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  1. Saw several taken about 6-7yrs back in Raritan Bay
  2. You can also view videos on Mud Holes web site. Or get a 2 part epoxy 30 min cure at any big box store. Use denatured alcohol and paper towel for clean up. Ruffin surface first with course paper.
  3. This is a good deal. You should relist in the Kayak and Boat 4/S forum
  4. I've used Cabelas Dacron and it was great. Big bulk spools, had different colors at reasonable prices. Also used Jerry Brown hollow Spectra which was nice permitted inline splicing without knots/loops.
  5. Internet photo no info
  6. always been great!!!
  7. 130 and its a deal
  8. OK, now lets see the Full Length Version
  9. Nice Work Dino, regards Rick
  10. As New -- used once msrp $350. Shipped PP $150
  11. Commerical Plumbing supply, scrap yard, old sailboat keel
  12. Funny, I wonder if any principles from the company with the Orange Handles ever read this thread ???
  13. Sound like they ran out of the original item and rather than loose the sale shipped the better rod in its place. Call Star and ask them the differences.
  14. thanks, PM on the way