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  1. Sorry Jackson didnt realize you were under 15 posts so you do not yet have PM privileges yet. Until then I would say to stop in TW's bait n tackle. Those guys get me going in the right direction immediately and I was on fish.
  2. PM coming
  3. Thank you. You have no idea how long I was trying to figure out what his screen name meant.
  4. Sound advice from a Veteran.
  5. Not sure if this qualifies but I'll throw it out there. My buddy's daughter, 17, has taken an interest in fishing stripes over the last 3 years. He takes her out but only fishes eels and that's all she's ever been exposed to. When I join I plug and she's taken a high interest in that as well as the tagging program I'm a part of with my fishing club. She's always asking about the plugs I use but I fall into the category of using the VS reel and higher end plugs. Sounds like your package would be perfect for this young lady. BUT......neither she nor her dad are members on here so if that is a disqualifier I totally understand. I live fairly local in the Mercer County area for a easy pickup.
  6. Possible outing tonight, nursing home visit tomorrow, 6 yr old b-day party Sun. Yup awesomeness lies ahead.
  7. I tell him all the time I'm a humble average Joe fisherman, the praise is not necessary.
  8. You sit on a throne of lies.
  9. Fish long enough using the same tool and you too can edit a video together showing a variety of species.
  10. Hardware look to be a tad better than what Diawa supplies. Or it that my eyes playing tricks on me?
  11. It's weird because it's not like an over saturation of the market for this type of plug can be to blame cause look at Yozuri and the Hyrdo. That thing is taking off this year. Yet I don't know anyone who has a CS, (sans Shiesty who just mentioned) nor have I heard even one comment about it in passing with other guys.
  12. I had the skunkiest wee ever last night. w00t w00t.
  13. This is just an opinion but speaking with a friend in LI it seems blues have already shown themselves. It could be they just are traveling along the beaches out front and mostly further out but coming in closer in different spots briefly. Last hand full of years the bite has been epic, this year may be an anomaly where they take a different route. I'm ok with a year off.
  14. When did Shimano introduce theses? Not that I have a need for another plug of this type but the Shimano version has been flying under my radar.
  15. Welcome to SOL, home of some of the sickest minds on the interwebs.