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  1. I think the bigger question is how'd he let this go for so long without getting with that.
  2. See ya tonight, I got a good felling about killing the bite this evening.
  3. Yea Ringer, so shut it. For all yous who been catching the last couple of nights, that crap ends tonight cause I'll be back out to shut all this insane dink action down. Hope it was fun.
  4. Blitz sharpies are everywhere.
  5. After 5 days of runnin n gunnin n no funnin I'm taking a few days off. Saturdays outing produced one fish at 28 inches from 4-10 AM. It shouldn't be this hard to find decent fish. I know decent fish are being caught here and there but this is still concerning. 5 days of running should have produced more than 5 fish, 4 of which were very small.
  6. I'm in
  7. Sure seems that way after 2 hrs so far.
  8. Nothing for me yesterday. On the way back out to continue the hunt.
  9. I also saw the explosion at the south end of MoCo around 630. Saw several smaller ones as well all towards the NE. As to not piss off Mr. Pride I skunked.
  10. Been waiting for a long time to find a use for that one. This meets the criteria.
  11. Well after finding em on Tue I struck out for the 2nd night in a row. Ran the length of MoCo starting at the top, nada, stopped in the middle, nada, went to the southern end, nada. Did meet an SOL brother Ed White on the beach. Pleasure mttg you.
  12. Had a short outing last night, 5:30-8 in the same place I had fish the night before, nada. Moved around to a few other locations but did not catch back up with em. Try again today.
  13. Last night fish were in front of me but moved back over the bar toward the end of the tide. The trough in front of me had a strong right to left rip. I considered crossing to the bar, used my rod like a staff to reach out into the trough and came to the conclusion the water was ripping to fast thru a relatively deep trough and that was not worth it for me. Note, I had a reel on my rod suitable for dunking when I started using my rod to chk the trough depth.
  14. Love it when the whiny school girls get their panties in a bunch about fishing and how others chose to do it. Found fish out front last night. Hooray for me, now I can act like I found the cure for cancer too.