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  1. They do have 8 albums of their own. Not bad work, nothing thts gonna get played on terrestrial radio thou. More like Outlaw Country.
  2. Final tour happening now. This current incarnation of the band has carried the torch well. Plan to see em in AC which will be the 4th from final show they play. The recent albums didn't receive any commercial love but they are good collections of music in their own right. Gonna miss these guys.
  3. So on the same day The King died we also lose the Queen.
  4. I would expect the contamination to be free?
  5. 1st woman in the RnR HOF.
  6. Stress relief is the key phrase. I started finding the pursuit of striped bass was bringing out an ugly side in people. Common courtesy seems as if it's on the endangered list soon to be extinct. Arguments and sometimes fights break out. I've witnessed friendships lost. Simply catching fish was no longer the goal, if you didn't catch large you're somehow not a worthy fisherman. That mentality is evident even on this site if you poke around enough forums. Everything's tuning into a...mines bigger than yours contest! When I get out on the lake I'm away from all of it. This forum helped me get away from the drama.
  7. Pffft haven't heard much of big blues for all of 2018.
  8. This forum helps me with lists of things to have. Being from NJ my main reason for wanting the kayak was to get away from what seems to be ever increasing crowds on the surf. I am still new to this side of fishing and a funny thing happened after I bought my first kayak, I opted to use the many fresh water lakes and their calm environments to get acclimated with it, learn its tendencies, dos and don'ts etc. Now I'm in love with lake and fresh water fishing and am losing interest in salt water.
  9. For sure, let's make tht happen. If the rains ever subside.
  10. Haha yes we will, mine is on the way.
  11. Did anybody get an answer as to what happened here?
  12. That's looking mighty raw. Cook dem bitche$ up some more.
  13. NJ. We had a great Spring. Best of recent yrs and I'm content with tht. I dont need to chase em I just switch up species until they return.
  14. Same for me. Locals lost their spot, I feel for em. I can wait for the fall when they return back down to my local waters.