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  1. Entirely probable since they were goods friends way back when and even worked on one another's plugs. I forget its name but it was sold in stores as a Super Strike
  2. Very hard to find. Never out of the box until these pictures. Made in USA Buck 110, 3 3/4in Full Automatic opener, box-packaging-belt sheath, beautiful piece, photos don't do it justice. $125 shipped paypal
  3. Best Darter ever produced
  4. They appear to be SIC series, if so you should verify as their value is greatly increased.
  5. The Striper Gods always favored my plugs during these conditions.
  6. The 5.4 cyl heads had 4 threads contacting the sparkplus untill early 03 and without periodic re-torquing sometimes loosened. Later heads went to 8 threads. Deterioration of the interior lining of the brake hoses can create a "one way valve condition" on application causing the brakes to remain applied. Exhaust stud rust usually occurs around the last port passengers side.
  7. sorry for responding incorrectly, great deal for a quality product
  8. That sure looks like an impact chisel
  9. First I remember were on JigMasters around 2000.
  10. bump....
  11. That works, sending PM. Cheers Rick
  12. All plugs unfished few light storage scuffs. RedFins are 7 inch bumpy finish, 2 chrome black 1 chrome blue 1 weakfish. Two Pencils on right are 1oz, 1 yellow brown 1 chartusse gree, chrome black is 2oz. RF's are $20ea plus $2.50 shipping. Pencils are $15. Two or more free shipping. Hg loading available for additional $15 per plug.
  13. Warranty service is by far the best out there. Never been hassled plus received my replacement back in eight days.
  14. RedFin must be bumpy finish. PP aka paypal