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  1. Clayton Bigsby lives. Whatever tube took down is back up, uncensored. It won’t fly here.
  2. they feed on rodent droppings
  3. Hunter has his first hockey war story. Somehow him and another kid turned into each other at full speed, cage to cage. Looked worse than it was, no visible blood but it did loosen a couple of his bottom teeth. Scared him more than anything, but he took a gulp of water and stayed on the ice. And destroyed the kid three minutes later. ”Show the Jackasses my teeth Papa.” lol
  4. Ok, who wants ham and eggs before we go to practice?
  5. rookies
  6. I’m almost a cougar?
  7. The Holiday Wreath was good enough for multiple threads.
  8. They better get him some support. He can’t carry them forever.
  9. More good times.
  10. mikeeee