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  1. Eddy...will tog hit a bucktail dressed with a Rutt-dog chunk?
  2. Wooot!!! The refs are MUCH better this year. Good call boys.
  3. NASHTY from Brady effin Hockey.
  4. You think he blew a Seal? Is that where you’re going?
  5. a wetsuit.
  6. Mikeeee plows a spot and moves the house over.
  7. Agreed. It would be nice if nighty carried a shovel to clear the snow between the cars, so the tenants can sleep in, instead of moving their cars around.
  8. If you guys remember, I called it when I was on flight out of LGA a few years ago that his filthy self was on. He is a fat, sweaty and slovenly bastage. Eff him and his crocs.
  9. Port Authority bus terminal.
  10. “rooster hero challenge”’s time.
  11. He drove into a tree.
  12. Sacred grounds? I thought that was taboo.
  13. The NY way.
  14. Charlie got wrecked on the boards, I don’t remember if JT did it.
  15. Nice feesh.