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  1. Holy crap you know nothing about India. You want wide range of regions, there's nowhere on earth that has more variety. Though I agree anyone saying "Asian" can stop posting
  2. Exactly
  3. One day you're cutting dandelions, the next you're pushing up daisies.
  4. I guess I'll be watching sitcom reruns tonight. Nothing else is on worth watching...
  5. I would put an ox tail up against any braised **** you drop into your gravy and it would crush. Don't give me the whole, "my grandmother would spend all day at the pot" garbage. Yawn The flavors from countries that actually know how to use spices and not just 3 herbs win every time
  6. I would live happily ever after never seeing another WOP meal or ****ing restaurant. There is no worse food on the planet than Eyetalian. Choke on your sauce/gravy. Indian (Preferably Southern) Thai Carribean
  7. My condolences Terri. That's one heck of a setup he put together. We visited Northlandz a long time ago and what people can do with the time, effort and money is impressive.
  8. Stuffed is more like it
  9. Poor JMB has been offending himself for years
  10. Boone one and done and a new pitching coach next year
  11. If the process doesn't cause one the outcome surely will