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  1. Classy
  2. The Olympic shark has been jumped. It’s over.
  3. Philthy should hire a Chinaman who knows how to braze. They’ve had 250-ish years to fix this thing.
  4. Will do.
  5. Young Tom?
  6. pro-tip: you better get used to it
  7. Sbarro pizza is effing horrible. I had my first ever slice the other night. Holy ****, it’s horrible. One bite and in the trash it went.
  8. They don’t let you buy paint where you stay?
  9. Thanks Sue.
  10. Thanks boys, it was great. I like that area, a lot. * was touch and go till the last minute because we were all fighting the flu-ish symptoms, otherwise I woulda set something up for us to hang out.
  11. Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab—Get the Facts The breakthrough moves researchers a small step closer to growing human organs for medical transplant. Building on a controversial breakthrough made in 2017, scientists announced on Saturday that they have created the second successful human-animal hybrids: sheep embryos that are are 0.01-percent human by cell count. The embryos, which were not allowed to develop past 28 days of age, move researchers a small step closer to perhaps growing human organs for medical transplant.
  12. The Mite Invitational in Marlborough was pretty cool. NESC setup is great and the matchups were on the money. The kids went 4-4, 4-4, 5-6 and 2-3 in double OT this morning...the barn was rocking during that one. Three sog’s and NO pim’s for Hunter.
  13. A woman in Seattle called the cops on her grandson who was getting ready to do some serious damage.
  14. Reserve