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  1. Suck it up sweet lips
  2. GO DJ!!
  3. It's only $10
  4. I'm curious how the previous winner was leisurely tossed into "the field". Was he not favored at all? Tiger sucks balls.
  5. This is the putt of the tournament
  6. GO DJ!!!
  7. I wonder what's trying to be said here
  8. GO DJ!!!!
  9. GO DJ!!!
  10. The post round interview was great. The guy sort of effed up the question but was basically asking DJ what his plans were to finish the tournament and he said he was going to hit some balls on the range and then go home to watch on TV.
  11. That sounds like something Terrie Mae would gobble frequently
  12. You can play with the field all you like. Nobody is catching DJ.
  13. Bluefish Parmesean
  14. Cheese on seafood? WTF???