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  1. Continued success this yr and I'm sure he'll get an opportunity else where.
  2. I'm in.
  3. NBC is reporting Groh to OC now and Press Taylor to the QB's coach. Not familiar with Taylor.
  4. But wait they have these awesome WR's.
  5. Does Duce walk if Groh is promoted?
  6. Diplomatic Immunity.
  7. YES ^^^^^^^^^^
  8. I'm in.
  9. If they are out there I'm not sure how active they will be.
  10. Very happy with mine, comfy fit and I use em everyday for all purposes now.
  11. If I type in VR50 and or VR 50 in the search bar but it returns nothing even thou I know there are threads on this subject. I then try to narrow down my search by looking for threads in the last yr, only in the main etc. It consistently returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Here's a thread discussing the real with breakdowns.
  13. Have you test casted it yet to see what kind of action it has on a steady retrieve? Most have a side to side action with nothing more than a consistent steady retrieve. If you find this does the same than the rest is up to you. Keep with the steady consistent speed of the retrieve but throw in a few tweaks. I will lift my rod and bring the glider back to the surface then lower the rod back down again. Sometimes I'll give it 3 real fast cranks in the middle of the retrieve just to present something different. Other times Ill just throw in a subtle twitch. Be creative.
  14. I believe they do a PR, E & C sandwich in the cafeteria.
  15. I heard he's doing a symposium at 10....Fishing plans and how best to get out of them.