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  1. Please
  2. California is such an utter disgrace. Worst state in the country filled with the worst people in the world.
  3. Why choose? We have Crankyamishweatherguy right here.
  4. An incredible beer. One of their best.
  5. Is this thing going to be a nor'easter or are those dumb ****s just tossing that name on all east coast storms?
  6. When they lost the war, they lost the cook book also.
  7. I thought it was just a shorter Robusto?
  8. Imagine the inner hate being a black guy hearing "Mr. White" all your life
  9. Skirting the autocensor is not well received
  10. They say you are what you eat Red keeps eating ugly **** so it makes sense
  11. Prayers don't stop goofballs Banning goofballs does
  12. Shame he never produced anything worthwhile. Not a huge loss.
  13. I didn't realize FEW is a teenage girl
  14. Yeah September can't come soon enough. Lots going on between now and then