experience is that the one over by Kennedy on the expressway is a s..t show and the one by Coney Island is like a fine tuned machine...but like JBayRat said...what day matters.
  4. Tinman makes nice stuff. I just started with him this season. About two years ago I went from "might as well try a bucktail" to "let's see if the fish are here", with a bucktail. Most times when I try something different it's a shad and I fish those much like I do bucktails. I have endless styles and a few favorites but once you get it you will be looking at all that plastic and wood as niche stuff. My wife thinks I am running a chicken farm in the basement !
  5. Blues are alway biting somewhere. Just not much on the west end...yet !
  6. JBay, surface temps are warmer outside right now ( gap is closing ) than the bay. Incoming. There are all sorts of shallow water exceptions but if you are in the inlet that's the deal.
  7. Any will work 90% of the time. I have most and find myself throwing bone, and the one with the dark back and silver sides. I have caught schoolies on every color no problem. Get the sink version. Marginal difference between the floater and sinker and snker casts bit better.
  8. You wouldn't !
  9. I saw the title and knew what the topic would be. But you are 100% right unless it's a freak condition like someone in distress.
  10. No cell phones allowed on the beaches !
  11. There are several parking options with that pass. Riis Landing, no fee / Ft Tilden, no fee with several locations here / a small fisherman's lot in Riis Park, no fee but I'm unsure about the weekday rules.
  12. Have had a few sessions when the bunker were not showing but so thick, with nothing on them, that you couldn't fish the tide. All heading in. The ospreys in the back of the bay are probably grinning. Guessing the bunker will get to your locale real soon and your mice and voles will have a fat happy summer.
  13. Always going to be that way. Needs to be some common sense balance but ...
  14. Just a question and an opinion. No scientist here, so let's not get itchy. Has anyone been down to all of the railroad car reefs, airplane and auto reefs etc ? Seems to me that 20-25 years is a bunt in terms of their life. There are countless documentaries about old planes, ships and even wooden ships that are 100 years old and still attracting life. As for the asbestos. That's a red herring. There isn't enough asbestos in those cars to make a difference, especially when currents are part of the equation. There is probably more asbestos ( there were something like 6 commercially used types two of which are potentially harmful ) blown into the world's oceans every week.